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Rajnikanth'S Ac

dear readers dont be worried of the winter or ask that why winter comes??

the ans is simple that rajinikanth has just switched on his ac
Posted by Piyush Ranjan
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Rocking Rajanikant

the more earthquakes happen in japan. bcz rajanikant lost his mobile in japan which was in vibration mode.
Posted by Abhilash Ashtagi
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Rajni The Boss

is this possible to take 50 runs in 1 ball
yes, if batsmen is rajnikant
Posted by Aditya Kamble
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Rajinikanth Compass

why does needle of magnetic compass always point towards north?
becoz rajnikanth lives in the south and no one can point at him.
Posted by Kanishk Mathur
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once rajni was playing cricket in groond.
umpires told him to go and play with god :d
Posted by Rohit Singh
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