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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Rohit Mahto From Adityapur, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Accounting/Finance. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Movie Reviews Posted By Rohit Mahto

(According to Rohit Mahto Phantom is a 4 star movie)
the director is back with another fairy-tale of an indian conquering the world (read the war-torn areas of the middle east which are basically used as conduits to where the film wants to get; yes, pakistan again) and this time around there is, disappointingly, no crackle, only fizz. not only is the telling of ‘phantom’ tepid, the story itself seems to have been cobbled together from the adventures of messrs bond and bourne and and several other worthies on the same much-trodden beat.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Ranbanka is a 4 star movie)
ranbanka became popular in rajasthan and went on to be screened in several theatres there even in 2016. the film ends with a montage of the making, and the scenes from the trailer. rahul, a young man, tries to protect his wife from a goon . watch and enjoy with kids.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
(According to Rohit Mahto Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is a 4 star movie)
prem ratan dhan payo is touted as salman khan's eturn to the on-screen prem, to the prelapsarian eden where the superstar was still human and not a superhero-human hybrid that wanted had turned him into. this year, khan has already checked that acting human box with kabir khan's bajrangi bhaijaan. with prem ratan dhan payo, he just does it twice as much.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Spectre is a 5 star movie)
january 2016 and on dvd and blu-ray on 9 and 22 february 2016 in the us and uk respectively. this movie can be watched by family. it can do a great business in india. happy weekend .in the united kingdom, the film grossed 4.1 million ($6.4 million) from its monday preview screenings.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
Victor Frankenstein
(According to Rohit Mahto Victor Frankenstein is a 0 star movie)
whether they’re fans of the lead actors, the genre or the source novel, audiences for the long-delayed release will find all sorts of excess on display, but thrills in short supply. director paul mcguigan juggles action sequences, broody gothic imagery and jokey meta-jabs in a vain attempt to raise the story from the dead. stars james mcavoy and daniel radcliffe, though game, struggle to breathe life into the proceedings, their characters trapped in a no-man’s-land between grand guignol and camp.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
Angry Indian Goddesses
(According to Rohit Mahto Angry Indian Goddesses is a 2 star movie)
not so much entertainment movie. the film’s biggest strength is its engaging ensemble of seven actresses, comprising sandhya mridul, sarah-jane dias, anushka manchanda, amrit maghera, pavleen gujral, rajshri deshpande, and tannishtha chatterjee. they’re all pretty fantastic to watch (with standout perfs from chatterjee, dias, mridul, and manchanda) and i guess it helps that they’re all also rather (conveniently) easy on the eye. sorry, realistic body standards, you were never invited to this party. u can skipthis movie.
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
Batman V Superman
(According to Rohit Mahto Batman V Superman is a 4 star movie)
batman v superman is not so much a superhero movie as it is a story about two mamma’s boys measuring the length of their capes, finding that they disagree, and proceeding to poke each other with threats of ‘you wanna go first?’ for a solid two-and-a-half hours. don’t get me wrong: the film has its moments, but there comes a point when you can’t justify it to yourself any longer. there is only so much grim brooding one movie can accommodate, and ben affleck uses that quota up in the very first scene, which, either on purpose or by complete fluke, foreshadows the self-contradictory nature of this movie. go for it
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Review Posted on : 24 Apr 2017
Smurfs: The Lost Village
(According to Rohit Mahto Smurfs: The Lost Village is a 4 star movie)
smurfs in 3d the visuals are awesome. love this movie. the characters are so realistically made mandy patinkin laying here papa smurf who is just superb role. and it's release on 7; so gonna rock on weekend . the kids will surely like the movie as it's cartoon based movie.
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Review Posted on : 22 Apr 2017
Mr. X
(According to Rohit Mahto Mr. X is a 3 star movie)
mr x is an good movie, its nice to watch but thr story is not so powerful the story is just made lengthy . buy its entertaining and can be watched for timepass. so enjoy with family and have a fun weekend. there are not very much adult scene here .
