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Bang Bang Movie Released on Thursday, October 2, 2014
Ratings : 4.1/5 from 519 Users
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This is action thriller movie . Directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Fox Star Studios. The movie is an official remake of the Hollywood film Knight and Day and features Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles performed by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz respectively in the original. This movie has been released on October 2, 2014. Writer : Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair Director : Siddharth Raj Anand Stars : Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffrey, Duration : 2 Hrs. 15 Min

Bang Bang Movie Reviews

this movie is a very good movie. i want to see this movie. and this is very good cinema. actors and actress are very good. this is very nice and fantastic cinema. we will feel pleasure when we watch this cinema. actors and actress played very good role in the cinema.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 13 Dec 2017
Very Good Very Good
the snake from the anthill said to the other snake, "why do you torture this handsome prince? you risk your own life, too. if the prince drinks soup of cumin seeds and mustard, you would die for sure!" the snake from the prince's mouth said, "why do you guard two pots of gold which you do not have any need of? you risk your life, too. if someone pours hot water and oil on the anthill, you would die for sure!"
Posted By : Rishid Aapte On 14 May 2017
Very Good Very Good
bang bang movie is about a possible terrorist group and a few of his career he had not seen as something positive happening to you are looking like that he has not yet received from my windows and the first is not working properly with his family in lahore number number and the
Posted By : Ravinder Yadav On 4 Feb 2015
Very Good Very Good
nice movie with good action and fighting of hrithik roshan.katrina waif is so sexy and awe some.the action scenes are fantastic too.the location scenes and back ground music is good.the roles are suitable for the movie.but this is a high budget film.recommend for everyone to watch.overall it is above average movie.
Posted By : Zak Md On 18 Nov 2014
Very Good Very Good
it is very good movie.every one would enjoying this movie.hritic roshan work very hard,that wr can see.katrina's work is average.katrina work not good as hritik.it is suspence type movie.hritik dancing very good.villain work is not good in compare to other type of villain.katrina also try dance but not like hritik. i like this movie.and give fine review.
Posted By : Krunal Mangrola On 17 Nov 2014
Very Good Very Good
siddharth anand's bang bangmakes more noise and little sense. this desi adaptation of the 2010 tom cruise-cameron diaz action thriller, knight and day, has charm in abundance, primarily because of its effervescent lead pair -- rajveer/jai ( hrithik roshan) and harleen (katrina kaif). but it lacks coherence. disbelief is writ large on the face, right at the start.
Posted By : Shiv Prasad On 17 Nov 2014
Very Good Very Good
this movie is great to get chill with friends. for fun, i would recommend people to watch this film because it would entertain you by its thrilling moves. katonah and haiti are the vital actors to make this script worth. spending money on it is not an expense but it's an investment for enjoyment.
Posted By : Rahul Dutt On 17 Nov 2014
Not Rated Not Rated
sach a nice movie and hritik nd katrina is looking so good i wish all of u watch this movie. firstly i watch this movie tailor i finalished i also watch this movies that time. i am going to watch this movie first day first show good luck bank bang
Posted By : Atul Kishor On 17 Nov 2014
Super Hit Super Hit
say bang bang wow a nice movie love it guys pan down i jist dondont want town write much about it its name iis enough to say about the movie hence it is not good task to predict or wriwritr abouabout the movimovie i just like it and enjoyed also
Posted By : Rohit Mahto On 17 Nov 2014
Very Good Very Good
this is action movie and acting is good and very castly in this movie some time like boaring and not to spend above100₹ ant tis popullar movie in hollywood movie the night and day kindly remake and good to directed and screenplay is good and i give average rating.bye bye
Posted By : Patel Ishan On 17 Nov 2014
Average Average
NICE MOVIE.. MUST WATCH. Its an amazing movie for everyone. katrina looks best n hrithik is always best in any movie... I love this movie very much. plz frnds watch it... n share ur reviews :). story of a movie is better than happy new year... have a great day all
Posted By : Ritika Trivedi On 30 Oct 2014
what the actions by hritik but like as every movie revenge of father, brother it keep on or further not that much roll of katrina the sweetest pie but what we can do everything is because of director but fine katrina is looking so much beautiful or bole to ek dum jhakaas movie thi bhai maja aa gaya temp is jabardast
Posted By : Raj Bhakar On 30 Oct 2014
The movie was so nicely directed... Action scenes are so nice... And mi & my gf loved the movie... And I think when it will be on television it will make bang bang!!!!!! Finally the chemistryof Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif was soo nice. And we loved the Hrithimost.. Thank you for making such nice entertainment for us and all peoples
Posted By : Yogesh Thakur On 30 Oct 2014
The movie is very good specially. Its story. Nd katerina looking so hot in this movie. This is a action love thriller and really good movie. Hritik roshan is luking a real thief in movie. It is a totally shandar mivie.. And its is the also copy of hollywood fil.
Posted By : Vikas Garg On 30 Oct 2014
I have not yet watched the movie but heard from my friend that it was a remake of an English movie and that it is an excellent story played by hrithik Roshan and Katrina kaif . Katrina looks beautiful in this film and has played her part well . . .
