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Welcome to my profile page. I'm CHITTARANJAN NAYAK From Jharsuguda, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Construction/Engineering/Cement/Metals. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Logan is a 5 star movie)
this is how logan begins. but this time, events don’t pan out like they used to. wolverine doesn’t have a wry smile on his face as he hacks and slashes his way out. this time, he gets beaten to a pulp, the blows break his bones, rip out his flesh. the wounds that once used to heal immediately are left gaping. there’s blood everywhere. and lot of swearing. this time, unlike the countless times before, logan almost dies. from the first moment johnny cash’s mournful voice graced that terrific trailer, there was a sense that hugh jackman and director james mangold were not going to play by the rules anymore. for jackman, it was his ninth time playing wolverine, and for mangold, it is another shot to perfect what he almost achieved in 2013, when he sent logan to japan. for both of them however, it was now or never. jackman’s missed no opportunity to tell everyone that this would be his last time playing the wolverine, the character that defined his career, and would probably continue to define him for the rest of his life. perhaps it was this pressure to do well, to erase bad memories (hopefully, after this, x-men origins will be forgotten), or perhaps it was the freedom afforded to it by the success of deadpool, but logan is unlike any superhero film you have seen. like that cash song, it is minimalistic, meditative, melancholy, and has nothing to lose anymore. we’ve seen him go through hell, we’ve seen him watch on as everyone he loves dies, and all he can do is keep living. all wolverine can do is keep fighting. but what for? the reason comes in the form of a girl, no older than 10. when we catch up with logan, grizzled, visibly older, the scars on his body like haunting memories of the past, it is 2029. no mutants have been born in the last 20 years. they’ve become folktales, legends passed on in comic books, and perhaps even movies. logan scrapes a living driving a limo near the us-mexico border. the little money he makes goes into buying medicine for his friend charles, professor x. they live in the desert, away from everyone else, together, like they have been for so many years. they’re all they have in this world. and then, laura arrives. she’s a lot like him, charles tells logan. she’s a mutant. the first one to come along in decades. and she’s the only hope they have. it is rumoured that thousands of miles away, in north dakota, there is a safe haven for others like her, like them. that is where they must take her, away from the bad men.they do the only thing they can. in a subtle homage to the first x-men movie, logan takes the girl under his wing. they steal a car, grab some snacks, and take to the road. it is said that the superhero movie will soon go the way of the movie western (not by me, but by better minds, like spielberg and lucas), how it has arrived at a saturation point, how the six-shooters and cowboy hats made way for spandex and force fields as they journeyed towards their final destination. for an uncommonly grim film which would much rather contemplate mortality than gleefully demolish a city, the idea of logan reviving a dying genre – two dying genres – is almost poetic. there is only one way to push this genre forward, to prevent it from becoming obsolete. and that is to deconstruct it, to rip off all the excess cgi, all the capes and cowls, and exhume the essence of what makes these movies so great. logan does that. and then it does it again. it takes cues from classics like children of men, the wrestler, and even the great video game the last of us. it is uncompromising in its brutality and fearless in its reverence of these iconic characters. it’s a testament to the power of storytelling, and what creative freedom can produce. logan’s cinematic journey began 17 years ago in a forest. he was making money fighting in cages. a young girl saved him then, she showed him what it was like to have a family, what it felt like to be good. in logan, it takes another girl to show him who he really is,
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Review Posted on : 10 Mar 2017
Jolly Llb 2
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Jolly Llb 2 is a 5 star movie)
it is a comedy drama movie and based on a lawyer jolly. he had no own chamber for his professional. so he cheated a pregnant widow for buying his chamber.when that woman knew it,she suicides herselfdue to not getting justice her husband murder jolly decided to fight against that case to give her justice and punish the culprit.
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Review Posted on : 1 Mar 2017
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Haraamkhor is a 3 star movie)
nawazzidin siddique play as a teacher shyam sir.though shyam is happily married to sunita (trimala adhikari), he starts a relationship with a student sandhya (shweta tripathi). what’s disturbing is the fact that their relationship is more lust than romance.sandhya's tuition mate kamal also loves her.when he knew about her affairs with shyam sir,he leaves her.
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Review Posted on : 3 Feb 2017
Ok Jaanu
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Ok Jaanu is a 4 star movie)
: shraddha kapoor, aditya roy kapur co-star for the second time.the two protagonists first see each other fleetingly across platforms in a railway station and then at a church wedding where, seated well apart, they lip-read each other as they converse through a mix of gestures and whispers.both are not believe in marriage.
