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mother: who is aziz sultan? son: i don't know? mother: sometime give attention to studies also.. ...Read more

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Husband Wife Jokes

wife: wait for me honey, i'm just finishing my makeup. husband: you don't need makeup dear. wi...Read more

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Santa-Banta Jokes

santa= a man has 3 boys .. the middle one was named pintu..then tell what is the name of orher 2 b...Read more

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Rajinikanth Jokes

dear readers dont be worried of the winter or ask that why winter comes?? the ans is simple t...Read more

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Girls-Boys Jokes

girlfriend: dear, i am not able to install prisma app in my phone boyfriend: check your phone stor...Read more

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Pappu Jokes

teacher: how we know a computer is getting old? student: when it suffers loss of memory!...Read more

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Intellectual Jokes

teacher : you did not come to school during 20 days. why? student : my father said that who often...Read more

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Cricket Jokes

india vs pakistan match will be playing on 18 june pakistani cricketer must be think to change the c...Read more

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