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Welcome to my profile page. I'm siblu gulzar From Sultanpur, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Other. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Baar Baar Dekho
(According to Siblu Gulzar Baar Baar Dekho is a 2 star movie)
baar baar dekho movie cast: siddharth malhotra, katrina kaif, ram kapoor, sarika, sayani gupta, rajit kapur baar baar dekho movie director: nitya mehra if you had a chance to go back into the past and ‘fix’ it, what would you do? turn joyous cartwheels of course, because hindsight gives us wisdom that we didn’t have when we were in the moment. maths genius jay varma (sidharth malhotra) has the gift of time travel, that miraculous thing which he can use to make things right between him and lady love diya kapoor (katrina kaif). what can go wrong with that most intriguing premise, even if we’ve seen similar stuff in about time and the time traveller’s wife? quite a lot, actually, as it turns out: baar baar dekho doesn’t have anything that can entice us into repeat viewings, let alone a single one, because the execution is flat and banal. the problems are apparent right from the beginning when the characters start taking shape: they remain fuzzy, especially the character whose actions set everything in motion. sure, a potential groom can start developing cold feet when the rituals of the big fat punjabi wedding, fronted by a big fat punjabi papa, threaten to overwhelm. but jay is such a drip that you are never convinced about anything he does, whether it is a feeble declaration of loveor a stab at teaching moony-eyed female students. the life lessons that baar baar dekho holds out is a) there’s more to life than differential equations (we know), b) the past and the future can only be accessed through the present (we know ) and c) that katrina kaif may have the most amazingly mobile waist in the universe but her emoting ambitions are strictly futuristic (this we get to know all over again, sigh).
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Review Posted on : 12 Sep 2016
Ice Age: Collision Course
(According to Siblu Gulzar Ice Age: Collision Course is a 5 star movie)
while trying to bury his acorn, scrat accidentally activates an abandoned alien ship that takes him into deep space, where he unwittingly sends several asteroids en route to a collision with earth. meanwhile, manny is worried about the upcoming marriage between peaches and her fianc, julian, while diego and his wife shira want to start a family but their fierce appearance tend to scare kids, and sid is dumped by his girlfriend, francine, just as he is about to propose to her. during manny and ellie's wedding anniversary party, some of the asteroids strike the place and the herd barely escape with their lives. meanwhile, at the underground cavern, buck eturns a dinosaur egg back to its rightful owner after it was stolen from a trio of dromaeosaurs led by their father gavin, only to discover an ancient stone pillar, which he takes to the surface, where he meets manny and the others. buck explains to the herd that according to the pillar, the asteroids had caused several extinctions in the past and with a massive one still incoming, he claims that the only place they could find a clue to stop it is on the site of the impact of the previous ones, as according to its engravings, they always fall at the same place. however, the three dromaeosaurs, having listened their conversation, decide to stop them, believing that they could be safe from the impact, as they can fly,
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
Star Trek Beyond
(According to Siblu Gulzar Star Trek Beyond is a 5 star movie)
it seems the entire story almost completely ignores the plot as stated. the acting was not at fault here. it's just basically a bad movie with it's jump from the current to the past to the current to the past, over and over again. don't waste your time. however, i am required to submit at least 10 lines of critique or it will not pass the minimum requirement to be available for reading. so i lost interest after 30 minutes but still sat here as my wife remained vigilant. when the movie finally concluded after a painful 1:23 hours her response was, and i quote, "oh my god!". i hope that gives you an indicator to not waster your time.
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
(According to Siblu Gulzar Dishoom is a 1 star movie)
there have been many films in bollywood that have been based on the game of cricket and match fixing. films like jannat and the recently released azhar serve as testimony to the same. this week's release dishoom is an action comedy which also deals with cricket in its plot. will dishoom hit a sixer at the box-office is the question of the hour... let's analyze. dishoom starts off with a well-planned kidnapping of indian cricket team's ace cricketer viraj sharma (saqib salim) by the dreaded altaf (rahul dev), at the behest of wagah (akshaye khanna) during a cricket series in the middle east. the reason for wagah to kidnap viraj sharma is to bail himself out of the rs. 400 crore worth of debts that he has got himself into because of his match fixing deals going south. when the indian government gets to know that viraj sharma has been kidnapped and that too, just 36 hours before the crucial and the much awaited india-pakistan match, they decide to put their best police officer kabir shergill (john abraham) on the job. fearing national unrest and tension, they instruct kabir shergill not to utter a word to anyone about viraj sharma's kidnapping. when the news reaches the embassy of the middle east, they immediately become ready to offer all kind of possible help to kabir shergill. that's when kabir shergill chooses the 'never-solved-any-case' police officer junaid (varun dhawan), who is only way too happy to be chosen for the task of finding viraj sharma. what happens after that are a series of twists and turns, oodles of roller coaster ride and adventure tales of kabir and junaid and their parter in crime ishika (jacqueline fernandez) who is a petty thief. will kabir shergill be able to trace out viraj sharma before the india-pakistan match, what role does junaid play in tracing of viraj sharma and whose side is ishika on and will she be of any help towards solving the mystery behind the kidnapping of india's key player is what forms the rest of the film.
