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Welcome to my profile page. I'm alka kesarwani From Lucknow, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Other. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Wednesday, February 14, 1973 (41 Years)
Gender : Female
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Mobile Number : 94######55
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Location : Lucknow, India
Pincode : 226018

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(According to Alka Kesarwani Uvaa is a 4 star movie)
yuaa is the story of delhi's young boys & girls . t his is a average film . this film is full of entertainment because its for young generation & every youngster watch this movie & see it with family . this movie is too long .
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Review Posted on : 8 Jul 2015
Abcd 2
(According to Alka Kesarwani Abcd 2 is a 3 star movie)
this any body can dance 2 is indian dance film . this film is released in 2015 .this film is not too good & not too bad but i think as the title name that is not fit dance is week . over all this film is good & story is also good .
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Review Posted on : 8 Jul 2015
Bezubaan Ishq
(According to Alka Kesarwani Bezubaan Ishq is a 3 star movie)
this movie can be seen . this is not hit movie .it can be seen for time pass . ye movie bilkul film ke title ki tarah hiye .3 frinds & unki dosti & family ki story hi .over all its an average suitable for 1 watch . it is very funny film .
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Review Posted on : 6 Jul 2015
Bombay Velvet
(According to Alka Kesarwani Bombay Velvet is a 3 star movie)
i watch the trailer it is looking so good so i m watch this movie . this film come to story to struggle people in such kind of many things .this movie is comedy movie . this movie so good action comedy . this movie actor is good .
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Review Posted on : 5 Jun 2015
Phir Se...
(According to Alka Kesarwani Phir Se... is a 3 star movie)
phir seis a romintic movie . the film star kunal is good star . i am not see but triellar saw it is good . & i am decied to see this movie . this mvis too good i love this movie .director is kunal kholi & ajay .
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Review Posted on : 5 Jun 2015
Gabbar Is Back
(According to Alka Kesarwani Gabbar Is Back is a 3 star movie)
gabbar is great good film . the film by akshaya kumar is good but i like that is hero .gabbar is back is good movie .it is hindi drama .i love his action . this film songs r very good . pitcher is os good .
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Review Posted on : 8 May 2015
Solid Patels
(According to Alka Kesarwani Solid Patels is a 3 star movie)
solid patels is os good movie .tom patel & jarry patel boys r on less then real life character they live in a rantle apartment in a mumbai . i like the movie actorss & actor & songs . igive my best wishes to this film .
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Review Posted on : 8 May 2015
Margarita With A Straw
(According to Alka Kesarwani Margarita With A Straw is a 3 star movie)
margarita with a straw is a good film . this is a good film & i will give 4 star .it from my side. i suggest to all to see this movie atlast once.i like that thing too much i really like her performance so much .
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Review Posted on : 6 May 2015
Dharam Sankat Mein
(According to Alka Kesarwani Dharam Sankat Mein is a 3 star movie)
dharm sanket mein is good movie.this is a good & comedy this movie is passa vassul ... ... i have not seen this movie .this movie is just like omg movie .this movie songes is good .this movie is like old paresh rawal.... .... buy....
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Review Posted on : 1 May 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Hunterrr is a 3 star movie)
this film i m no catch this story line.. the story is tipcal its natur. i like all songs this film . i like this film .i can reviews depending on my friends view so most of times . it is very interesting movie. i m so happy .
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Review Posted on : 21 Mar 2015
Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend
(According to Alka Kesarwani Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend is a 3 star movie)
this dilliwali zalim girlfriend flim is good romintic & comedy . actorss r good my freinds tell us this movie is mind blowing i watch this film the driector ids good . this film dilliwaqli zaalim girl friend is based on real life sensual comedy full of drema.
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Review Posted on : 21 Mar 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Nh10 is a 3 star movie)
nh 10 is good indian film .this film is really good & interesting film . the acting of the actors are very fine . this film music is very good . the story & concept are good . the photography is very good & nice .
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Review Posted on : 9 Mar 2015
Coffee Bloom
(According to Alka Kesarwani Coffee Bloom is a 4 star movie)
i like so very much this film coffee bloom its a good & great because it is a film that start from coffee bar so tha is not like it. this film is romintic drama .this film stars is very good for acting. its tell a story of a young man.
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Review Posted on : 9 Mar 2015
Badmashiyaan - Fun Never Ends
(According to Alka Kesarwani Badmashiyaan - Fun Never Ends is a 4 star movie)
this is good hindi film i see this film trailler of this film so i think this is a very good film. this film is romantic & funny film & thiis film story is good & focus is one person love ok. all friends u see this film.
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Review Posted on : 7 Mar 2015
Ab Tak Chhappan 2
(According to Alka Kesarwani Ab Tak Chhappan 2 is a 4 star movie)
this movie is good movie. nana is good actor and acting is good roll in this movie. this movie has good frinds see this movie he says nana is not good this movie is interesting.ab tak chappan 2 is hindi crime film.this film is present by ram gopal verma.
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Review Posted on : 2 Mar 2015
Dum Laga Ke Haisha
(According to Alka Kesarwani Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a 0 star movie)
dum laga ke haisha is a hindi good movie.this movie is dramative movie and this is deals a good drama. i watch this movie last tow days befor. its rellay this movie is very good. i m big fan . i love it. u see this movie so good.
