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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Akshay Kumar From Jamshedpur, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of Uminto.com in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in Uminto.com. My area of Specialization is Semiconductors/Electronics. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on Uminto.com.
Basic Information:
Date of Birth : Thursday, June 29, 1995 (20 Years)
Gender : Male
Contact Information:
Mobile Number : 70######60
Email Address : ak•••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Jamshedpur, India
Pincode : 815312

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Movie Reviews Posted By Akshay Kumar

Judwaa 2
(According to Akshay Kumar Judwaa 2 is a 5 star movie)
in this movie all are work very well. they work hard and made movie too good. in cenema hall we enjoy this move. if you are intrested for a good movie you can go in your nearest cinema hall and enjoy this good movie. thanks to all of you
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Review Posted on : 25 Jan 2018
(According to Akshay Kumar Padmavati is a 5 star movie)
this movie is very good. all are in this move they work very well. i impress with dipika pdukon 's work . director of this movie is look like a hero. camera men also give there best work in this move. we all enjoy this move too much. and we suggest to all of you go in your nearest cenema hall and enjoy this movie. thanks
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Review Posted on : 21 Jan 2018
Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage
(According to Akshay Kumar Xxx: Return Of Xander Cage is a 5 star movie)
it is a good movie . it is very good movie . i really want to watch this movie. all are actor are also good. in this movie our indian actress also avelavle . her name is prinka chopra. she also a very good actress and very beautifull. thankyou
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Review Posted on : 21 Jan 2017
(According to Akshay Kumar Haraamkhor is a 5 star movie)
movie is very good. all are good in this movie. it is a super movie i think . you should watch this movie with you family.. i have not seen this movie my friend told me about this movie that you should watch this movie. thanku go for enjoyment with your family
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Review Posted on : 21 Jan 2017
(According to Akshay Kumar Tamasha is a 5 star movie)
ranbir kapoor is avery good actor. tamasa movie is best movie or ranber kapoor. go and watch this movie . i am sure you all will enjoy very much. in this movie the acting of r. kapoor is soo good also of actress. i enjoy very muchh . and ranbir kapoor is my fav. actor
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Review Posted on : 2 Dec 2015
Angry Indian Goddesses
(According to Akshay Kumar Angry Indian Goddesses is a 5 star movie)
angry indian is nice bollywood movie and its hindi drama type movie and in this movie and it was screened in the special presentation of the the toranto international film function of 2015 and its first all out female buddy film and main leading star of the movie and
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Review Posted on : 29 Nov 2015
(According to Akshay Kumar Spectre is a 5 star movie)
john logon my all time favrete actor inn hollywood always love his movies spectre the best movie i ever had seen in the bollywood james bond is a very good actor. his persnality is very good . he is mind blowing actor. i love hi . i love him a lot
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Review Posted on : 23 Nov 2015
Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein
(According to Akshay Kumar Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is a 5 star movie)
this movie charli ke chakkar mai is a bkwas movie in this year si i dont like this movie i dont unde stand this that this typ movie making idea in a director brain where. so i dont like this movie and and dont watch ths movie and wate your time.
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Review Posted on : 7 Nov 2015
Four Pillars Of Basement
(According to Akshay Kumar Four Pillars Of Basement is a 5 star movie)
tthis is a awesome movie with beillant action of randee hoopa and dont miss the tomb boy richa chadda both did an awesom job in this movie three story of movie is out of the world with antique shoot and antique style i think it is must watch movie. bye.
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Review Posted on : 7 Nov 2015
Once Upon A Time In Bihar
(According to Akshay Kumar Once Upon A Time In Bihar is a 5 star movie)
it is very asomes in movies in this movies a very few character are invoies and this movies leads a very perfect role in bollywood . in this movie after watching this movie a lots of confusion in it. after such agreate fill things in it.
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Review Posted on : 4 Nov 2015

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