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Deadbody Cycling

during an english lesson the teacher notices that a boy was not paying attention to him..

teacher: pappu join these two sentences together.. i was cycling to a school.. i saw a dead body..

pappu: thinking for a while i saw a dead body cycling to a school...
Posted by Zen Zin
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Pappu Foreign Tour

pappu: i am about ready for a vacation. only this year, i am going to do it a little differently....

the last few years, i have been taking your advice on where to go....

three years ago you said go to hawaii. i went to hawaii and spent some days and my wife got pregnant....

then two years ago, you told me to enjoy bahamas, and my wife got pregnant again...

last year you suggested tahiti and once again my wife got pregnant....

travel agent: so, what are you going to do this year that is different?....

pappu replied: this year i'm taking my wife with me
Posted by Asif Azeez Azeez
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Perfect Son

he perfect son.
a: i have the perfect son.
b: does he smoke?
a: no, he doesn't.
b: does he drink whiskey?
a: no, he doesn't.
b: does he ever come home late?
a: no, he doesn't.
b: i guess you really do have the perfect son. how old is he?
a: he will be six months old next wednesday.
Posted by Sai Krish
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I Haven'T Done The Homework

sam: dear sir, i want to ask you something.
teacher: yes sam, ask me, what do you want?
sam: sir, do you punish anyone for something they did not do?
teacher: no sam. why should i?
sam: thank you sir. that’s a relief. i haven’t done the homework.
Posted by Santosh Sonare
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School Ahead, Go Slow

teacher: why are you late?
student: because of the sign on the road.
teacher: what type of sign?
student: the sign that says, “school ahead, go slow.”!
Posted by Santosh Sonare
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