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customer : hello dominos pizza
dominos : ah order please
customer: one chicken pizza
dominos: address please
customer: balanagar sbi atm line lo 50 no red t shirt
Posted by Aruna Kumari
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Teacher And Students

teacher: shivam ,why are u doing multiple of maths on the floor?
shivam: u said me to do it without using tables.
Posted by Shivani Keshari
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Teacher-Student Jokes

teacher:dear students i will teach lesson on sun tomorrow
student:sorry mam,my father doesnt allow me to go on sun
Posted by Patan Laljohshanba
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Intelligence Of Engineers

once an engineer,a doctor and a businessman was travelling in a ship.
suddenly devil came and told to everyone there that,they have to drop anything in sea ,if devil finds they will dropped pen it found & killed.businessman dropped chain and it found.
finally engineer opened his water bottle and poured water into sea and said go home u dirty fellow.
devil shocks ,engineer rocks
Posted by Ramesh H B
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Pm Will Be Changed

today night 12 pm will be changed..

pm will be changed to am ☺☺☺☺
Posted by Sharma Abhishek
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