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Dirty Politics Movie Released on Friday, February 13, 2015
Ratings : 3.3/5 from 399 Users
Reviews : 108 Users
Dirty Politics is an upcoming Indian drama film written and directed by K.C. Bokadia. The film stars Mallika Sherawat, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. Writer : K.C. Bokadia Director : K.C. Bokadia Stars : Mallika Sherawat, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah Duration : 2 Hrs 15 Min

Dirty Politics Movie Reviews

this movie is a very good movie. i want to see this movie. and this is very good cinema. actors and actress are very good. this is very nice and fantastic cinema. we will feel pleasure when we watch this cinema. and songs of this cinema are very very good.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 13 Dec 2017
Very Good Very Good
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Posted By : Rishid Aapte On 10 May 2017
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dirty politics is an upcoming indian dram a film written and directed by k.c. bokadia. the film stars mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri and naseeruddin shah.dirty politics is an upcoming indian drama film written and directed by k.c. bokadia.
Posted By : Ankit Upadhyay On 17 Oct 2015
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dirty politics is an upcoming indian drama film written and directed by k.c. bokadia. the film stars mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher , om puri and naseeruddin shah. it is not a good movie but i think every one watch this for taking some knowledge purpose .
Posted By : Rahul Pathak On 15 Oct 2015
Average Average
this is the dirtiest movie i ever seen.. it seems to be really dirty politics. i don't know why these type of movie make. jakie is good. his come back is awesome. malika acting is so poor. i didn't like and didnt tolerate her acting any more. i request don't watch these type of movies to waste your time.
Posted By : Himanshu Thapliyal On 5 Mar 2015
Average Average
it is an time passing movie,the movie title itself saying the entire story that the movie is based on dirty politics,the movie is entirely an adult movie which no where are dare to take like these kind of movies,but actors did a fantastic job according to their roles wich we can satisfy
Posted By : Sai Teja Naik On 5 Mar 2015
Time Pass Time Pass
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Posted By : Juber Khan On 4 Mar 2015
Average Average
dirty politics i think it will be an adult movie which can only see by men bt i m nt sutisfy by climax iska end kuch aur hona chahiye tha ab to kuch ho ni skta so better h jaisa h waisa rhe movue was best so u can see this. ik
Posted By : Yogi Pn On 3 Mar 2015
Very Good Very Good
i like the movie very much because it was very amazing and interesting movie the songs of the all are very super in the movie i like the romance between the hero and heroine the comedian will comedy at all time so the movie is very very super and i like it very much
Posted By : Surya Siva On 1 Mar 2015
Very Good Very Good
about this movie, i well say it is just a time pass movie or lower that this . same actress with vulgerity , but yes in different look , in exposing this dirty politics of corrupted leaders. so can watch this , this is some different kind of stuff. can spend 2-3 hours for this movie. so watch this movie
Posted By : Rp Verma On 1 Mar 2015
Time Pass Time Pass
this review was awesome and fo coo la nd it was so hot movie and so good movie i like it very mu ch and i is a good mo vie and it is a goo d politi cal movie on sexy and hot and it is cool movie good
Posted By : Ankur Agarwal On 13 Feb 2015
according to my point of view about this movie is that this is really a good movie and all the character of this movie did their best in this movie to make it a good movie and also i like the actor and actress of this movie very much .
Posted By : Ayush Kumar On 13 Feb 2015
this movie is very nice.i am request my frnds pleese see this movie.this movie is thriler politics and story line is nice.this movie main role acted by jackie shoraff and anupam kher and others actors and actress.this movie written by k.c bokada and directer in this movie.so dirty movie and mildbloing.
Posted By : Shreya Jaiswal On 13 Feb 2015
dirty politicsis hindi movie. which is directed by vibhu puri. this movie stars ayushmann khurrana, mithun chakraborty and pallavi sharda in pivotal roles. this movie is based on the life of scientist shivkar bapuji talpade who is said to have invented a flying machine ring the end of 19th century. currently there is very less proofs to prove that the flight took place. it is a matter of debate. the movie was earlier titled as bambai fairytale. after a delay in the film's development due to some financial issues, the film is scheduled for release on january 30, 2015. writer : vibhu puri director : vibhu puri stars : ayushmann khurrana, pallavi sharda, mithun chakraborty duration : 2 hrs 15 min
Posted By : Rahul Bose On 15 Feb 2015
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Posted By : Bala Ji On 16 Feb 2015
dirty politics is an upcoming bollywood movie.the story of this movies is written and also directed by k.c.bokadia.the star cast in this movie are malika sherawat,jackie sarroff ,anupam kher ,om puri , naseerudin shah and atul kulkarni .budget of this story is 18 crore inr. this movie produced by nihal farhat.
