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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Released on Friday, March 4, 2016
Ratings : 3.4/5 from 242 Users
Reviews : 68 Users
Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is Hindi film. Directed by Deepak Tijori, the film features Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in lead roles. The film also stars Dhiraj Shetty, Anil George,Yuri Suri and Mamik in supporting roles. The film has been mostly shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is based on Korean movie Always (2011 film). Writer : Deepak Tijori Director : Deepak Tijori Stars : Randeep Hooda, Kajal Aggarwal Duration : 2 Hrs 15 Min

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Reviews

do lafzon ki kahani is a hindi film. this film is directed by deepak tijori. this actors are randeep honda and kajal aggarwal. their performance was very good in the film. the songs of the film is also good. the theme of the film is fantastic. i liked this film.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 12 Dec 2017
Very Good Very Good
sooraj is a beat-up, washed-up martial arts expert. jenny (aggarwal) is a winsome, sightless girl. and ‘do lafzon ki kahani’ is this week’s other korean remake, which has also been remade in kannada. the only point of interest is that it is set in kuala lumpur, a city bollywood doesn’t much get around to. the plot is a string of drippy sequences. aggarwal sports a fixed stare-and-smile and the kind of lilting voice meant to be cutesy but is mostly annoying. go for it worth of icket.. maja aa jayega
Posted By : Rohit Mahto On 18 Apr 2017
Very Good Very Good
what a movie which i sea after many days or says after my exam i tottly love it and specilay both actor what a performance they give i would like to say they give their best performance an specialy randeep hooda i selute to him i became his huge fane and kajal arjwal also pritty good
Posted By : Vatsal Patel On 5 Apr 2016
Very Good Very Good
do lafzon ki kahani is hindi film. this movie was directed by one of the best directors in bollywood deepak tijori, the film features randeep hooda and kajal aggarwal in lead roles. the film also stars dhiraj shetty, anil george,yuri suri and mamik in supporting roles. the film has been mostly shot in kuala lumpur, malaysia and is based on korean movie always (2011 film).
Posted By : l çhdr On 5 Apr 2016
Very Good Very Good
it was an malaysion shooted film with the more places were shot there and thanks to the director for the one of the leading role kajal agarwal acted smartly with entertaining process also it was based on korean film and in some point need to improve a lot, infact a good movie it was awesome movies
Posted By : Ram Kumar On 3 Apr 2016
Very Good Very Good
bakvas love story ; i really like luv stories ;nd for me this moviewas not not good so far my expectation were more than this from a luv story kind of movie i dont like this mvie nd its a wastage of money for me nd wht to say :/
Posted By : Vaishali Singh On 2 Apr 2016
Bakwas Bakwas
do lafzon ki kahani is a dipak tizori film starring with kajal aggrawal & randeep hooda. it is a hindi romantic film. the music of the film given by ankit tiwari. the songs of the film are good, especially the song kuch to hai, the film is about average as compare to other films released.
Posted By : Poonam Sonawane On 1 Apr 2016
Average Average
i am waiting of deepak tijori film which is gud director. this film will be gud one of them.i am waiting do lafzon ki kahani movie. i must see tis movie.becz tis deepak tizori film.randeep hooda is a good actor which is so gud in serious condition in movie.so tis movie will be vry gud
Posted By : Nitesh Khandelwal On 31 Mar 2016
Very Good Very Good
do lafzon ki kahani is a very nice and intresting movie i like u after watching it .so must watch that movie its had a awesome story u must like it after watching that it my promise to u so must watch the movie do lafzon ki kahani .
Posted By : Nishant Tripathi On 31 Mar 2016
Average Average
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Posted By : Lala Bana On 28 Mar 2016
Not Rated Not Rated
the movie is super hit and very intresting because doesnot bore us and also not about love so this is nice movie for new generation because they only want the love in the movie and there favorate star i love this movie so i suggest you to see the movie
Posted By : Suresh Gurjar On 4 Mar 2016
this movie was really good movie.friends please tell us your suggestion about the actors and actress and director screen play dialogs and all.friends please suggest the true suggestion to watch this movie.my oint of view this movie going to rock in arena and block buster.all my family and relations are waiting for this movie.
Posted By : Guna Sekar On 10 Mar 2016
do lafzon ki kahani sounds great,i like its name actually i don;t so much regarding this movie but i really wanna this movie with my friends, i see every movie in the theater ,i like its name do lafzon ki kahani , it sounds like love i like all koran loving movie i wanna see what actually this movie yiels
Posted By : Suresh Kumar On 13 Mar 2016
well, this movie is holding a lot of emotion somewhere between it. and people going to love this movie because of the story. in this movie kajal aggarwal is blind girl and randeep hooda is in blind in love with this girl. and he tried his best to give her eyesight again and for that he fought boxing to raise funds.
Posted By : Akansha Roy On 18 Mar 2016
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Posted By : Bk Abhijeet Sagar On 19 Mar 2016
nice movie, please leave a review on this movie and get additional tell us why you like it or did not like it you can write about actress and actor scenes which you like most if you have not seen the movie but heard about it from then you can write about what you have heard..
Posted By : Nitish Kumar On 27 Mar 2016
this is a very nice movie i like this movie because this is a love story and i like love story movies. ran deep hudda and kajal agarwal lead role in this movie and kajal agarwal is my favrioute actress. i like supporting role ofdhiraj shetty, anil george,yuri suri and mamik in this movie.
Posted By : Arvind Bhera On 27 Mar 2016

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