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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Saket Kumar From Patna, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Security/Law Enforcement. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Monday, March 17, 2003 (13 Years)
Gender : Male
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Mobile Number : 80######31
Email Address : sa••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Patna, India
Pincode : 800001

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Movie Reviews Posted By Saket Kumar

Ok Jaanu
(According to Saket Kumar Ok Jaanu is a 4 star movie)
the fim is on the love story based in which two person love each other to very much. the song the film is also good for the listener because in this film the song is used is totally romantic and sad that like the by the people of the world very much.
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Review Posted on : 1 Feb 2017
(According to Saket Kumar Kaabil is a 4 star movie)
the film is totally based on the blind person that can not see the colorful world but the man and her wife were love too much. the song of this film is also very good in order that the romantic or the sad song which like by the most the person of the world.
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Review Posted on : 1 Feb 2017
Why Him?
(According to Saket Kumar Why Him? is a 5 star movie)
film is most good film so go to film and watch this ok. ok. i am very happy because good film is always good. this film become more money so money is money . if money is lost nothing is lost but time is lost every thing lost. ok. ok
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Review Posted on : 14 Jan 2017
(According to Saket Kumar Dangal is a 5 star movie)
........hai i am saket kumar,according to me this movie is very intresting and also wonderful.the role of amir khan is very intresting .this movie is good.also film producer is to good ok .role in this film performed by heroine is much good.lastly this story is very intresting performed by hero ok...
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Review Posted on : 14 Jan 2017
Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage
(According to Saket Kumar Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage is a 5 star movie)
this movie is the good because movie good is always good so good move is ok. ok. i want to ok my ok so ok is come to ok when the movie is hit and super hit ok. ok. i want to become to the move is good. ok.
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Review Posted on : 13 Jan 2017
Assassin'S Creed
(According to Saket Kumar Assassin'S Creed is a 5 star movie)
hello i am very coll that is this movie is very cool ok. ok. i want to say that the film is good , action is also good but production is not good. ok. ok that is what i want to say ok. ok. best movie of the world. ok .
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Review Posted on : 13 Jan 2017
Captain America: Civil War
(According to Saket Kumar Captain America: Civil War is a 5 star movie)
mujha ya movie bhut pasand hai mai is movie ko deha v hu jisma caption apna dost ko bajata haii or oron sa v larta haii. is spiderman or ant man v aata haii jo bhut sara mazak krta haii. i love this movie . i give 5 sat of this movie.
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Review Posted on : 1 Jun 2016
1920 London
(According to Saket Kumar 1920 London is a 5 star movie)
i am good girl movi is vary dood and like this movis and it is directeded by tanu suresh and it that the thrds suscsejes fully and 120 movis and afther 120 and 120 and the movie become very great ilove this movie mujha ya movie acha laga.
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Review Posted on : 31 May 2016
(According to Saket Kumar Baaghi is a 5 star movie)
i am good girl and movis is vari dood and vari inpontend and baagha is vari good film and directed by sabir khan and produkted by sajib nadibala and hindi film is nice and vary good il is soon and it is vari actin and romantinn it is inpontend
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Review Posted on : 31 May 2016
(According to Saket Kumar Sarbjit is a 5 star movie)
i love this movie this movie is vey god or muja ya buth pasand haii ... mai is movie ko zarzoor dekhu ga. in this movie a girls which is very smart and beautiful so that i love this movie . i rate ths movie 5 satar beacuse this is my fav movie.
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Review Posted on : 31 May 2016

Joke Posted By Saket Kumar

More Santa-Banta Joke


santa(संता): हम पति-पत्नी तमिल सीखना चाहते हैं!
banta(बंता): वो क्यों?
santa(संता): हमने एक तमिल बच्चा गोद लिया है!हम सोचते हैं जब वो बोलने लगे तो उससे पहले पहले हम तमिल सीख लें!
anta(संता) – Doctor साहब 2 साल पहले मुझे बुखार आया था ।
Doctor - तो अब क्या ?
santa(संता) – आपने नहाने को मना किया था, आज इधर से गुजर रहा था तो सोचा कि पूछता चलू ..”अब नहा लूँ क्या” ??

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