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
Suicide Squad
(According to Siblu Gulzar Suicide Squad is a 1 star movie)
it feels good to be bad… assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated super-villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. u.s. intelligence officer amanda waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. however, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the suicide squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself? [warner bros.]
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
Mohenjo Daro
(According to Siblu Gulzar Mohenjo Daro is a 1 star movie)
in the recent times, filmmaker ashutosh gowariker has become synonymous with historic films and the surreal sets mounted on the larger than life canvas. films like jodhaa akbar, swades, and lagaan stand as testimony to the same. this week's release is mohenjo daro, yet another period film from the stable of ashutosh gowariker. will mohenjo daro have a 'historic' run at the box-office or will it bite the dust, let's analyse. the film starts off with the era of 2016 bc in the north west region, which happens to be the prehistoric india. this gradually leads to the introduction of sarman (hrithik roshan) and his victorious fight with a predator crocodile. while on one hand the villagers felicitate him for the victory, on the other hand, sarman is adamant to visit the city of mohenjo daro, something that his uncle and aunt are not too keen on, for reasons best known (only) to them. one day, after much reluctance, sarman's uncle and aunt give in to his demands of visiting mohenjo daro, but, not without handing him over a 'identity coin'. when sarman reaches mohenjo daro, amongst the many other things, he sees the beautiful 'sindhu putri' chaani (pooja hegde), the daughter of a religious pandit (manish choudhary). both, for sarman and chaani, it turns out to be unspoken love at first sight. one day, the curious sarman happens to visit the 'upper city' in search of chaani. it is here, that sarman, besides being stunned by the visuals and locations, witnesses the disparity that prevails under the rule of the evil ruler maham (kabir bedi), who had once been earlier exiled from harappa. in no time, sarman becomes the people's representative and raises his voice against maham's atrocities. amidst all this, the pandit reveals a secret to sarman that not just shocks sarman, but also, sweeps him off his feet. what is the much guarded secret that sarman gets to know, what is his connection with the city of mohenjo daro, and does the blooming love between sarman and chaani culminate into their unison... is what forms the rest of the story.
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
Happy Bhag Jayegi
(According to Siblu Gulzar Happy Bhag Jayegi is a 3 star movie)
feisty and foolhardy, amritsari kudi happy (diana penty) escapes from her own wedding to be with her beau guddu (ali fazal). this infuriates her would be groom - wannabe politician bagga (jimmy sheirgill). confusion ensues when happy doesn't end up with either and accidentally lands up in pakistan. she bumps into bilal (abhay deol), a budding politician and sparks fly. but he is engaged to zoya (momal shiekh). who gets the girl? review: happy bhag jayegi is a fresh, light-hearted take on cross-border camaraderie that revolves around a runaway bride. it lures you into throwing logic out of the window ('baher') for a while as it offers clean entertainment with ample gags. the cat and mouse game between the characters, with a dash of romance, forms the story. if you are curious to know about our neighbours and their culture, this film satiates that intrigue to a certain extent. the comic caper clicks for its situational humour, smart writing and perfect casting. the first half has tons of laugh out loud moments, predominantly stemming from piyush mishra speaking chaste urdu (javed akhtar style). jimmy sheirgill may not get the girl but he gets memorable roles and his portrayal of bagga is the highlight here. be it him calling ali, justin byeber or saying, 'mere shaadi rukwane ke peeche, padosi mulk ka haath hai', jimmy steals the show, hands down. both abhay and ali are equally competent and the men dominate the film, even more than the film's central character (diana), whose looks overshadow her acting. momal is sincere. since the love tracks seem unconvincing and abrupt, the second half tanks a bit. the cartoonish climactic chase sequence too seems juvenile. however, overall, the family comedy manages to pull the right strings and change the present (if not the history) of indo-pak relations for the two hours that it lasts. buckle up and enjoy the ride, janaab!