Posted By : Nagappan Pl On 30 Oct 2014
I have watched this movie. As it a remake of english movie director fails to take the movie in that way. And at last we came to know what we have watch from the first and think about the hero was wrong . and no second word in action in movie .Katharina kaif also played a beutufull inisrmt girl character
Posted By : Lingesh Md On 30 Oct 2014
bang bang is the remake movie of the knight and day english movie which released in 2010. which is the best movie actor is tom cruse. and now in 2014 In hindi bang bang is released. hirtik roshan and katrina both act well in the movie. story of the movie is same. katrina is look sexy in the movie.
Posted By : Ajay Patel On 30 Oct 2014
i like this movie . i think this movie is super hit and both actors and actresses action is good . i had seen rating also high. i am give the rating very good. coming to hruthick action is excellent . i think most of teh peoples loke this movie.
Posted By : Haritha Ch On 31 Oct 2014
movie is awesome....specially katrina kaifs cuteness, hrithiks braveness...can watch 2 times.... f1 car racing good but it has to be more improved...in this film the graphics r very nice, hrithiks body look was just awesome...it looks killing man... .specially the trisips were looking good a at last i checked the website of hrithiks film and video it was.
Posted By : Shahid Khan On 31 Oct 2014
the movie is about the revenge of hrithik's brother death... hrithik plays role of an undecover agent to catch the villan... overall movie is good.. the romance part is also good.. hrithik really played a awesome role... no doubt he is the best dancer in bollywood after prabhudeva.... soo guys go to your nearest theaters to watch the movie......
Posted By : Manish Jangir On 1 Nov 2014
wow wat a movie actually.both the people acted wonderfully.cant say a word abt their acting.hrithik is awe some.very charming,the story was also gud,i love it and i ike it very much,i hope he l get award for tis movie very soon.congrates hrithik,u r a best actor in tis world ever
Posted By : Dharunika Ravichandran On 3 Nov 2014
i like this movie...because in this movie katrina kef is my faviorite friend.. any person who watched the movie who says to me that this movie is very fantastic. many people are like this movie.. this this movie many episode is so funny so people like it .. i know that this movie make a funny episodes.
Posted By : Mahendra Sankhala On 4 Nov 2014
this movies very nice because good action and using good technics and diffrent romans and all of good story this pic. all songs are best and romantic and moves collection is also good and best part is my favret hero is in movies and heroin is also in movies ol
Posted By : Akky Thakur On 4 Nov 2014
superb acting by actor....my favorite actor and actress in the movie.superb story hrithik rohsan the best one of the bollywood again comes with a dashing film with super actress katrina kaif.great story and effects of sound just love dis movie.wanna watch it again and again.love you both katrina kai and hrithik rohsan.
Posted By : Dawood Kapoor On 4 Nov 2014
this movie is very execellent and very like.krithikh roshan is my favorite hero.i like this movie fighit .so i liked this movie.my friends tell to me that this movie is very execellent.i want to see the movie more times.this is my favorite movie till i see the previous movies. thank you for all...
Posted By : Hari Ajith On 4 Nov 2014
is it the most important thing that any movie has to have a strong story i like this movie because here is a very impressive story and solid action sequences attractive figure of katrina.this is one of the biggest movie of the year. katrina is looking to music beautiful in this movie..
Posted By : Biki Bayen On 5 Nov 2014
it is very good movie fill with thrill and action and in it film katina kaif is play very nice roll and my friend also like this movie so much i am very impressed with this movie because hrithrik is awesome hero his is very good. the director of this movies is very good
Posted By : Vinayak Mittal On 5 Nov 2014
bang bang is an best movie of 2014 and hiritik roshan acting so nice and thirling movie... i can say that bang bang is a biggest hit bollywood industry........ .. some of the words i have listen my frnds is heroin is also have done hard work... i can say music is extraordinary......
Posted By : Chennareddy Chaparapu On 6 Nov 2014
bang bang is out standing film that i have watched since now the action sequence were overwhelming great i loved to watch the whole film and hrithik was so good cool and dashing. katrina was as usual cute and pretty. the chemistry of both actors are seen to be impressive. as being a fan of hrithik you should go and watch the movie................
Posted By : Rakesh Rangamol On 6 Nov 2014
this movie is the remake of hollywood film knight and day.the performance of the actors are above average.the film though made years after release of knight and day fails to surpass the action sequences in the original film.the film's script could have been improvised.the film copies the original film from each scene and each place.
Posted By : Yogesh Waran On 6 Nov 2014
super movie i saw this movie more than 3 times the action are so super an i went with my friends they also enjoy so much .. the stunt and song is pakka and i like so much in this movie the fight scene and in climax car scene thanks
Posted By : Sudharsan L On 7 Nov 2014
this is action thriller movie . directed by siddharth anand and produced by fox star studios. the movie is an official remake of the hollywood film knight and day and features hrithik roshan and katrina kaif in the lead roles performed by tom cruise and cameron diaz respectively in the original. this movie has been released on october 2, 2014.
