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Graying Hair

customer asked to the shop keeper what do u have for graying hair???

the shop keeper replied nothing but the highest respect sir..
Posted by Guruprem Swaroop
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Doctor&patient Joke

doctor: you're obese.
patient: whoa, for that i definitely want a second opinion.
doctor: you’re quite ugly, too
doctor, how can i live longer than 100 years?

do you smoke?

do you eat too much?

do you go to bed late?

do you have affairs with promiscuous women?

then why would you want to live more than 100 years?

Posted by Anvesh Ram
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Tied Rakhi To The Following Boys

2 guys were following 2 girls
both girls took rakhi & tied to their hands.

1st guy to second-what will we do now?

2nd guy-u marry my sis,
i will marry ur sis
Posted by Pritam Kumar Mahto
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Best Month To Get Married

1st man: which is the best month
to get married..?

2nd man: octemb ruary

1st man: don't be silly,
there is no such month

2nd man: exactly
Posted by Pritam Kumar Mahto
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I Just Feel U....

i just feel u....

whenever i feel u....
i just miss u .....
whenever i miss u ....
i just wanna see u ....
do u know why.......

it's juts because ............

******i love cartoons*******
Posted by Pritam Kumar Mahto
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