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santa went to a restaurant in china

chinese waiter: “sir i have stewed liver,
boiled tongue and frog’s legs”

santa: “yaar tu apni problems chhodd, menu card ley aa..
Posted by Amit Sharma
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if a tiger attacks ur mother-in-law and
ur wife at the same time, whom would u save? ………

santa : ofcourse,

the tiger .. very few are left..!!!
Posted by Amit Sharma
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teacher: translate this sentence in english – apne hi kiye pe paani pher dena?

santa thinking
Posted by Amit Sharma
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Santa And Teacher

teacher santa se: dahi ka english bataao....?
santa: milk sleeping in the night
Posted by Rahul Kumar
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at the scene of an accident a man was crying: o god! i have lost my hand, oh!
sardar: control yourself. don't cry. see that man. he has lost his head. is he crying
Posted by Amit Sharma
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