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Review Posted on : 25 Aug 2016
Batman V Superman
(According to Siblu Gulzar Batman V Superman is a 5 star movie)
with charismatic performances and epic battle scenes, this unrelentingly serious start to a new dc universe franchise is intriguing but also humorless and overdone. affleck is an ideal bruce wayne; he's effortless playing the broody playboy billionaire who isn't sure superman is so super. he and jeremy irons (as alfred) have a good rapport, but there's so much going on that there's little time to focus on individual character arcs. eisenberg plays the young lex luthor as megalomaniacal with a side of severe daddy issues; he's willing to do whatever it takes to bring superman down. since there's so much riding on seeing this film unspoiled, it's difficult to explain exactly where the story becomes overwrought, but suffice it to say that comic book fans familiar with frank miller's dark knight, league of justice origins, and the superman doomsday comics will understand much more than the casual superhero film fan. on the bright side, the heroes' big fight scene is full of the kind of action you'd expect, with batman going the extra mile to train crossfit-style before he faces the last son of krypton. and if you've seen the posters and trailers, it's no surprise to say that wonder woman (gal gadot) makes a grand appearance, wielding her golden lasso and coming to the guys' rescue to help them face a huge, seemingly invincible threat to all of humanity. some skeptics weren't sure about the model-turned-actor's ability to capture everything that makes wonder woman fabulous, but the former israeli combat instructor has what it takes. despite the movie's flaws, it will excite audiences for the promise of future justice league films that will hopefully be as full of and fun as their rival marvel blockbusters
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016
Ki & Ka
(According to Siblu Gulzar Ki & Ka is a 1 star movie)
in the hollywood comedy the intern, anne hathaway heads her own ecommerce fashion company, while her husband anders holm is content with being a stay-at-home father. similarly, in balki's ki and ka; the role of the woman and the man are refreshingly reversed. right at the start, you're told through a convoluted monologue that kia doesn't want to be a man's `support system.' so when she meets the sentimental kabir, who doesn't aspire to be like his billionaire-builder father, instead wants to be like his homemaker-mother, you're ready for the sparks. kia downs expensive scotch with kabir who is three years her junior. soon, he proposes marriage and even agrees to wear the mangalsutra! her mother (swaroop sampat) is in tandem with their thought process, his father (rajit kapur) is aghast. he wants his son to do a "chaddi check'' to find out if he is `alright.' after all, which man wants to stay home and live-off his wife, the boorish dad asks. but ki and ka are blissful. post marriage, they're happy canoodling. he cleans, cooks and cares for her; she earns, yearns and yells at him. over time, the role reversal puts the spotlight on kabir. though many continue to view him as an aberration, few also want to emulate him. kabir becomes fodder for gossip, the hero for commercials and women's-day seminars. he even finds admirers in the abhimaan couple jaya and amitabh, who show up in a cute cameo! kareena is terrific, arjun, endearing. but balki's writing is inconsistent. a few scenes leave you misty-eyed, but for the most part, the stock situations are banal. yet, ki and ka is worth a ticket because it shows how there is nothing wrong with the man wearing the apron and the women wearing her ambition.
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016
Love Games
(According to Siblu Gulzar Love Games is a 3 star movie)
after watching the trailer of love games, the first thing that struck me was its resemblance to hollywood teen drama cruel intentions. but vikram bhatt's latest directorial venture is nowhere close to the reese witherspoon starrer classic. and i am not surprised at all. love games is a erotic thriller and stays true to its genre. in a nutshell, love games is about love, lust, drugs and revenge. oh, and you'll witness a threesome act as well, which by the way, has been shot very superficially. guess the makers just wanted to add a little more tadka to their film. as if the kissing scenes weren't enough! anyway, let's get to the story. ramona (patralekha) is a rich widow addicted to everything that one doesn't associate 'good' girls with. her toy boy is sameer (gaurav arora) who is also rich and loves partying. to make their lives more interesting, they start playing 'love games'. while ramona has to seduce a guy, sameer has to seduce the guy's wife. whoever completes the task first, wins. things turn serious when these two target alisha (tara alisha berry) and her abusive husband gaurav (hiten tejwani). ramona succeeds in seducing the latter whereas sameer ends up falling in love with alisha. so what happens next? well, the bad boy decides to say bye bye to all the loves games and his ugly past but ramona isn't willing to let go of him yet. she threatens sameer that if he doesn't play by her rules, alisha will face the consequences. after a lot of drama, rave parties and some romance, sameer tells everything to alisha. obviously, she is hurt and wants sameer out of her life. but then alisha realises that she no longer wants to be the damsel-in-distress. she decides to play her own game. though the story is well-paced and the performances are good, love games is too predictable. the film is largely shot in cape town but when alisha and sameer are in goa, it's pretty obvious they are not in goa. overall, the film tries to offer something new and it does to an extent. but if you have watched cruel intentions, love games will not appeal to you. the first half of the film is all about love games, sexual boredom and intimate scenes. the story takes off in the second half but it misses the mark because of its predictable story, cliched dialogues and all-too-easy screenplay. patralekha plays her character well, in a wicked, twisted way. but there are times when her dialogue delivery is a bit off. she does look sexy. gaurav also does well but there are times when he goes a little overboard. tara alisha berry is good but she doesn't have much screen time. hiten tejwani has a few bold scenes with patralekha but he looks very unconformable. his character hardly adds anything to the story. it would have been better if his character was explored more.