Posted By : Vijay Sharma On 8 Nov 2014
hrithik roshan absolutely makes no mistake in getting his act together.there's no denying the fact that he plays the perfect bollywood hero in this film who can dance effortlessly,fight in style and charm the audiences.but what one really needs to applaud is the way he carries the film on his shoulders .he is the driving force of the film.
Posted By : Akshita Gupta On 8 Nov 2014
you have to grant that bang bang delivers what is promises in the trailers. lots of action, just about tolerable stunts, a bit of coochie-coo between the incredibly good looking lead pair and lots of on-screen time for the two, individually and together - all of it pretty much mindless, with no attempt at creating any interest in the plot itself. some of the stunts do look cool, especially for those of us who are not exposed to enough hollywood. that seems to be bang bang's first selling point - bang bang, the machine gun kind and not the other kind that the movie itself admits there isn't enough of , you have the works bikes, cars , race cars even, choppers, boats, water skis and what not.the movie is wanderful.
Posted By : Palash Pal On 8 Nov 2014
hi, its a adventurus movie by hritik,katina.in this hrithik action is marvellous,and kaif's acting also good,in this movie the whole story depends on the diamond,cast very good actors in industry,i hope this movie gets super hit ,and cross the records of dhoom3, finally movie will gives financial very good money for producer,i have enjoyed a lot.
Posted By : Bharath Sripadi On 8 Nov 2014
it was an excellent movie...its very adventurous and action teiller.i literally enjoyed the film.the actress is very good acted very well in an decent and inocent way..the body of hiritik roshan is very well and is dareness ...he acred superbly in the movie and was fabulous ..music and songs was excellent and impressed
Posted By : Thanuku Deekshith On 8 Nov 2014
i heard about this movie is that this movie is a very good love story of hritik roshan and katrina kaif hritik roshan and katrina kaif both are my favorite actor and actress. i want to watch this movie. i love to watch this movie . i want to see this movie with my friends and family too
Posted By : Suchit Kesharwani On 9 Nov 2014
i like this movie very much because this is a adventourous movie of hrithik roshan and this was very famous i like very much i think it was a very successful movie in the world and this is the best movie i ever had i like this movie because of hrithik roshan
Posted By : Somnath Nishad On 9 Nov 2014
wow... all of the songs of this movie is awesome. dancing of hrithik is as usual fabulous. in bang bang, acting of hrithik roshan is very much appreciable. it seems to be bollywood to hollywood now for action. i know it's a remake of hollywood movie day & knight. but in my point of view, it's a better than day & knight. because hrithik & katrina are gud in physic, acting & dance also.
Posted By : Subhashree Das On 11 Nov 2014
it is one of the super hit movie in the india film history . it is like in a action style . i like the fight of this movie very much . i enjoy this film and joy very well . so wonderful and happy to see it . now good night to all .
Posted By : Haraprasad Behera On 11 Nov 2014
in this movie i liked the fight actions and dance of hritik .katrina had a very awesome performance .i like the scientific materials in the film .i really praise their performance in the film .it was rocking and my friends.also liked it . it was an amaging movie .i wonder the thinking come from where for it .
Posted By : Krishna Kumar On 13 Nov 2014
this movie is very nice i like it very much it is is very lovely movie my frnds like this movie very much i also like it very much in this movie there is action my family also like this katrina played a hot role in this movie.it is very interesting
Posted By : Balaji Chaurasiya On 16 Nov 2014
it is one of the better and stylish movie this year of 2014 and the stunts have also made a huge essence to this movie and katrina kaif character in this film is quite boring but she is as beautiful as she is and hrithik roshan is the biggest plus point to this movie
Posted By : Harsha Sharma On 16 Nov 2014
it's the most entertaining movie of the year has the roll of hrithik n karina was unbelievable awesome movie love to watch every time.. the comedy in the movie was outstanding n stunts by both stars were outstanding this was the most anticipated movie of hrithik n katrina just must watch
Posted By : Timkri Lulla On 16 Nov 2014
guys when it comes the actor the movie gets a big hit i liked the thrill of the movie the best part was when he breaks the duplicate stone with the hammer for a while i thought whats that but then too good 1 time movie and nice acting by actress also...... guys go bang bang
Posted By : Smit Chaudhari On 16 Nov 2014
this the one of my best movie and btst evtr seen . good luck all team members of bang bang. i hope in future i expect another good movie like this . the songs of the movie is better than the other movies of your film industry . actor and actress good job with the bang bang movie
Posted By : Uijj Hjh On 16 Nov 2014
good action movie. though it was the copy of hollywood movie night and the day but the both played best role. i liked it. katrina gave her new looks and hrithik with his passionate body and good action. this movie has also created good record in film industry with good success.
Posted By : Abdul Muneeb On 17 Nov 2014
sach a nice movie and hritik nd katrina is looking so good i wish all of u watch this movie. firstly i watch this movie tailor i finalished i also watch this movies that time. i am going to watch this movie first day first show good luck bank bang
Posted By : Atul Kishor On 17 Nov 2014

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