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Review Posted on : 2 Feb 2017
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Kaabil is a 4 star movie)
predictably the rapist amit is the brother of the local corporator, madhavrao shellar(ronit roy), so the corrupt police officers, played efficiently by narendra jha and girish kulkarni, drag their feet over the investigation. when the humiliation gets too much to bear, supriya caves in, leaving rohan with vendetta on his mind. here, the film shifts gears and though you know what’s next, the cat and mouse game still gives you an adrenaline rush. every time the blind vigilante commits an atrocity, you whistle in the aisle.
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Review Posted on : 31 Jan 2017
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Passengers is a 4 star movie)
in theory, passengers could turn on any science fiction fan: a 120-year journey through space where one man (chris pratt) in hyper-sleep wakes up 90 years before his time, all alone on a spaceship. he knows he will die alone. but before they reach their destination, he has the option of waking up anyone he chooses from the 5,000 fellow travellers. and he sets his eyes on the best one: a beautiful, charming sleeping beauty (jennifer lawrence). after winning a short battle with his conscience on whether or not have her suffer the same fate, he decides to do the deed. just like the prince in the fairy tale, he wakes her up without her consent. what a brilliant proposal! the idea itself gives you goosebumps. it sure gave me some when i first heard of it. passengers could have been one of the best films of our time. millions of miles away from earth, we could have gotten a window into the psyche of humanity: why do we do the things we do, how desperate are we for a connection and a purpose or can selfishness ever be justified? however, all we got was a sloppy excuse that suddenly turned into an adventure flick in the last and most important 30 minutes. had it stayed on course, the distractions been fewer and the goal been narrower, perhaps we would have seen a winner. but despite all that lawrence gave to the film, it doesn’t live up to expectations. the chemistry between pratt and lawrence is fresh but doesn’t strike a balance. while she masters every light or heavy scene with the kind of performance expected of an academy award nominee, he still needs help letting go of his parks and recreation charisma. however, casting pratt was a good choice too in a way because we are expected to not feel contempt towards the guy who is just another person banished to a life of loneliness. his hard-to-shed image of a lovable idiot may have matured to that of a lovable hottie, but it is still very difficult to hate a face that looks like chris pratt. but despite the difficulty, we somehow still managed to hate the character he played. the premise of passengers is excellent, the actors are perfect and still something has gone so disastrously wrong. rather than giving a better understanding to the dynamics of the relationship between a selfish perpetrator and a wronged victim who are doomed to live under the same roof until death, we are given the dynamics of the workings of a spaceship and its many technical glitches. the first one-and-a-half hours of the film is discarded for a ‘bigger’ problem at hand: saving the ship from exploding. the exploding ship suddenly changes everything between the protagonists. lawrence’s justified hatred is belittled almost like a mood swing and it will not be something that goes down well with you if you appreciate your right to consent. people have already started bashing passengers for the unashamed justification of a horrible act of selfishness but i would have not cribbed had the film built on it. why he did it and how she lived with the knowledge of what has been done to her could have still made for a compelling story and a performance worth remembering. the problem is not the selfishness but the laziness with which it has been wrapped in the garb of ‘love’. the effects or the experience of the movie doesn’t stand anywhere in comparison to the slew of exceptional sci-fi films we have had the good fortune to witness recently. so even if you are interested in nothing but space and spaceships, i suggest you pop on a gravity or interstellar blu-ray instead.
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Review Posted on : 20 Jan 2017
Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage is a 4 star movie)
the review of this movie has to begin with deepika padukone in india. she has excellent chemistry with vin diesel, who delivers a predictably magnetic, movie star performance. vin diesel character the extreme athlete turned- spy cancer cage is pulled out of retirement because a new global threat has presented itself.
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Review Posted on : 17 Jan 2017
(According to Chittaranjan Nayak Dangal is a 5 star movie)
dangal is a crowd pleasure. but it also has stellar performance and an engaging story telling. amir khan is compelling in his role of mahavir.a man making his daughters chase his dreams.he cries frowns , becomes unreasonable angry, looks old and tired,but definitely one of us.when he shakes his head in helplessness, you see a father in him.
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Review Posted on : 17 Jan 2017

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saat phere

teacher-bara aur badhu saat phere kiyon letehe? papu- bara aur badhu saat phere 360 degree main lete he.0 se 9 both me haar digit 360 se bibhajit.only 7 jo ki 360 se bibhajit nu he.isiliye saat phere liyajata hain.

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