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Befikre is a 4 star movie)
befikre’s love lesson is simply this: a girl may be direct and demanding while dating and during foreplay. she may make-out for the jollies of it, but before committing to marrying, she needs more. the boy must tell her that he wants her, that she is both for him — his zaroorat and his khwaish. dude, that’s as old as the hills of switzerland, and daddy chopra broke that idiotic rule long ago. why resurrect it, that too in a film that’s pretending to be oh-so-cool and modern? love, any kind, redeems a lot. but not this sort of sloppy bs.
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
Wajah Tum Ho
(According to Rohit Mahto Wajah Tum Ho is a 4 star movie)
wajah tum ho is far far better than hate story 2 and 3. though it is most definitely not the edge of your seat suspense thriller, it is not outrageously bad either. in india where we celebrate one time watch movies, wajah tum ho can easily be your weekend indulgence. but if you are an ardent worshipper of logical plots, and near flawless films, stick to your sorts.
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Dangal is a 4 star movie)
the film is interested in the story of mahavir singh phogat, former wrestler and father of four girls from a small village named belali, who coached his eldest daughters geeta and babita towards triumph on the world stage. aamir khan, grizzled, potbellied, and seldom cracking a smile, practically disappears into the character of mahavir, a hard taskmaster who puts the girls through the wringer, ignoring their protests and those of his wife (sakshi tanwar).
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
The Jungle Book
(According to Rohit Mahto The Jungle Book is a 5 star movie)
i've never been a fan of the original jungle book movie, but i did grow up watching it, and i did like it. this remake is (in my opinion) disney's best remake so far. the animation and the scenery is basically a new age in cgi. not only are there cgi characters and creatures now, but locations too. the entire jungle looks absolutely real, yet it's not, and that's the great thing about it.
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Fan is a 4 star movie)
here you will find 2 different shahrukh khan. it's gonna fun because two opposite roles are present. it's going to be an awesome movie because this type of stories are different from regular movies. family entertainment movie. enjoy with kids and relatives. all the shahrukh fans will definitely love this movie.
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
Teraa Surroor
(According to Rohit Mahto Teraa Surroor is a 4 star movie)
raghu (himesh) is a tough mumbai gangster who never smiles, at least when he should. he also likes to flaunt his shades and weird love quirks. tara (farah karimaee) is raghu’s girlfriend, and she and her mother live in his house. but you wouldn’t expect her to know raghu’s true identity, would you? no, that’s almost a crime in a city as prone to terror attacks like mumbai. watch full movie in theatre.. not so good but can pass ur tym.
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
(According to Rohit Mahto Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is a 4 star movie)
sooraj is a beat-up, washed-up martial arts expert. jenny (aggarwal) is a winsome, sightless girl. and ‘do lafzon ki kahani’ is this week’s other korean remake, which has also been remade in kannada. the only point of interest is that it is set in kuala lumpur, a city bollywood doesn’t much get around to. the plot is a string of drippy sequences. aggarwal sports a fixed stare-and-smile and the kind of lilting voice meant to be cutesy but is mostly annoying. go for it worth of icket.. maja aa jayega
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Review Posted on : 18 Apr 2017
(According to Rohit Mahto Phillauri is a 4 star movie)
anushka sharmas totally different role here. after success in pk this is gonna be a blockbuster, story is very nice and the acting is pure and real, you will love anushka after watching the movie. its very nice. go and enjoy with youre family and friends. and rock the weekend.
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Review Posted on : 16 Apr 2017
Force 2
(According to Rohit Mahto Force 2 is a 3 star movie)
john abraham was awesome in this movie. love this movie. lifting of car was awesome. fully blockbuster movie. love the actions and story is also very nice. full action and drama is also good. must watch for total fun with family. its family entertainimg, no adult scene in this movie.
