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Welcome to my profile page. I'm vishal rana From Dehradun, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Accounting/Finance. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Movie Reviews Posted By Vishal Rana

Dum Laga Ke Haisha
(According to Vishal Rana Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a 4 star movie)
sharat katariya’s directed film “dum laga ke haisha” has brought a few alleviation to ayushmann khurrana, with some great public reviews & rating, and opening day business of movie is quite good than ayushmann‘s before released movie ‘hawaizaada‘. when compared with other romantic movies, this particular film concentrates on an alternative plot of romance. the film features the stars ayushmann as well as debutante bhumi pednekar in critical part. apart from all of them the film also features sanjay mishra, alka amin, seema pahwa as well as sheeba chadda in key roles.check out here 8th day collection of “dum laga ke haisha“.
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Review Posted on : 15 Mar 2015
Badmashiyaan - Fun Never Ends
(According to Vishal Rana Badmashiyaan - Fun Never Ends is a 3 star movie)
after dolly ki doli comes another heroine, vivaciously conning her way through a throng of men who fall for her angelic good looks and false commitments! naari (suzanna mukherjee), is a money minded, highly materialistic young woman who is not interested in being tied down to relationships or marriage. naari is over-poweringly seductive and surprisingly cold hearted, who makes men fall hopelessly in love with her. the plot revolves around her escapades with three men, the first is the decent coffee-shop owner dev arora (sidhant gupta) who gives in to naari’s charms only to be dumped by her when she deems right. the second is a small time detective named pinkesh (karan mehra). it is the third affair wherein the plot of the film thickens as naari attempts to con the dreaded don jazzy (sharib hashmi). last seen in filmistaan, hashmi plays a haryanvi don and is a delight to watch! palak mehra (gunjan malhotra) plays a sweet young woman battling her own past, drenched in her ideas of a fairytale romance. her angle in the film is for you to watch! the film is interestingly written without an iota of clichd humor, or vulgarity. the three love stories are woven together by a great script and an incredibly unpredictable plot. the humour is clean, the actors are earnest and ankit tiwari has cast a magic spell with his music. in what may seem like a bad start, the film opens to sequences which look like they are haphazardly put together. director amit khanna however, pulls it together and the story unfolds into a dashing debut! light as a soap bubble, badmashiyan is a comedy of errors which turns out to be quite a wholesome entertainer!
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Review Posted on : 13 Mar 2015
(According to Vishal Rana Nh10 is a 3 star movie)
navdeep singh’s nh10 ventures into an unsafe, unsettling space where shock quickly changes into survival and the brutality of a world you dreaded about from the fringes punches you right in the face. singh took chinatown’s template to rajasthan and moulded it as manorama six feet under. in nh10, he borrows the basic framework of eden lake and sets it in haryana. he does a nifty job of it too until the problematic third act. nh10 does what a good thriller ought to, without wasting a single second. he gets us acquainted with meera (anushka sharma) and arjun (neil bhoopalam is affable but doesn’t look short-tempered enough for the part) -- well off, working professionals married to one another, people we are supposed to invest in right at the onset. they exude charm, humour and familiarity; you wouldn’t want a fly to hurt such nice folks. ten minutes in the movie, meera’s attacked by a bunch of hoodlums while driving back alone from a late-night party but narrowly escapes owing to her presence of mind. “yeh shaher badhta bacha hai ji. kud toh lagayaga hi,” is the only ridiculous explanation an apathetic gurgaon cop can offer. it’s terrifying how easy it is to believe the authenticity of this scene. as is the rudeness of the security guard who makes life hell if one holds a no-parking space for a second extra longer than his patience.
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Review Posted on : 13 Mar 2015
(According to Vishal Rana Shamitabh is a 0 star movie)
dhanush one of the most popular star in kollywood industry coming with his new project named as shamitab.this is the upcoming film of actor dhanush after huge success of velai illa pattathari.legendary actor amitabh bachchan is also acting in this movie. according to the close sources the role of the dhanush is leaked that he is playing as deaf and mute junior artist in the film and amitabh bachchan will do the the voiceover for dhanush’s character.
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Review Posted on : 26 Feb 2015
Dirty Politics
(According to Vishal Rana Dirty Politics is a 3 star movie)
it was very recently that delhi witnessed the heat of election campaign. and before this heat gets down and the sensation arvind kejriwal has created ends, the people of delhi will once again get the heat of politics; but this time through the movie dirty politics. the movie is on to the screens on february 13, just a day ahead of the valentines’ day. does it mean that the film is going to be a valentine’s day gift by mallika to her fans across the country? mallika’s role as anokhi devi is an opening to the hidden games in politics. though her role seems to be glamorous indeed, the aspect of performance cannot be overlooked. she really deserves a big round of applause for making anokhi devi very lively. k.c bokadia, the scriptwriter and the director, has brought out more or less everything beyond the curtains of politics through the movie dirty politics.
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Review Posted on : 26 Feb 2015
Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan
(According to Vishal Rana Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan is a 0 star movie)
bollywood movie jai jawaan jai kisaan releases today. the movie is based on the life of lal bahadur shastri, former prime minister of india, who gave this slogan in 1965. theatre actor akhilesh jain would be playing the role of lal bahadur shastri in the movie, while om puri would play the role of dr. rajendra prasad. this would be the first historic movie of 2015. no review has been spotted as of now. once reviews of critics are available, we shall update them here.
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Review Posted on : 25 Feb 2015
(According to Vishal Rana Roy is a 2 star movie)
ranbir kapoor looks mysteriously lost in the film. both his role and his performance are too vague to understand! jacqueline fernandes plays a double role in the film and looks absolutely breath-taking in both of them. but for a performance, there is nothing exceptional to watch out for this time.. but not 2 gud
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Review Posted on : 25 Feb 2015
(According to Vishal Rana Qissa is a 0 star movie)
unique' and 'distinctive' are two words that repeatedly spring to mind as the contemplative, splendidly well crafted qissa unfolds on the screen. it touches upon a clutch of vital themes skillfully dovetailed into its partition-era drama about a displaced sikh family caught in a destructive spiral. qissa, with punjabi dialogue and english subtitles, is writer-director anup singh’s second film. in the manner of his first – the name of a river, a memorable tribute to ritwik ghatak – qissa is unlike anything that we have seen, or are likely to see, in years. singh’s cinematic treatment of a cataclysmic event in the subcontinent’s history that left behind poisoned hearts and wounded souls is both intensely meditative and unsettlingly shocking.
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Review Posted on : 25 Feb 2015
(According to Vishal Rana Badlapur is a 0 star movie)
badlapur is all fury and fog, a revenge saga that plays out with such eyebrow-singeing intensity that i could imagine a gravel-voiced narrator filling us in on dames and dreams and dark, stormy nights. so no doubt varun dhavan is gud actor and his movie badlapur was really awesome. ..
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Review Posted on : 25 Feb 2015

Joke Posted By Vishal Rana

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What\'s the diff between Dava & Daru\?

what's the diff between dava & daru ?
dava is like girlfriend,
that comes with expiry date and daru is like wife,
jitni purani hogi utna sir chad ke bolegi.

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