Posted By : Umang Khurana On 17 Feb 2015
dirty politics is an upcoming indian drama film written and directed by k.c. bokadia. the film stars mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri and naseeruddin shah. writer : k.c. bokadia director : k.c. bokadia stars : mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri, naseeruddin shah duration : 2 hrs 15 min
Posted By : Aashwat Rai On 18 Feb 2015
dirty politics is a new bollywood movie which is released recently .the writer and director of this movie isk.c.b akadia who has made many movies .the actors of this movie are mallika sherawat,anupam kher and om puri.by this movie the writer wants to explain the society about the dirty politics of india wwhich is very bad.
Posted By : Azim Khan On 18 Feb 2015
very good movie watchable for everyone. nice story and concept. some bold look of mallika. but overall is it a good movie based on political theme.. everyone will get awared about the politics through this movie so i suggest all to watch this movie at least once thank you. at all the movies should be very nice.
Posted By : Sharvan Dev On 18 Feb 2015
dirty politics is an upcoming indian film written and directed by k.c. bokadia. the film stars mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri, dikshit dave, dhruv agarwal and naseeruddin shah. arvind kejriwal was the initial choice as the lead hero. he could not do the movie as he was neck deep into his party work. i loved story
Posted By : Nasim Purkait On 20 Feb 2015
what can i say about this movie. this movie is fantastic and totally related to politics,democratic politics. mallika sherawat is playing a very sexy role in this movie with the political story. i think the director mr. k.c. bokadia is a super director and a writer also. he written a super script.
Posted By : Milan Goyal On 21 Feb 2015
music: khamosh shah lyrics: vijay maurya, swanand kirkire, azazul haque & khamosh shah music label: zee music expectations: there are none, really. music: there is a glut of so many new voices coming up of late that we wonder how to distinguish one from the other, as everyone's going the high-pitched ones and the ubiquitous vocal processing on machines does the rest - of the confusion, that is. khamosh shah, the composer of this album, who also writes some of the lyrics, sings the sober 'naina' (written by azazul haque), and this is a case in point. the fairly pleasant though complex composition with some melodiously arranged orchestration has the singer sounding like arijit singh, papon and others in different parts of the song. the lyrics (swanand kirkire) of 'bachpan' (amit trivedi) sound like the typical gulzar-ian brand of esoteric imagery. with an amit-like compositional structure and orchestral tenor, the song emerges as a hybrid number that makes too much of an (unsuccessful) effort to sound poignant. nakash 'saree ke fall sa' aziz treis his best in the fun track 'na heer na hoor' but the dull composition and trite words (azazul haque) allow nothing but a forgettable ditty. anand shinde and vaishali made sing the completely marathi 'ye na gade' (penned by vijay maurya). though we welcome another language as a change from the all-pervading and incomprehensible punjabi that we hear in every second film, we hope that the situation strongly justifies the use of a non-hindi song in a hindi movie. also, this is the only track in the film that is completely cacophonous, and khamosh must know the difference between a rousing song and a raucous one. khamosh, as a composer, also seems to be either strongly influenced by past successful names or has a way of paying tributes that goes more towards imitation. his 'dil lagaana' (for which he also pens lyrics) is exactly like the (inferior) songs altaf raja would sing and compose in the '90s after he became a rage - and altaf is singing here! similarly 'hunterr 303' is in the bappi lahiri canon, as bappi is singing it as well. the lyrics (vijay maurya) are trite and suggestive, and bappi is his usual self. that leaves us with the album's moderate saving grace. 'chori chori' (sung nicely by arijit singh with sona mohapatra), gentle and soothing, the song does not save the score, but becomes a passable oasis in this musical desert.
Posted By : Shivraj Meena On 22 Feb 2015
dirty politics is an upcoming indian drama film written and directed by k.c. bokadia. the film stars mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri and naseeruddin shah. writer : k.c. bokadia director : k.c. bokadia stars : mallika sherawat, jackie shroff, ashutosh rana, anupam kher, om puri, naseeruddin shah good movie
Posted By : Nadeem Ghosi On 23 Feb 2015
this movie is nice movie. good work done by ashutosh rana anupan kher mallika sherawat, om puri and jackeiis also doing good work. and specially my. k.c. bokadia the writer director in this movie select very hard topic of our politics. some this is good in this movie and something is bad. a good combination of good and bad things of indian politics.
Posted By : Suresh Seervi On 26 Feb 2015
trailer is very good and first time after long period going to see a typical and a vey good concept , it is a great moment for and love om puri,the movie is looking great let see what happens,mallika as always awesome i have seen trailer see looking very good and performance is the best
Posted By : Ranjan Tiwari On 26 Feb 2015

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