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teacher: how we know a computer is getting old?
student: when it suffers loss of memory!
Posted by Shruthi Paladi
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pappu's girlfrnd:- i hav found someone better than u!
pappu cried:- ye kya hua kase hua kab hua kyu hua kitni bar hua kashe kashe hua kaha kaha hua chalo ho gaya so ho gaya!!!!!
me bhi puri taiyyari se tha.....
i took ur neghbore..n she is fine than u
Posted by Danish Mirza
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Non-Living Mind

think you are sitting in front of computer, what computer will think...?
intel inside.. mental outside.

you are standing in front of fridge...what fridge will think...?
cool inside.. fool outside

think you are standing outside race course...what race course will think...?
ghoda inside.. gadha outside...

now laugh...

think you are using whatsapp, what will whatsapp think?
jokes inside..joker outside
Posted by Shubhrajit Das
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Funny Kid

at night 2am

pappu: hey teacher, can you repeat what you taught today in class

teacher: was it that interesting?

pappu: no i just can't asleep
Posted by Dev Reddy
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joke of d day....................................

teacher - can you please tell the name of 2 great kings who have brought happiness & peace into people's lives ?”

student :

“smo-king & drin-king ” !!!

teacher resigned !

teacher: who was akbar ?
boy: akbar was gay.

teacher:- what, are you mad ? why did you say that?

boy:- we have heard laila - majnu, romeo-juliet
but only
akbar - birbal !
teacher died

girl friend: nuvvu monthly enni sarlu shave chestav
boy friend: monthly kaadu rojuku 30 nundi 40 sarlu
girl: mentalodiva
boy: kaadu mangalodini........

this 1 is a killer 1 .....

teacher : students.. on britannia tiger biscuit cover,there is a green dot. wat does that mean?

student : tiger is online.. .

Posted by Pawan Kumar
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