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Girl Friend & Boy Friend

girlfriend: dear, i am not able to install prisma app in my phone
boyfriend: check your phone storage is full
girlfriend: hmm... is there any alternative of this app.
boyfriend: yes... take selfie without makeup
Posted by Raj Kishore
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Boys Wish With True Heart

boy give best of luck to girl before exam and girl also give best of luck to boy.
after exam girl got 98℅ in exam and boy fell in two subjects that mean boy gave wish with true heart.
Posted by Tushar Deshmukh
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Only Boys Wish With True Heart

boy to girl before exam: all the best

girl: all the best to you too

but girl scored 80\\% marks and boy failed

moral: only boys wish with true heart.
Posted by Dipayan Rakshit
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I Phone

girl : honey, where did u buy this iphone... its beautiful??

boy : i didn't buy this one.. i just got it

girl : from where??

boy : on a race and i'm the first to got it

girl : between whom?? and what is the no. of racers??

boy : its just 3....a police, phone owner & me.
Posted by Dipayan Rakshit
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girl: you would be a good dancer except for two things.
boy: what are the two things?
girl: your feet.
Posted by Hritikesh Verma
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