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Review Posted on : 16 Apr 2017
The Boss Baby
(According to Rohit Mahto The Boss Baby is a 3 star movie)
i just love this movie. this movie is very funny. worth of ticket. baby acting is awesome. its not so big budget movie i think. but its superb. the dialogues are easy to remember and the characters are strong. its totally pais awasool movie go for it if you wanna enjoy weekend.
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Review Posted on : 16 Apr 2017
Sachin: A Billion Dreams
(According to Rohit Mahto Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a 4 star movie)
sachin is an legend player everyone knows. an movie on him is a great idea . by watching the trailer i found its going to be a great movie. love this movie. all the sachin fans must watch this movie. this is gonna hit the theatres and a big bang movie.
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Review Posted on : 15 Apr 2017
The Fate Of The Furious
(According to Rohit Mahto The Fate Of The Furious is a 5 star movie)
this is awesome it's one of my favorite movie in hollywood. i love vin diesel. he has done a lot of exercise in this movie. it's totally faadu movie. fully paisa wasool and entertainment. with all action and comedy. you will worth of it . you will also fall in love with vin. must go andwatch now.
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Review Posted on : 15 Apr 2017
Jagga Jasoos
(According to Rohit Mahto Jagga Jasoos is a 4 star movie)
i was just waiting for this movie. want to see katrina and ranbir chemistry i'm this movie. hope this will be a great movie for both of them. love katrina's role in this movie totally different she is. this is going to be fully entertainment movie. with all comedy and romance.
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Review Posted on : 15 Apr 2017
Begum Jaan
(According to Rohit Mahto Begum Jaan is a 3 star movie)
vidya balans character was just outstanding.her acting skills are too good. this movie was not so good but paisa vasool performance was done by the artists. love this movie. you too go for a time pass with your friends. not with family because it's not family based dramatic movie.
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Review Posted on : 15 Apr 2017
Main Aur Mr. Riight
(According to Rohit Mahto Main Aur Mr. Riight is a 4 star movie)
like this movie will enjoy to watch with friends. amazing and adventure full of it will there trailer was not so good but i think movie will be good for watching. what i think is that you should go atleast once to see the movie. here we go and like the movie.
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Review Posted on : 17 Dec 2014
Liar'S Dice
(According to Rohit Mahto Liar'S Dice is a 5 star movie)
right in the beginning of zed plus, director dr chandraprakash dwivedi reads out a cheeky disclaimer that claims what we’re about to witness is a work of fiction because it’s impossible such incidents would occur within a democracy. his political parody pokes fun of the government’s absurd distribution of security privileges while facetiously criticising its self-serving ethos wherein, as always, it’s the indigent aam aadmi at disadvantage. in zed plus, adil hussain plays a tyre mechanic aslam puncturewala in fatehpur, rajasthan enjoying a peaceful existence two-timing his footwear-selling wife (mona singh) with a bangle-selling mistress (a blank shivani tanksale) and slyly quibbling over the latter (they refer to her as kashmir) with his neighbour cum friend-turned-foe (a semi-fun mukesh tiwari).
