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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Prachi Deshpande From Mumbai, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is BPO/ITES. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Monday, November 2, 1992 (22 Years)
Gender : Female
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Mobile Number : 95######78
Email Address : pr••••••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Mumbai, India
Pincode : 400069

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Kapoor & Sons
(According to Prachi Deshpande Kapoor & Sons is a 2 star movie)
the great time pass movie of the year goes to the kapoor & sons, this film is the biggest up sate of this year, this film carry lot of hopes but this film did not get that much popularity, though the film starring with sid & alia, so the film is good only to see the chemistry between sid & alia.
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Review Posted on : 28 Mar 2016
Batman V Superman
(According to Prachi Deshpande Batman V Superman is a 4 star movie)
it is a very good movie featuring comic characters batman & superman. this is the the first film which features batman & superman these two comic characters in a single movie, that is why this film is that much lengthy in time of the film & also the dollars required to complete the film.
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Review Posted on : 28 Mar 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Neerja is a 4 star movie)
neerja is a biographical film in a bollywood starring sonam kappoor.sonam kapoor is in title role . a very nice film nice acting, stricking dialouges make the film a action pack,this film will going to be a hit film as it is with a sensitive touch so best luck for the movie
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
Direct Ishq
(According to Prachi Deshpande Direct Ishq is a 3 star movie)
direct action is as the name of the film indicates is a action pack romantic film starring with new actors the story line is as we might seen in many films, the acting is average, the songs are not very good songs are average, so for me it is a average film
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Loveshhuda is a 3 star movie)
loveshuda is a bollywood film starring with girish kumar & navneet kaur dhillon & when i watch the film i thought that this film is quiet similar in term of story to a bollywood filmwith a name kismat connection so the events are repeated just like a remake film
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
Bollywood Diaries
(According to Prachi Deshpande Bollywood Diaries is a 2 star movie)
bollywood diary is a indian drama film starring with raima sen, salim diwan & ashish vidharthi, the film has won many awards as it won award in berlin film festival, also won two awards in los angeles & this film also india's oscar nomination in 2012 so watch the movie
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
Love Shagun
(According to Prachi Deshpande Love Shagun is a 3 star movie)
love shagun is a romantic comedy film starring with new actors which is seen in the movie that these are all new actors, because of over acting, the music is well but still the music does not lift the film to become a good film from average,for me it is a average film
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Aligarh is a 4 star movie)
aligarh is a biogeographical film,starring manoj wajpai, who acted good in the film, this is not a masala type of film so i don't think that this film will be watched by all the kinds of people, but might be because of the subject on which it is based will be watched by people
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Review Posted on : 3 Mar 2016
Ghayal Once Again
(According to Prachi Deshpande Ghayal Once Again is a 3 star movie)
ghayal once again is a movie of sunny deol which is a sequel of 1990 movie ghayal, it starts where the ghayal movie was left. the movie directed by sunny deol & produced by dharmendra, the music given by shankar ehsaan & joy, it is a action movie, nice to watch
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Review Posted on : 24 Jan 2016
Chalk N Duster
(According to Prachi Deshpande Chalk N Duster is a 3 star movie)
chalk n duster is a film which revolves around the teacher & students about the education system which changes day by day, it is a emotional journey of two teachers juhi & shabana who are teachers in a high school. the film tells about their passion & love about teaching, a really nice movie
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Review Posted on : 24 Jan 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Chauranga is a 3 star movie)
chauranga is anice movie which tells the reality, the film story revolves around a dalit boy santu, who has his dreams , not too big but he wants that his dreams come true, just a honest thinking. then the story starts with a love,and what happens is interesting so watch the movie
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Review Posted on : 24 Jan 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Airlift is a 5 star movie)
i really like the movie airlift, a brave story of ranjit who tries to save the people in kuwait to eturn to india, the movie which hold the peoples to watch it till the end, a really nice attempt to create this type of movie, it will be a superhit movie..
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Review Posted on : 24 Jan 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Wazir is a 4 star movie)
wazir, a most awaited film because of the two stars who i like most, evergreen amitabh & dashing farhan, a very nice movie to watch, i like the movie very much & will again want to see the movie, nice movie & really good movie to watch, will be a very good movie
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Review Posted on : 19 Jan 2016
Killing Veerappan
(According to Prachi Deshpande Killing Veerappan is a 3 star movie)
killing veerappan is i think a average movie, not much for the entertainment purpose, the comedy is also not look to laugh it is just like a try to make people laugh but did not succed in doing this thus not a very good film, hope it will get the money of its budget.
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Review Posted on : 19 Jan 2016
(According to Prachi Deshpande Dilwale is a 3 star movie)
i was really waiying much for this movie but when i saw the movie i not like it much, songs are ok, action is ok, but sorry about the story & acting of varun dhawan, he still plays like i am the one who lift the movie alone, ok good luck
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Review Posted on : 8 Jan 2016
Bajirao Mastani
(According to Prachi Deshpande Bajirao Mastani is a 4 star movie)
ilike the movie bajirao mastani very much, it was beyond my expectation from ranvir singh, the movie has many ups & down, with a sad end still all the action, songs especially pinga pinga i like most, really nice movie to watch, please watch the movie, it is really nice movie
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Review Posted on : 8 Jan 2016

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