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Alone Movie Released on Friday, January 16, 2015
Ratings : 3.5/5 from 753 Users
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Alone is Indian horror movie starring Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover and Sagar Saikia in pivotal roles. It marks this movie debut of Grover. This movie is directed by Bhushan Patel who has directed previously hit horror fmovies 1920: Evil Returns and Ragini MMS 2. This movie is set to release on January 16, 2015. It is a remake of Thai movie Alone, which is made in Kannada and Tamil in 2012. Writer : Bhushan Patel Director : Bhushan Patel Stars : Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover, Zakir Hussain Duration : 2 Hrs 15 Min

Alone Movie Reviews

this movie is a very good movie. i want to see this movie. and this is very good cinema. actors and actress are very good. this is very nice and fantastic cinema. we will feel pleasure when we watch this cinema. and songs of this cinema are very very good.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 13 Dec 2017
Very Good Very Good
later, there came a time that the merchant's daughter was getting married. he arranged for a lavish reception. the merchant not only invited the king and the queen, who obliged by attending, but he also invited the entire royal household and all respected people of the kingdom. this is good
Posted By : Rishid Aapte On 11 May 2017
Very Good Very Good
alone is indian horror movie starring bipasha basu, karan singh grover and sagar saikia in pivotal roles. it marks this movie debut of grover. this movie is directed by bhushan patel . it is a remake of thai movie alone, which is made in kannada and tamil in 2012. this movie create suspence many times.
Posted By : Rahul Pathak On 15 Oct 2015
Average Average
the movie is one timewatch. bipasha did not get fed of making of making such a horror films again and again and showing his long legs. the qabool hain actor is good, has done to some extend justice with the role give in the movie. overall the movie is average , one time watch it may got 3 stars out of 5
Posted By : Jeelani Sofi On 5 Feb 2015
Average Average
i like this movie because the story is very interesting, from starting the bipash friend sister chitra which is taro card reader said. jo bhi tumhara bulaya ha vo tumhe jaldi mil jayega but the turning point of the movie is when the actor came to know that the girl who live with him isn't santana.she is anjana..
Posted By : Abhi Kumar On 5 Feb 2015
Very Good Very Good
i like horror movies nd specially bipasha horror movies bcoz done very good job on horror movies. in this movie actor karan done extremely good job..... the chemistry of bipasha nd karan is also awsome inhe movie.... i like this movie... nd i also refer to our friends about this movie
Posted By : Aaditya Singh On 5 Feb 2015
Very Good Very Good
alone is a good movie starting bipasha basu an the television star karan singh grover who was seen in dial mil gate a tv show on star one he is a very popular tv actor making his big screen debt with a movie like alone it is a horror movie
Posted By : Lovemesh Patel On 5 Feb 2015
Average Average
the movie start on a stormy night i karala. a large tree branch fall and breaks the roof of an out - house releasing a dark entity. a woman inspects the out - house and ends up in a hospital in coma. bipasha basu as sanjana / anjana karansingh grover as kabir dhanraj sagar saikai as prithvi zakir hussain as proffesor neena gupta as sanjana and anjana'smother sulabha arya as caretaker
Posted By : Hameed Ali On 4 Feb 2015
Average Average
its an nice movie u can see it ,horror type movie ,songs are good in this movie ,nice climax for the movie ..awsum acting by bipasha basu ..thrilling movie with suspense movie ...good movie anyhow..karan is acted for first time with bipasha basu and acted ausum love both chemistry..good nd see movie
Posted By : Haji Pasha On 4 Feb 2015
Average Average
what a hottish film excellent superb andcmindblowing no words to say i loving this film because it has so sexy poster and 3d ness is there i thing this film will hit on the screen by me best of luck......and this film has so much good stars and really heroine has done good work
Posted By : Akram Mirza On 4 Feb 2015
Very Good Very Good
very very interesting movie. bipasa role very beautiful and hot. this movie is most powerful role by karan. katra katra song of movie very nice and romantic. alone movie are like a horrible movie. this movie normal inspired by. also bips looking very hot and sexy in katra ktra song. ok
Posted By : Tanu Parihar On 16 Jan 2015
i watch the movie alone tralor this a very ogood thrilloe and hurror movie i watched this trailor i really enjoyed i definately see this movie today or tommoerrow you also see the thee trailor you also say like this only you also see the the trailor and movie definately u like.