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016
The Jungle Book
(According to Siblu Gulzar The Jungle Book is a 4 star movie)
his carefree existence is shattered by the arrival of a vendetta-seeking tiger (dubbed in fearsome tones by elba) intent on disrupting the peace in the animal kingdom. mowgli’s already-slim chances of getting out of the jungle alive receive further setbacks following encounters with a smooth-talking python (scarlett johansson) and an outlandish orangutan (chistopher walken). fortunately for the youngster, a sympathetic panther (ben kingsley) and an easy-going bear (murray, in gleeful vocal form) are around to ensure his well-being and safety. capitalising on the advances in visual effects and motion-capture technology, favreau conjures up a wondrous spectacle anchored around relatable human emotions. in one particularly poignant interlude mowgli saves a baby elephant that has fallen into a pit. the rescue lends resonance to an earlier scene in which the little elephant stares intently at mowgli when their paths first cross. it’s almost as if both boy and beast sensed that they would connect again at a later point in the narrative. the lush imagery of flora and fauna (courtesy the matrix and spider-man cinematographer bill pope) and the wonderful gallery of photo-real animals who can converse should appeal to legions of fans of kipling’s fiction, as well as new converts. on the downside, the tiger’s frequent lunging for mowgli may well have small children watching through their fingers. also, although there are snatches of popular tunes such as ’the bare necessities’ and ’i wannabe like you’, the soundtrack doesn’t compare favourably with the classic disney cartoon of 1967. expectedly, the film has been dubbed in several indian languages, including of course, hindi. the latter version is buoyed by a-list bollywood voice talent, notably priyanka chopra (the python), nana patekar (the tiger), and best of all, the ever-versatile irrfan khan (the honey bear). unfortunately, jasleen singh, who voices mowgli in hindi, doesn’t measure up to the high standards set by her colleagues. no matter the version, though, the jungle book is guaranteed to provide slam-bang fun.
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016
Kapoor & Sons
(According to Siblu Gulzar Kapoor & Sons is a 1 star movie)
in all seriousness, the kapoor family is sitting on a ticking time bomb. and then enters tia (alia bhatt), the potential trigger. well, here begins the director’s meticulous planning. the writers of the film, shakun batra and ayesha devitre dhillon, have done a fabulous job in providing every major character a chance to flourish. rahul’s character grows, so does arjun’s. tia takes center-stage, but without cutting into someone else’s breathing space. the screenplay keeps gaining momentum. there are times when batra eases out pressure, but only to keep the safety valve from blowing up. when you meet rishi kapoor’s character, you immediately realise his love for theatrics, but you also see a method in his madness. his irrepressible desire to watch porn can’t conceal his longing for a family photo. unfortunately, his enthusiasm for life isn’t contagious as harsh and sunita are struggling hard to save their marriage. but, it’s something based on trust and breach of that may result in permanent damage. similarly, not everything is right between the brothers, especially when the younger one has grown up in the shadow of a perfect, successful big brother. the heated exchange we witness at the dinner table is deep rooted in their psyche and began years ago, before they realised the monster that was approaching their lives. and now the elephant is in the middle of the drawing room but no one knows how to deal with it. just when the audience begins to laugh at the absurdity of a plumber trapped in the middle of a family fight, it becomes so emotionally violent that they start recognising the familiarity of the proceedings.
