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Color Of Orange Is Orange

teacher: what is the difference between an orange and an apple?
santa: color of orange is orange, but color of apple is not apple.
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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A Word That Has More Than 100 Letters

manager asked santa at an interview.
can you spell a word that has more than 100 letters in it?
santa: post box
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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To Avoid Side Effects

santa cuts sides of the capsule
before taking it?
guess why?
to avoid the side effects!
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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Bank Make Your Dreams Come True

santa had a dream in which someone murdered him.
next day he closed his bank account. know why?
because the bank's slogan was:
we make your dreams come true..
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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What Should I Write Against Mother Tongue

pappu while filling up a form:
what should i write against mother tongue.?
santa: very long.....!
Posted by Bunty Bubby
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