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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Nayan Kumar From Patna, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Education/Teaching/Training. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan
(According to Nayan Kumar Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan is a 1 star movie)
renowned theatre actor from bhopal akhilesh jain[3] will essay the role of lal bahadur shastri. while actors like om puri, prem chopra and rati agnihotri will be seen in strong roles of various political leaders. actor jatin khurana also features in the film as chandrashekar azad, ajit khare as lal bahadur shastri (age 14 to 21 years), manoj bhatt as lal bahadur shastri young.
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Review Posted on : 21 Feb 2015
(According to Nayan Kumar Badlapur is a 3 star movie)
director sriram raghavan strikes the hammer of genius with badlapur for he buys your eyes and makes you stay glued to the screen right till the end. the biggest highlight of the film is the incredible tussle between two powerful actors nawazuddin siddiqui and varun dhawan unexpectedly conjoined by the quirky screenplay-labyrinth. the makers have aptly labeled this film as a 'twisted entertainer'. yes, the film is dark, gory and violent, but, at the same time, it's also cerebrally stimulating and entertaining. the artistic values are top notch but it's meant for a select audience that patronizes sensible, sensitive, meaningful cinema. misha (yaami gautam) and her son robin are killed by a bank robber laik (nawazuddin siddiqui). misha's cheerful husband raghu (varun dhawan) is devastated and shattered. he tries every possible means to get even with laik, including forced sex with laik's prostitute girlfriend jhimli (huma qureshi) to humiliate him. laik is sentenced to twenty years prison term where he makes several unsuccessful jail-break-attempts. fifteen years later, raghu 'facilitates' laik's premature exit from the jail. the twists-in-the-plot continues, ensuring a roller coaster thrilling ride. badlapur, which is reportedly based on a true story, sees sriram raghavan and arijit biswas write a wonderful screenplay. sriram raghavan navigates the film in a non linear format, thus, keeping you guessing at many a juncture. the viewer is foxed when the narrative floats between raghu's 'lunch' with harman (vinay pathak), koko (radhika apte) and shobha (divya dutta). nawazuddin siddiqui is indeed god's gift to cinema. you hate him as if he's a stench and then he changes colours and floors you with another peculiar shade. his character laik is an extremely deceptive character with a distinct body language that makes him look weak, even though he is as wily as a fox. he becomes a different person when he's interacting with raghu, jhimli, policemen and his old mother. some of his interactions with fellow jail inmate murli sharma are hilarious. he will also turn your eyes moist. varun dhawan is a very ambitious actor and his manic energy does full justice to this ambition in badlapur. his transformation from an impressionable teenager and a caring husband to an eerily quiet middle aged lonely-disgruntled-man is simply legendary, to say the least. he gives you an ample display of class as an actor. the fidgety memories, ready-to-roll-tears gradually becoming a parched tsunami of desolateness, the friendship with relentless rage and effortlessly getting infested by cold bloodedness. with this film, varun emerges as one of the finest actors that we have today, across all age groups. yaami gautam and huma qureshi have small roles, which they portray competently. radhika apte and vinay pathak impress in their cameos. the scene where varun asks radhika to lose her inhibitions is devoid of undue salaciousness and that's laudatory on the part of the director. pratima kazmi as nawaz's mother is very good. anil mehta's cinematography is brilliant. mostly, the film has been shot in dark or indoors, but there's always the right amount of lighting to give it the realistic tinge. the only problem is that while the film grips the viewers in the solid first half, it gets loosened up in the stretched second half. pooja ladha surti's editing is good but had the film been crisper in the second half, it definitely would have propelled up the film's fast-paced-thriller format. music and background score by sachin-jigar provides solid scaffolding. 'jee karda', 'jeena' and 'judai' are exceptional tracks. the background music is effective in pulling just-the-right strings at opportune time. after a tepid agent vinod, spoilt by needless item numbers, sriram raghavan is back to his non-compromising style with badlapur. there's a clear stamp of his wicked humour, objective, no frills-attached take on human relationships and absolutely no compromise on how he wants to tell the story. sriram is back with vengeance. quite literally! on the whole, badlapur offers you cinematic excellence with a rider that there's violence and gore, which may not be everyone's cup of bitter coffee. you shall be treated to truly unforgettable performances by nawazuddin and varun dhawan. it is a film that will find patrons amidst the multiplex crowd. and yes, it is a film that will continue to live-on in the minds of cinema lovers for a long time to come.