Posted By : Sandhyarani Vemula On 16 Jan 2015
i watch the movie alone tralor this a very ogood thrilloe and hurror movie i watched this trailor i really enjoyed i definately see this movie today or tommoerrow you also see the thee trailor you also say like this only you also see the the trailor and movie definately u like.very nice .
Posted By : Ashish Kumar On 16 Jan 2015
hye,i am prerit jain i want to tell about this movie 'alone'.it is a terrible movie.in this movie bipasha bashu look like a horrible heroine.the double role of bipasha basu is very creative role.when the bipasha's ghost coming in the house this scene is very horrible.i like this type of horror movie.
Posted By : Prerit Surana On 16 Jan 2015
this film is very nice and danger.this movie i am see but very intresting story on this movie.this film songs are very nice and bipash bashu in this kissing seen is very cool and nice role in this movie.karan singh grover is vry nice role in this movie.this movie super hit.
Posted By : Shreya Jaiswal On 16 Jan 2015
this is the best movie wwhich i have ever seen in my life the story is also amasing the acceting is also very good as this is an indian hoour movie the accress is bipasu basu in this movie . this is directed by bhushan i like this movie very much .
Posted By : Sumit Pareek On 16 Jan 2015
i don't se any movie ever but but i hear from my friend that it's a good movie good aactor good acton and good fun it's not mean that i recommended to all of you that watch the movie but he think that it's a good so if you want to enjoy so you can
Posted By : Nizamuddin Shaukat On 17 Jan 2015
this is is very nice and superb i saw this movie in the theater and it was mind blowing . the movie is an adaptation of a horror film of same name. it was released on 16th january 15. the conjoined twins anjana (bipasha basu) both fall in love with kabir (karan singh grover).. this film is very good i will go and see the film again i luv it very much....
Posted By : Vaibhav Kesarwani On 17 Jan 2015
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Posted By : Sona Halder On 17 Jan 2015
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Posted By : Vaghela Hardik On 17 Jan 2015
this mobile is so horrorible and it see every one and bipasa basu previous film creature movie is also necessary those alone picture is also successful . this film director his also making picture in previous film 1920 evil eturns is successful and this film is equal to hollywood type of pictures i wish to bipasa basu is making pictures horror films am very romantic films
Posted By : Krishna Moorthy On 18 Jan 2015
alone is a indian horror film starring bipasha basu ,karan singh grover in pivotal role. the film is directed by bhushan patel who had directed previously many horror movies like ragni mms and 1920 evil eturn. this film story revolves around conjoined twins anjana and sanjana two sister. they had promised to always leave together.
Posted By : Manish Kumar On 19 Jan 2015
i don't see this movie bc this is a horror movie make up zombie character r more dangerous i feel it more dangerous but songs r very good i heard all songs in this movie this is the reason i like this movie so & more & much
Posted By : Dnyandeep Dnyandeep On 19 Jan 2015
i have just watch the movie is so derenr and hooror and also i have given ita s woner friiu exoerience and bipasha have done really a good job if yiu have just copo this movie in the theatere then you can just accomply he real fact about tis movie karan has also done cvery well job
Posted By : Yashvardhan Awasthi On 19 Jan 2015
this film is very good and i anm feeling that it is a award wining movies for all details to make change our wiew on the seems rugel dgad for our vocabulary and of to thinh that to the head master of our detail to that movies of review on that
Posted By : Ranveer Jangir On 19 Jan 2015
alone is good movie it has all sex romance and her both the actors looking good in movie. it is a other type of movie in this movie u cant imagine the upcoming situations it is a mysterious movie and over all this a good movie and u can enjoy it there is good acting and good physic of laramie grover and it has sex scenes
Posted By : Shakir Ameen On 20 Jan 2015
bipasha basu is the heart killer.of young stars.i like it.....hey bipasha....u r the best actress of my soul....alone film is the best act of ur real life.....the hor hor .......moovie....i like it....really ur acting is the best....genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. so never step back and always have courage to accept new challenges. wishing you a very happy new year 2015.
Posted By : Friendstar Chidananda On 20 Jan 2015
ye movi 1920 aur anya movi se jada horrer thi aur ye movi mujhe kafi aacha laga bipasha aise v hur ek picture me aacha kam karti hai aur sunil grober ka mai kafi big fan hu is picture me kafi kuch hai romantic aur horrer hai i love this movi and thank you.