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Review Posted on : 19 Mar 2016
(According to Siblu Gulzar Aligarh is a 4 star movie)
an elderly professor at one of india’s once-of the most prestigious centres of higher learning is hounded out – of his job, and his humble abode — because of his sexual orientation. what happens to him makes up hansal mehta’s ‘aligarh’. it is a film both timely and telling, because of what it is about, and how it is told. queer characters are not characters who just happen to be queer in most bollywood movies. they are stereotypes sent up for sniggers (with the notable exception of a few of onir’s films, ‘my brother nikhil’, and ‘i am’ ; karan johar’s segment in ‘bombay talkies’). they mince rather than walk. they dangle their wrists. they are there to be mocked at. shrinivas ramchandra siras (manoj bajpayee) is getting on in years. as befits a teacher and author, he is a man of letters. he likes poetry. he likes a glass or two of the good stuff when the day is ending. above all he is alone, sharing his loneliness with lata mangeshkar’s soulful songs, and occasionally, a tryst with another human who just happens to be of the same sex. also read: ‘aligarh’ is a portrait of loneliness: hansal mehta deepu (rajkummar rao) is the delhi-based reporter of a national daily who stumbles upon the siras ‘story’ in a local aligarh paper, and pursues it with his photographer colleague tashi (gulati). (full disclosure: deepu sebastian edmond, on whom rao’s reporter is based, was with the indian express when the story broke; photojournalist tashi tobgyal works with the paper). siras’ ‘case’ segues into the historic 2009 delhi high court judgement which decriminalized homosexuality, and is fought by a legal eagle (ashish vidyarthi) who places privacy in a bedroom beyond the ‘moral’ pale, and sneering guardians of ‘morality’. the hectoring tone of the public prosecutor in allahabad is of a piece with the general castigation brought to bear upon the lgbt community, and siras’s exoneration feels like a victory, even if short-lived.
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016
Jai Gangaajal
(According to Siblu Gulzar Jai Gangaajal is a 1 star movie)
the best part about ‘jai gangaajal’, director prakash jha’s latest foray into the country’s badlands, is a surprise acting turn by jha himself: as a corrupt-cop-with-a-latent-conscience, jha looks as if he has been doing this all his life, so comfortable is he in front of the camera. too bad you can’t say the same for the leading lady. as the take-charge-policewoman-in-a-tough-posting, priyanka chopra comes off as dressed-for-the-part and stilted. you can see she’s trying hard, especially in some of the ‘action’ sequences in which she has to kick and punch and thrash, but she’s far too smooth for this part.
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016
(According to Siblu Gulzar Zubaan is a 1 star movie)
a boy struggling to overcome childhood trauma. a young man learning to find his place. and that thing between fathers and sons. ‘zubaan’ is about all of these things, and a mixed bag of a movie : some of it comes together really well ; others strands are all over the place. the journey of small-town boy dilsher (vicky kaushal) to the world of super-wealthy builder gurcharan sikand (chaudhary) is pockmarked by stealthy ambition : the most interesting aspect of dilsher’s character is that he is capable of the unspeakable to achieve what he wants, and yet his moral compass isn’t completely broken. a self-made man, who goes from being a ‘delivery boy’ to the owner of a multi-billion empire, this has to be the most complex role essayed by chaudhari. he is a husband and father, and yet his family gives him no joy. the wife ( malik) and son ( chanana) are lost souls, looking for a way to connect to the walled-in man they live with.
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016
Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
(According to Siblu Gulzar Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is a 3 star movie)
randeep hooda and kajal aggarwal both are very good actors and performers. so there is no doubt that their performances are going to be good. with a minimum guaranteed, tried and tested script deepak tijori is confident about the reception of the movie in the theaters. however, we will have to wait and watch how the movie will be received at the theaters. the korean movie always was well received back in 2011. the epic love story was appreciated by the critics as well as the audience. we have to wait and watch how the indian audience will like do lafzon ki kahani.
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016
Teraa Surroor
(According to Siblu Gulzar Teraa Surroor is a 4 star movie)
teraa surroor delivers as a true himesh reshammiya film. it is a typical masala entertainer with some great music. if you liked aap ka suroor, then teraa surroor definitely won’t disappoint. me also watch this movie is a greatovie like us himesh generte a action hero we found that himesh is great action hero
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016
10 Cloverfield Lane
(According to Siblu Gulzar 10 Cloverfield Lane is a 3 star movie)
because the film takes place within the small confines of a bunker, however, the movie relies heavily on the actors performances more than anything else. this isn't a movie that can get away with throwing in an elaborate action sequence to fill time or distract the audience. the cast in 10 cloverfield lane go above and beyond, delivering stellar performances and creating three memorable characters.
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Review Posted on : 12 Mar 2016

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