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Review Posted on : 30 Nov 2014
(According to Rohit Mahto Ungli is a 4 star movie)
much as you try to like this film, you end up feeling sad as the ungli turns limp, says prasanna d zore. director rensil d’silva and dialogue writer milap zaveri team up to dish out an inane thriller that lacks originality as well as a solid plot. ungli is about four friends -- abhay (randeep hooda), maya (kangna ranaut), kaleem (angad bedi) and gautam alias goti (neil bhoopalam) -- and their brave attempt to clean the system of corruption in their unique vigilante style. the friends are united by a tragedy that befalls their friend rajeev (arunoday singh). that makes them wear masks, roam the streets of mumbai at night, kidnap corrupt officials in a van, video tape their acts of wrongdoing and send the tapes to news channels to expose the system and change it for the larger good. in the process, they become known as the ungli gang. d’silva does try to inject a sense of thrill by introducing sanjay dutt as acp ashok kale (who his immediate superior calls ‘kali’; what an effort to convey that the superior doesn’t know the local dialect!), who in turn seeks help from nikhil abhyankar (emraan hashmi) to arrest the ungli gang because abhyankar is one of those cops who thinks like a criminal. but that’s about it. the plot turns flaccid, banal and as straight as your ungli once abhyankar infiltrates the gang. one expects a cat-and-mouse game to follow this development, some twists and turns to make you reach the edge of your seat, but you end up feeling disappointed. the gang sets about to clean the system and does it without any hiccups. one must make special mention of zaveri’s dialogues. nobody can beat this hilarious ‘aansoo-on se sirf whiskey dilute hoti hai’ as abhyankar sets about encouraging kale to take the fight against corruption to its logical end. of the cast, only randeep hooda shows some guts and style in essaying the role of a crime reporter-turned-system-cleaner but his ungli (i mean effort) falls flat as they go about exposing corrupt pension officials, traffic police and the wheeler-dealers who broker police transfers for a fee. there is not much to comment on neha dhupia’s role as a television anchor-cum reporter who first takes the initiative to scoop the details about the ungli gang and later whimpers that her boss yells at her because she has failed to make any inroads. so much for characterisation! the worst part of ungli is the way the climax unfolds. the vigilantes go about exposing the dayals -- mahesh manjrekar and his son rajat kaul -- without the latter doing any ungli to repulse the four friends. the scene just begins and ends in a blink-and-you-miss moment! ungli begins with a bang and that’s about it!
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Review Posted on : 30 Nov 2014
Happy Ending
(According to Rohit Mahto Happy Ending is a 2 star movie)
tell us why you liked it, or didn't like it. you can write about the actors, actresses, storyline or scenes which you liked the most. if you haven't seen the movie but heard about it from friends, then you can write about what you have heard. popular movie like it guys hurray nice
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Review Posted on : 30 Nov 2014
Kill Dil
(According to Rohit Mahto Kill Dil is a 4 star movie)
good morning guys. its an good movie as i like it and the roles of actore were also fine i loke this type of movies. wow got a dream movie and a lot of at thanks all for me and a lot of care a alot people all of us an
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Review Posted on : 18 Nov 2014
(According to Rohit Mahto Haider is a 3 star movie)
a scene i remembered in this movoe that his father tells to shoot in eyes thats touching heart. i love and mmust watch iit 2 times than i understanding the concept oof movie thanthank for this movie a grat deal shahid kappoor did i love shraddha as a actress a graet lady.
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Review Posted on : 17 Nov 2014
Bang Bang
(According to Rohit Mahto Bang Bang is a 4 star movie)
say bang bang wow a nice movie love it guys pan down i jist dondont want town write much about it its name iis enough to say about the movie hence it is not good task to predict or wriwritr abouabout the movimovie i just like it and enjoyed also
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Review Posted on : 17 Nov 2014
Sonali Cable
(According to Rohit Mahto Sonali Cable is a 2 star movie)
i am glad to see such a great movie raghav rocked in the movie i was very much eexcept not his john john just get good good take game january pa kid god ud hd later she jst take day is a good in just his his as and a from by km km
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Review Posted on : 17 Nov 2014
A Decent Arrangement
(According to Rohit Mahto A Decent Arrangement is a 3 star movie)
a very nice movie must watch with family i loved the movie. enjoyed with family. just rocking. wow hurray nice amazing llove it hi hello nanice to go lol weekend is gone his get get good his guy get he his day his good has gone to hell and jail. just
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Review Posted on : 17 Nov 2014

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Santa ki chaalaki

संता अपने दोस्त को ज्ञान बाँt रहा था ...
अगर तुम उसे ना पा सको, जिसे तुम प्यार करते हो तो शर्म करो,
लाओ नंबर मुझे दो। मैं कोशिश करता हूँ :-d :-p

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शादी शुदा लोगो के लिये खुश और सुखी रहने का राज़ !
पहले दिल की सुनो
फिर दिमाग की...
फिर वही करो
जो आपकी बीवी कहे :-d

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