Posted By : Rajnish Singh On 21 Jan 2015
alone movie was directed by bhushan patel, producerd by kumar mangat, abhishek pathak, pradeep agarwal, prashant sharma and starting bipasha basu, karan singh grover,zakir hussain, also best music composed by ankit tiwari & mithoon.this movie maked in panorama studios company.released dates january 16th, 2015 on friday. running times 2hrs 15 mints except intremission.
Posted By : Anbudan Karthik On 21 Jan 2015
i have not watched this movie but some of friends told me that movies was awersome and also the acting of bipasha basu was very good . and also my friends told me this movie is one of most horror movie ever made . i will go and watch the movie with my friends .
Posted By : Vijay Lakha On 22 Jan 2015
nice movie. i enjoyed watching it. wat a creativity. aamir khan seriously u rocked man. credits to the entire team who worked for this wonderful film to make it a grad success. all the best for ur future and may u come up with much for hilight films like this. waiting for that:). all the best guys and team
Posted By : Rohit Meena On 22 Jan 2015
first off, "alone" is a remake of a thai film. that perhaps explains why there is much of bipasha's 'thighs', plus other body parts, in the film. and for all of bipasha's fans, there is good news. there are two of her to savour. tragically, one of the twins is a ghost (a dead giveaway, if ever there was one), who doesn't quite care for her sister's lust interest. mr. lust interest is played by the film's in-house beefcake karan singh grover. mr. grover, god bless his pumped up muscles, is so stiff in all the wrong places that he makes the furniture in a dentist's waiting room look like designer furniture in a five-star lounge. a lot of the playing time of this atrocious scare-farce goes into mr. grover entwining his limbs into his leading lady's 'thigh-land'. we thought such muscular miracles only happened in the circus. how wrong we were! come to think of it, we thought this was an erotic thriller. it turns out to an idiotic thriller, the thrill element provided more by the gosht (meat) than the ghost factor. "alone" moves at its own weird volition. the narrative slackens to a slumber and then suddenly wakes up with a start. the plot is a gravity-defying triangle about a woman, man and a ghost, who is no 'dost'.
Posted By : Vicky Garhwal On 22 Jan 2015
alone is a very most horrible movie. paerformance. the ultimate queen of horror is bipasha basu shines bright thoughout the film to be able to carry out the double switch of character is what shows her shine expertise in this film. she lokks terrible scary as anjana and assthetically stunning as anjana good night
Posted By : Abdul Rahman On 23 Jan 2015
baby is indian espionage action thriller movie. which is directed by neeraj pandey. this movie stars akshay kumar, rana daggubati, anupam kher, danny denzongpa taapsee pannu and madhurima tuli. this movie is scheduled for a january 23, 2015 release. writer : neeraj pandey director : neeraj pandey stars : akshay kumar, rana daggubati, anupam kher, taapsee pannu, madhurima tuli, danny denzongpa, kay kay menon, sushant singh duration : 2 hrs 10 min
Posted By : Vikram Bishnoi On 24 Jan 2015
alone is a horror movie and the star cast is really good as bipasha basu and karan singh grover. alone directed by bhusan patel of ragini mms fame cannot break free from the constricted space that the genre allows. the scars fest is a remake of a 2007 thai horror film about two conjoined twins who are literally torn apart jealosly and violence when both fall in love with the same man.
