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Santa Throw The Butter Out Of The Window?

q: why did santa throw the butter out of the window?
a: he wanted to see butterfly
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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I Will Never Marry In My Life

banta ask santa: what will you
advise your children about marriage?

santa declares: i'll never marry in my life and
i'll give same advice to my children also
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U R Just Trying 2 Make Me Jealous.

preeto 2 maid:
oh kanta, i have reason 2 suspect that
banta is having an affair with his secretary.

kanta: i don't believe it!
u r just trying 2 make me jealous.
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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Once Banta Singh Attended An Interview.

once banta singh attended an interview.

interviewer : give me the opposite words.
banta singh : ok
interviewer : made in india
banta singh : destroyed in pakistan
interviewer : good... keep it up
banta singh : bad.... put it down
interviewer : maxi mum
banta singh : mini dad
interviewer : enough! take your seat
banta singh : insufficient! don't take my seat
interviewer : idiot! take your seat
banta singh : clever! don't take my seat
interviewer : i say you get out!
banta singh : you didn't say i come in
interviewer : i reject you!
banta singh : you appoint me
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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It'S Only With A Female

american: in our country ,
marriage even takes place with email.

santa: in india, it is only with a female
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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