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Review Posted on : 2 Mar 2015
Hey Bro
(According to Alka Kesarwani Hey Bro is a 4 star movie)
hey bro is a very good film me and my family to be happy . i feels good . i m happy to see this film . this film is comedy film.this film stars ganesh acharya nupur sharma in lead role amitabh .this is gr8 film.u see this movie ,bay
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Review Posted on : 28 Feb 2015
Luckhnowi Ishq
(According to Alka Kesarwani Luckhnowi Ishq is a 0 star movie)
this movie lucknowi ishq is very good . lucknowi ishq is based on romintic movie . the source from the movie shared , lucknowi ishq will entirly be canned in beautiful city lucknow.there are so many old memorable building. so i think u want to go with famliy.
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Review Posted on : 27 Feb 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Roy is a 3 star movie)
roy is nice movie.this movie about the triangle love and romantic story. i have seen this movie many time roy is romantic thiller would good to see in dubble role. i would say the movie's plot seems different and interesting and it is worth of watch
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Review Posted on : 26 Feb 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Qissa is a 4 star movie)
this is gr8 and nice movie .qissa is a indian- german drama .it is written and directed by anup singh. it was screened in the world cinema section at the toronto flim festival. it is won award for the world .this movie run for a total of 2 hrs 15 min.
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Review Posted on : 21 Feb 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Badlapur is a 0 star movie)
this movie is very good becouse this flim dricetor is sri ram raghavan and producerd by dinesh vijan and sunil lulla . this flim star varun and nushuddin is lead rolewith actorss yumi gautam divya dutta radika in supporting role. this is good movie
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Review Posted on : 21 Feb 2015
Dirty Politics
(According to Alka Kesarwani Dirty Politics is a 0 star movie)
dirty politics is an in coming drama . this movie director k.c.bokadia. this movie is not good becouse i feel how the dirty politics story covered in our society .i think this movie can won heart of every common pepole .it is good and great political movie .
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Review Posted on : 16 Feb 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Shamitabh is a 4 star movie)
i t s g o o d m o v i e . i a m n o t m i s s this movie b a c o u s e t h is m o v i e is a mitabh b achaan i m fan
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Review Posted on : 12 Feb 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Hawaizaada is a 4 star movie)
hawizaada is a great story hindi movie.which is director by vibhu puri. i think the team work the great job for this movie. this is a learning movie to up date our knowlage about the great scientist who invent flying machine. it is just an average movie bye.......
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Review Posted on : 30 Jan 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Khamoshiyan is a 4 star movie)
this is very good movie. this is a average movie.i like this movie overall all good role in this film. i like actor guru he has a lots of works on his body and the acterss she is cute . it is a one time watchable movie
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Review Posted on : 30 Jan 2015
Dolly Ki Doli
(According to Alka Kesarwani Dolly Ki Doli is a 4 star movie)
dolly ki dolli hindi romantic comedy film . this film star sonam kapour in the tital role . i m happy to see this film . this film not good not is ok. i like this film and i also love the name of this movie dolly ki dolli.
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Review Posted on : 29 Jan 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Baby is a 0 star movie)
it is amazing film .i would like to see. actors r very good . great film. back ground story is good .i had fun with my family by watiching it . songs r not good but that is ok.. this is action film defferent movie. i love this film
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Review Posted on : 29 Jan 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Titli is a 2 star movie)
this movie is not higt level movie becouse this movie i have seen. but action is already not good . it is also opt movie.the over all story of the movie is ok. this movie is time pass for those who are free for it.
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Review Posted on : 3 Jan 2015
Happy Ending
(According to Alka Kesarwani Happy Ending is a 5 star movie)
yai film bauth aachi hai yai movie romintic hai. is film mi sab happy hi hota hai . jo dekho who happy. happy ending is the story yudi who has written just one book , which bestseller and since then he is just planning his next book ,fame has manage to get him lucky with woman and that' s what keeps him busy
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Review Posted on : 2 Jan 2015
(According to Alka Kesarwani Ungli is a 4 star movie)
nice movie mice acting how ikk ful give me all do we r u yill q a dill eav for you to me all pour unite ru not but vy come xx zo mome all so do fill give jo ki live pr op it yu to ru er we qe
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Review Posted on : 21 Dec 2014
Main Aur Mr. Riight
(According to Alka Kesarwani Main Aur Mr. Riight is a 4 star movie)
i like this movie. but it is not serious movie. i like kivi varoun danny .he is notty and funny boy. / why will u make nil how kill e r u make will how q kill get mix cel say love ret we me u tell ouw micro max
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Review Posted on : 21 Dec 2014
(According to Alka Kesarwani Pk is a 3 star movie)
hi now will hi new nice fit hut just make it new dea will why ? 111 poor to from me i why help me just 14 ok action camea 2 5 7 8 will be nuce what to do i will nht yu place qu end nice 2 1
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Review Posted on : 21 Dec 2014
Action Jackson
(According to Alka Kesarwani Action Jackson is a 3 star movie)
its a fighting movie whiich is very intereting in watching with may fighting sceans.many of us want fight s o w e ca n w a t c h a s a a t i me p a s s uio hin jini hnu b nuh bg bu inhnj mjimnu bubnun nuin
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Review Posted on : 21 Dec 2014

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