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Welcome to my profile page. I'm subhrajeet sahooo From Cuttack, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Accounting/Finance. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Sunday, April 22, 1984 (31 Years)
Gender : Male
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Mobile Number : 96######97
Email Address : su•••••••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Cuttack, India
Pincode : 754021

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Captain America: Civil War
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Captain America: Civil War is a 5 star movie)
captian america is an civil war between various strategy. however we can watch real action in big screen.such after a long time its time to watch real action .winter soldier,thirteenth movie of marvel production.lets go to watch it. hope it will give a good & excellent review.for an excellent review we can watch a lots of war screen.
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Sarbjit is a 5 star movie)
srbjit is an indian biographical indian drama directed by omung kumar. the film star aiswaraya rai bachhan& randeep hoda in in leading role .however the movie is based on real story.we can see again aiswarya in different role. lets watch it on big screen.after a long time a movie with something different taste.we all must watch it.
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Azhar is a 5 star movie)
ahzar is rally a good movie in which we can see him & his life story about all his career who he fight for indian team.however this is really a good movie we all should watch this on big he strugle for his career.we also get tips for our day to fay life.we must watch it to prove our tallent.
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
1920 London
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo 1920 London is a 5 star movie)
after a long time ,we got a movie like this to watch.thriller & horror with a bombastic sound .great new look of 1920 in london.all young generation must watch this on big screen.heart breaking scenes can be watched in this movie & lots of action also available. so lets go with friends & relatives .
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Review Posted on : 18 May 2016
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Baaghi is a 5 star movie)
bagghi is a super action pack movie.after a long time new face on the big screen.audiance must support it.full of action,romantic songs,full of dance moves is going to play.and also body of tiger sharoff is also another point.young generation must watch it.lets watch it on big screen.hope so whats
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Review Posted on : 29 Apr 2016
Laal Rang
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Laal Rang is a 5 star movie)
watch it on big screen is really interesting,hope more action & more romance & full of thriller movie is this? most of us wait for this type of movie .new faces also going to make history.some of us want to watch it but mostly teenagers love to watch this type of lets go to watch it.
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Review Posted on : 27 Apr 2016
Love Games
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Love Games is a 5 star movie)
again bikram vat strikes,new thriller movie love games,we can see new romantic & action in this movie,however we are after so long time going to watch a romantic thriller movie.some of us expecting some romantic seen in big screen.lets watch it on .we hope all should work for this.pray no more lover should go to watch
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Review Posted on : 13 Apr 2016
The Jungle Book
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo The Jungle Book is a 5 star movie)
the jungle book is my one of favorite story that i had love,its story is amazing.mogli is the super star hero in this story,now we can watch it in big screen.all tin age & kids are surely want to watch this movie.lets watch it.i hope so many adventure & romantic part of movie is the animals we can see.
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Review Posted on : 13 Apr 2016
Ki & Ka
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Ki & Ka is a 5 star movie)
ki & ka -again back kareena with her romantic love story.i just love to watch movie like this.the movie is really a romantic movie .lets watch what happen?.new movie from kareena kapoor.action ,romance,thriller & emotions.hindi action movie after a long time.hence we are looking for a movie like this.lets go
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Review Posted on : 1 Apr 2016
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Zubaan is a 5 star movie)
here after so many times we get a good romantic movie.i have been waiting for a long time such a dramatic movie.we also found some new face .songs of the movie is also good.lets watch it in big screen.i love to watch movie like is about our young generation so hope most of young generation will give it five star.
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Review Posted on : 30 Mar 2016
Teraa Surroor
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Teraa Surroor is a 5 star movie)
after so many days we got a movie related to himesh resmiya."tera surror" movie name is intersting.we hope much more action comedy & horror but the story must be different.himesh is an actor & singer,lets watch the story new actor & actress.lets watch whats the result will be? is this a love story?
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Review Posted on : 29 Mar 2016
10 Cloverfield Lane
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo 10 Cloverfield Lane is a 4 star movie)
i like to watch hollywood movies.this movie is one of them.however slow & black movie are boring but this one is good.we all should watch the movie.105 minutes duration of this this action or horror ? when we watch this we will know the matter of the movie so lets go.
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Review Posted on : 29 Mar 2016
Batman V Superman
(According to Subhrajeet Sahooo Batman V Superman is a 4 star movie)
this movie is very good & full of action.i love to watch movies like this.superman v/s batman is full of adventure.batman is my superstar.i like his poster.superman is also a super star.however we all should watch the movie.i hope this movie will earn a respectful lets watch superman v/s batman.
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Review Posted on : 29 Mar 2016

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