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santa: banta, don’t put mobile charging while sleeping at night?

banta: y?

santa: sometimes, battery may blast.

banta: yah. i know. that’s y i am removing battery from mobile while charging…
Posted by Amit Sharma
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Santa Ka Job

banta: bro, i just left my job, i could not work for that boss after what he said to me.
santa: what happened, what did he say?
banta: you lazy duffer are fired!
Posted by Rahul Kumar
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santa-what's d difference between mother's & gf's tears?

classic answer by banta-

mother's tears effect our heart & gf's tears effect our pocket...
Posted by Amit Sharma
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santa ws painting his home suddenly
he got an idea 2 save money
he painted d upper part of d wall n wrote below..!

same as above
Posted by Amit Sharma
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sardar on phone: doctor my wife is pregnant…
she is having pain right now…
doctor: is dis her 1st child?
sardar: no dis is her husband speaking..!!!
Posted by Amit Sharma
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