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Review Posted on : 21 Feb 2015
Dolly Ki Doli
(According to Nayan Kumar Dolly Ki Doli is a 3 star movie)
the last few releases have been low key affairs when we take a look at their overall box office collections. however this friday the audience is in for a treat with the release of the comedy film dolly ki doli. after her appearance in the fairy tale story khoobsurat, come this friday, sonam kapoor will be seen playing a runaway bride. while the story of dolly ki doli follows dolly (sonam kapoor), it begins with her fake brother, raju (mohammed zeeshan ayyub) identifying prospective grooms, who are eventually duped by dolly after she gets them to fall in love with her. once the prospective grooms are madly in love with dolly, she marries them; however on the night of the 'suhagraat', dolly offers them 'drugged' milk making them unconscious after which she along with her gang wipes the house clean of all the valuables. on the other side of the law is robin singh (pulkit samrat), a police inspector given the task of catching dolly. does robin manage to catch up with the runaway con-bride or does dolly find her true love and give up her life of crime...makes for the rest of the story. good writing and right casting can make a lot of difference. it is perfectly exemplified by abhishek dogra's fun film dolly ki doli that has one of the most perfect ensemble cast in the recent times. the running time of a mere 100 minutes is another highlight of this saucy entertainer. dolly is a compulsive bride-on-the-run aided by a motley group of crooks head-lighted by a grand mom who brings the house down especially in one scene in a police station. dolly, better known as 'looteri dulhan' cons many cash-heavy grooms and their families but her dalliance with sonu sehrawat (rajkummar rao) and manjot (varun sharma) is especially interesting. then there's the unrequited love with tough cop robin singh. also, there's a star cameo, which is royal, literally. the climax has a quirky surprise factor that goes nicely with the irreverent humour of the film. umashankar singh and abhishek dogra's writing is the big highlight of the film. even though the basic idea isn't extraordinary, the treatment of the screenplay keeps you interested. umashamkar's funny one liners dot the entire course of the film and keeps you entertained. casting director is the hero of dolly ki doli as rarely you find such a wonderful ensemble supporting cast and each one doing exceedingly well. brijendar kala, the giant of an actor, has some exceptionally crackling moments as inspector khan. his 'jigyasa' is hilarious. archana puran singh as the loud mouthed punjabi mom-in-law is a laugh riot. rajesh sharma makes you fall in love with him in each scene that he appears in. zeishan is a hugely talented actor and he impresses here as well. ishtiaq, the wonderful actor who played varun's salacious friend is a delight to watch. the growth displayed by sonam kapoor as an actor in dolly ki doli is excellent. she oozes varied shades of an indian woman and her stylist ensures that she gets to showcase this khoobsurat actress in a buffet of traditional finery and modern chutzpah. there's a steeliness in her performance that filters out in a subtle manner. even though she's enjoying the con act, there's an underlined air of enigmatic mystery which is engrossing. rajkummar rao is a mammoth actor who floors you completely with his flawless haryanvi jat act. rao makes you fall in love with him each time he bursts on the screen with his conned-tomfoolery. varun sharma is entertaining while pulkit samrat promises appeal. on the whole, dolly ki doli is a stress buster that will make you smile as you'll leave the theatre. debutante director abhishek dogra has competently extracted superb performances from the entire starcast. the unpredictable climax of the film works to the advantage too. but the four day weekend will help this dolly ensnare many patrons. the word of mouth will be the key in witnessing the growth. we say, it's a roller coaster entertainer. enjoy it with your families.
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Review Posted on : 28 Jan 2015
(According to Nayan Kumar Baby is a 4 star movie)
rarely you come across an indian movie that doesn't hit a single false note. baby is one such film. writer-director neeraj pandey has made a brilliant film that is not only technically at par with the best in the world, but it's also a dispassionate non-judgmental take on terrorism that's completely devoid of jingoism and is extremely gripping. full marks to producer bhushan kumar for believing in such a landmark film, backed by exceptional marketing especially when it's devoid of songs. firoze ali khan (danny) heads a special operations wing of commandos called baby. in a conversation with a senior minister in the beginning of the film, he states that the government ought to win the confidence of the muslim community in india, for pakistan is taking advantage of the community's sense of alienation within india. in another scene ajay singh rajput (akshay kumar) tells an isi agent tartuffe (mujib khan) how he defended a muslim family during the gujarat riots and why he puts 'indian' in the religion bracket in all forms that he fills. somehow this sets the tone for the film that terrorists don't have a religion and no particular community ought to be associated with terrorism. the screenplay is the hero of baby. it flows lucidly, taking you on an engrossing journey of thrills, intrigue and surprises. dialogues are peppered with bullets of dry humor that keep you entertained throughout. the verbal-expletive-laden warfare between shuklaji (anupam kher) and ajay is a case in point in this regard. or when ajay matter-of-factly tells priya (taapsee) as they're on the flight to kathmandu to "stop being my wife" when she informs him about his snoring. the precarious uncertainty in the life of an officer involved in covert operations has been portrayed in a subtle but telling manner. ajay's wife (madhurimatuli) isn't aware of her husband's job profile but does tell him now and then, "bas marna mat." the scene where ajay slaps the personal assistant of a minister (on his frivolous remark on the death of his colleagues) will result in an applause from the audience in the theaters. the narrative of baby flows like a well-made hollywood film. actors filter in only where required and they're not repeated just because it makes a