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Bewkuf Larka

smart boy+smart naari= affair jari
smart boy+bevkuf - nari= paw bhari
bevkuf boy+bevkuf nari= shadi ki tayari
bevkuf boy+smart nari=boy bhikari..............................boy vs girl jokes
Posted by Chitrangad Patil
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Girls And Maths

mathematics and girls r similar as they both are complicated but...... maths is better since it has logic at least....
Posted by Aaditya Raj
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what i need to live
has been given to me
by the earth ..
why i need to live
has been given to me
by u my valentine !!

hpy valentines
Posted by Madhu Sudhan
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Girl And Boy

girl:what r u doing?
boy:killing mosquitoes
g:how many did u killed?
b:3females,2 male
g:how did u know dat?
b:3sitting on mirror,2near beer
Posted by Aditya Raj
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B'Day Gift

boy:hello dear. happy b'day..
girl: where is my gift??
boy: tell me what do you want...
girl:i want a ring.
boy: sure. for your mobile or landline..??
Posted by Keerthi Pudi
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