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India Vs Pakistan

india vs pakistan match will be playing on 18 june pakistani cricketer must be think to change the colour of t-shirt because india always win against green colour t-shirts team.
Posted by Tushar Deshmukh
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God Of Cricket

ricky ponting: god sent me to earth to show people how to play cricket!!!

you think this is attitude.....

sachin tendulkar: i never sent anybody!!!
Posted by Dipayan Rakshit
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india odi series time...
a man asked what is the status and who is batting..
boy replied in one word
rain a
Posted by Ramees Ar
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To Stay With

judge: do you want to stay with your mom?
child: no. she beats me.
judge: then do you want to stay with your dad?
child: no. he beats me too.
judge: do you want to stay with your grandparents?
child: no, they also beat me.
judge: ok. so do you want to stay with your uncle?
child: no. they beat me too
judge: ok. so tell me who you want to stay with?
child: i want to stay with mumbai indians.
they dont beat anybody
Posted by Kanishk Mathur
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Sports Jokes

the two rival cricketers were talking. 'the local team wants me to play for them very badly.'
'well, you're just the man for the job.'
Posted by Ivan Snehith
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