commercial sense from a typical bollywood perspective. taapsee is part of one operation. anupam kher and rana dagubatti join the team in the scorching climax sequence shot in abu dhabi. sudeep chatterji's cinematography deserves a special mention. he has done an exceptional job especially in the chase sequences in istanbul and the desert escapades in abu dhabi. akshay kumar has done an incredibly good job in baby. he's razor sharp and there's never a dull moment whenever he's on screen. in a scene in an airport washroom when he bandages himself despite excruciating pain is superbly done. he's exceptional during all his action scenes as well. the entire supporting cast is excellent. danny is a picture of precision in giving the right expressions. he doesn't bullshit nor lets anyone else do the same. anupam kher weaves in magic in a cameo. he's entertaining and he gets the job done. kay kay as the dreaded terrorist bilal makes his striking presence felt. sushant singh is effective in bringing in humour in a least expected situation. rana dagubatti as the tough officer jai is competent. taapsee is a sharp commando. she shall be proud of this film. rasheed naaz as maulana mohammad rahman has an interesting appearance and an even more interesting way of dialogue delivery. mikal zulfiqar, another pakistani actor makes his presence felt in a cameo. sanjoy chowdhury's background score is the heartbeat of baby as it instills the necessary emotions at opportune moments in the course of the narrative. shree narayan singh's editing is exceptional. even though the duration of the film is over two and a half hours, the taut pace keeps you hooked. the last 45 minutes of the film are simply extraordinary and fast paced. on the whole, baby is one of the finest films ever made in the history of indian cinema. not only because of its excellent cinematic credentials but also because of the balanced 'thought' behind the film. neeraj pandey once again proves that he's a genius. this time he proves, it's possible to better perfection. we say, hey baby, don't think, just go for baby. cinema at its very best!
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Review Posted on : 28 Jan 2015
(According to Nayan Kumar Alone is a 3 star movie)
the couple feels that their shift from kerala to mumbai is pointless if they cannot even spend quality time together. and even though her mother (neena gupta) resides there, sanjana's not keen on eturning to kerala because of some skeletons left behind. when circumstances take this young couple to a sprawling mansion in god' own country, the spook fest begins. inspired by a 2007 thai film by the same name, this bollywood adaptation depends too heavily on creaking doors and a shrieking sanjana to send a chill down your spine. she, who sees ghosts in every nook and corner of her childhood home, psyches herself and her wide-eyed husband. from taking his wife to a spiritual healer to making out with her in the idyllic locales, kabir does everything in his power to drive away her fears. when sanjana saunters into the outhouse where anjana and she played in their childhood, she is possessed by anjana's spirit. post interval, it's the ghost's turn to romance the hero with the chiselled physique. in fact, the ghost lucks out - unlike sanjana in the first half, the ghost even shares raunchy scenes with kabir. till this point, alone indulges you. the lovemaking scenes between bipasha and karan are racy. the supernatural turn in the conflict between the sisters does give you goosebumps. but the limited expertise of director bhushan patel (1920, evil eturns, ragini mms) and actress bipasha basu (raaz, creature 3d) - in spite of their many ventures in this genre - allows alone to deliver only superficial chills. the prolonged climax though it is full of twists, leaves you cold because it is too contrived. when you scratch the surface, you don't end up scared shitless. and isn't that what alone is meant to do?
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Review Posted on : 20 Jan 2015
Happy Ending
(According to Nayan Kumar Happy Ending is a 4 star movie)
tell us why you liked it, or didn't like it. you can write about the actors, actresses, storyline or scenes which you liked the most.if you haven't seen the movie bu if you copy paste the review from any other user reviews if you copy paste reviews from any other site if you write any indecent or abusive words in your review if you write random words or letters just for the heck of writing a review. or if you type the same word/letters again & again. if you write the same review for all t heard about it from friends, then you can write about what you have heard.
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Review Posted on : 27 Dec 2014
(According to Nayan Kumar Ungli is a 5 star movie)
please leave a review on this movie and get additional 130 reward points tell us why you liked it, or didn't like it.a you can write about the acute the review from any other user reviews if you copy paste reviews from any other site if you write any indecent or abusive words in your review if you write random words or letters just for the heck of writing a review. or if you type the same word/letters again & again.ors, actresses, storyline or scenes which you liked the most.
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Review Posted on : 27 Dec 2014
Action Jackson
(According to Nayan Kumar Action Jackson is a 3 star movie)
if you copy paste the review from any other user reviewsif you copy paste reviews from any other site-you can write about the actors, actresses, storyline or scenes which you liked the most.please leave a review on this movie and get adey you liked it, or didn't like conditional 130 reward points-bout it from friends, then you can write about what you have heard.
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Review Posted on : 27 Dec 2014
(According to Nayan Kumar Pk is a 5 star movie)
the following will lead to suspension of your account :if you copy paste the review from any other user reviews if you copy paste reviews from any other sifted you write any indecent or abusive words in your review-if you write random words or letters just for the heck of writing a review. or if you type the same word/letters again & again.if you write the same review for all movies just to gain extra points.
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Review Posted on : 27 Dec 2014

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