Posted By : Subhalaxmi Pradhan On 25 Jan 2015
the movie starts on a stormy night in kerala. a large tree branch falls and breaks the roof of an out-house, releasing a dark entity. a woman inspects the out-house and ends up in a hospital in coma. in another town her daughter sanjana ( bipasha basu) and her husband kabir ( karan singh grover) argue about not being able to spend her birthday together. sanjana gets a call about her mother's accident and they quickly fly to kerala. in kerala, sanjana begins having paranormal visions that make her believe that her dead conjoined twin's soul is after her. her husband does not believe her and sends her to his former professor for spiritual healing. during the healing sessions she tells the professor about how her conjoined twin anjana (bipasha basu) always disliked that kabir liked sanjana more than her. in fact it was when kabir told sanjana that he was coming back home from abroad that sanjana decided to separate from anjana.it was during this operation that anjana died, and sanjana blames herself for her sister's death. the professor reassures her that when she sees anjana in her visions it is the result of her guilt and only a figment of her subconscious. back at her mother's place, while getting water at night sanjana is abducted into the out-house by an unseen entity. hearing noises kabir wakes up and finds her unconscious in the out-house. we later learn that sanjana is now possessed by anjana's soul. after this, sanjana/anjana can't seem to get enough of kabir. when the professor meets her again he feels there is something wrong and tells kabir to keep an eye on her, which she overhears. the care-taker suggests for them to have a ritual performed after her daughter-in-law sees sanjana/anjana messing with the dog. after the ritual anjana's stronghold escalades and her true colours are shown, resulting in an exorcist being called in.during the exorcism anjana reveals that she was actually murdered and urges kabir to find the truth as she leaves sanjana's body. after sanjana wakes up, kabir threatens to leave her, then sanjana tells him about years ago when he called her to tell her that he was coming home, anjana lost her mind and tried to kill her because she too had feelings for kabir. in self-defence sanjana hit anjana on the head with anjana's glass music box, killing her accidentally. their mother covered the murder to protect her daughter. after consulting with professor they try to find and burn the last remaining thing of anjana that will set her soul free. sanjana, kabir, the care-taker and her daughter-in-law all go into the out-house following music. there under the floor they find the dead body of anjana. the care-taker and her daughter-in-law go inside to get kerosene to burn the body but end up dead. then the professor arrives at the out-house with kerosene, but is actually possessed by anjana and attacks sanjana.
Posted By : Suraj Dhivar On 26 Jan 2015
its a film by bhushan patel he is my favorite director . i used to watch their all directed movies . one of them is the movie - alone . bipasha basu played a very good role in the movie . this film theme was horror . this film scarred me alot . actually this film based on film like ragini mms 2 .
Posted By : Lucifer --D-- On 26 Jan 2015
first of all i like this movie for the director bhushan patel also i like this movie becoz of the film heroine bipasha basu i am also like this movie for the film actors karan singh grover and for zahir hussain in this film the director is the writer of the film
Posted By : Sankar Jaya On 27 Jan 2015
i like this movie because bipasabasu was amazing roll in this film. she is acting like a bhoot. her acting was superb in this movie. the other horror movie was borring but this one mind blowing like 1920 movie. i love you so much bipasa basu and her work of yoga.
Posted By : Mayur Pansuriya On 28 Jan 2015
i give this 5 stars only foe bipasa basu the super hot model .. so many bold seen in this movie i love to see bipasa in few cloths i love you bipasa i want to meet u but its never possible.. i love to see u in the movies ..
Posted By : Shiva Verma On 28 Jan 2015
the movie is about twin child girls. there is great suspense in the movie. i watched it tomorrow. and heroin looks awesome the movie. it is a great movie by its director and story writer or whole team of alone movie.that movie can a big reward it will place as a blockbuster for the long time period so every should have to watch this.
Posted By : Ketan Keshri On 29 Jan 2015
this movie is very terrible. alone is a very horrible movie. in this movie bipasha basu play an important role in this movie. karan singh grover also play an important role. this movie is similar to ragini mms. and 1920 evil eturn. all must see this movie this is a very fantastic movie.
Posted By : Dhaval Patel On 29 Jan 2015
come to the movie alone ..this movie is nearly a heroine oriented movie because the actress bipasha basu main theme ...come for the the movie a mom how gives birth to to a conjugate twins the actress ...the twins grow up ...they joined in a musical learing school where they meet the hero.among from the two conjugate twins one falls in love with the hero ..but other don't like it..they fight each other and falls dow form the stairs ...among them one died....this is shown in forecast of the film...the movie is based on the how the twin died .....and how she mets his love and take revenge of the other one
Posted By : Ravi Chandra On 1 Feb 2015
i liked the movie because of the bipasha basu.i like bipasha basu very much.it is a horror movie.so it is a amazing one .i saw the movie with my friends,mother and father.they are also like the movie.karan singh grover,zakir hussain all are acting are very good.this is directed by bhushan patel.ilike him also.
Posted By : Naveen Kumar On 2 Feb 2015
this movie is super hit movie.in this movie there are most beautiful and romantic place to see and also romantic,beautiful and amazing music to listen.you must watch this move don't miss to watch this move because it's amazing.in this movie there are many comedy shoots also that make you happy always .i like this movie.
Posted By : Ehsaan Zohari On 3 Feb 2015

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