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Welcome to my profile page. I'm SHUBHAM BANSAL From Bhatinda, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Construction/Engineering/Cement/Metals. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Sunday, May 16, 1993 (22 Years)
Gender : Male
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Mobile Number : 80######24
Email Address : cb••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Bhatinda, India
Pincode : 151001

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Movie Reviews Posted By Shubham Bansal

(According to Shubham Bansal Ranbanka is a 1 star movie)
ranbanka is one of manish paul flop movie. manish paul is civil engineer in movie , but he do nothing as civil engineer , ravi kishan work is also timepass. movie can be better if story must more thriller , now story is timepass , overall rating 1 out of 5 . ( waste of money)
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Review Posted on : 6 Nov 2015
Four Pillars Of Basement
(According to Shubham Bansal Four Pillars Of Basement is a 1 star movie)
four pillars of basement is one of bakwas movie of 2015 .why director make thiese movies . these movie is totally loss of money , time and peaople mind . this movie has no story and nothing to watch. there is no drama , no comedy , nothing is there . overall rating 1 out of 5
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Review Posted on : 6 Nov 2015
Action Jackson
(According to Shubham Bansal Action Jackson is a 3 star movie)
action jackson is one of the flop movie of 2015 , why ajay dewgan do these types of movie, i think ajay should do roles like shigam movies , it is comedy movie , but i don't see or feel any comedy , sonakshi sinha work is average , overall rating 3 out of 5
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2015
Abcd 2
(According to Shubham Bansal Abcd 2 is a 5 star movie)
abcd 2 is the 2015 dancing movie , movie sites are excellent , locations are excellent , varun dhawan , shraddha kapoor , prabhu deva and their team do excellent dance and do a very hard work i think all should watch it who loves dancing . songs are also good and tattoo is one of the best song
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2015
(According to Shubham Bansal Shaandaar is a 4 star movie)
shaandaar is 2015 romatic movie , movie is all about wedding , i give 4 stars because i like romatic movies , and shahid kapoor and alia bhatt have a great chemistry , as in cinema it became one of flop movie of shahid kapoor . pankaj kapoor and sanjay kapoor work is also time pass , overall it can be boring movie for you
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2015
Main Aur Charles
(According to Shubham Bansal Main Aur Charles is a 3 star movie)
main aur charles is 2015 drama movie . hooda do good acting , poor story , poor script , director is also not so good , i think hooda should not do these movie , it will go to the end of the hooda career , as hooda do excellent work in this last movie i.e ungli
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2015
Once Upon A Time In Bihar
(According to Shubham Bansal Once Upon A Time In Bihar is a 2 star movie)
once upon a time in bihar is a time pass movie. in this movie all about bihar is shown , this movie shows about the bihar , sites in this movie are fake . there is on story in this movie . who want to know about bihar , should watch it overall rating 2 out of 5
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2015
Hamari Adhuri Kahani
(According to Shubham Bansal Hamari Adhuri Kahani is a 5 star movie)
hamari adhuri kahani 2015 ... a super hit movie of 2015 . emran hasmi ans vidhya balan do excellent work . shooting in dubai is mind blowing. hotels are great . flower garden is also excellent , this movie is full paise vasul , and also a family movie , please watch at least one time overall rating 4.5/5 for romancing one.
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Review Posted on : 31 Oct 2015
Happy New Year
(According to Shubham Bansal Happy New Year is a 3 star movie)
happy new year (2014) is one of the khan movie . as it got hit in the cinema but i think it is average . it is one time watch . deepika do excellent work and shooting places are also excellent . this is one of the family movie , as now a days a few movie come which we can watch with our family . overall rating 3 / 5
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Review Posted on : 21 Oct 2015
(According to Shubham Bansal Jigariyaa is a 2 star movie)
jigariyaa ( 2015) is one of the movie which is made from true incidents . but in this movie nothing to watch , it is a time pass movie , i think you should not waste your money , mind and time . overall rating 1.5/ 5 . i am giving 1.5 stars bcoz of songs
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Review Posted on : 21 Oct 2015
Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami
(According to Shubham Bansal Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami is a 1 star movie)
ekkees toppon ki salaami 2014 was one of the bakwas movie . i think this movies should not be released . director should also think about his future and should also think why they make such type of bakwaas movies . my oppion is that u should not waste your money mind and time . spend time with family instead of watching it
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Review Posted on : 20 Oct 2015
Bumper Draw
(According to Shubham Bansal Bumper Draw is a 2 star movie)
as the movie name is bumper draw but after watching it is not a bumper draw . rajpal yadav do his own work is good , but all other make movie boring . movie has no story . songs are also so boring . so plz don't waste your time and money
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Review Posted on : 18 Oct 2015
Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq
(According to Shubham Bansal Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq is a 3 star movie)
chinar daastaan e ishq is a love story movie . positive things in this movie is faisal khan ( aamir khan brother ) is back , dalip tahil again as a villain , touching subject , different concept from other movies and negative thing is lack of good screenplay . overall good movie is watch having different concept
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Review Posted on : 18 Oct 2015
(According to Shubham Bansal Jazbaa is a 3 star movie)
jazbaa - ash... rai bachan is sincere ? my foot , omg . in the entire film she has done overacting and nothing else . as they are the best actors in india bollywood so why they do such movies . i think it can be good movie as ash.. long time comeback
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Review Posted on : 10 Oct 2015
Msg-2 The Messenger
(According to Shubham Bansal Msg-2 The Messenger is a 1 star movie)
messenger of god 2 - i think these movie should release on aastha and sankaars channel only safely stay away from this movie . and spend some quality of time with your family . waste of money and waste of time so plz don't waste ur money time and mind overall rating 1/5
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Review Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu
(According to Shubham Bansal Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu is a 3 star movie)
kis kisko pyaar karoon - kapil sharma debut movie , not a batwas one but time pass movie to watch . kapil dharma do good job for his first movie but he made for comedy so he should try to work in more comedy movies and overall rating 2/5 because of kapil sharma
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Review Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
Calendar Girls
(According to Shubham Bansal Calendar Girls is a 2 star movie)
calendar girls - honestly i was not expecting much of anything from calendar girls and it was not in my plan to watch the movie and spend money on it but my friend got good marks in final exams and he gave us as a treat and after watching it , man should watch it ( one time )
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Review Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
(According to Shubham Bansal Talvar is a 2 star movie)
direction 2.5/5 dialogues 2/5 story 3/5 music 2/5 visual appeal 3.5/5 i am giving this rating after watching it , irrfan khan acting is great and acting skills are top notch but other co-partners are bakwas once watchable movie , must watch movie with family overall rating is 2.5 / 5 it is, because of irfan khan
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Review Posted on : 8 Oct 2015
Singh Is Bliing
(According to Shubham Bansal Singh Is Bliing is a 4 star movie)
movie is awesome ..... full paise wasool.... ammy is awesome lara is average entertainer after special 26 , baby , gabbar is back , this is a entertainment movie , must watch movie for akshay kumar fans.... , bargain 78 crores only in four days if katrina kaif is there , then movie becomes blockbaster
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Review Posted on : 8 Oct 2015

Joke Posted By Shubham Bansal

More Husband Wife Joke

Pati ki pareshani

सुबह जब ऑफिस के लिए निकला तो श्रीमती जी बोली:भगवान के हाथ जोड़ कर घर से निकला करो… सब काम अच्छे होते हैं|
मैंने कहा:
मैं नहीं मानता… शादी वाले दिन भी हाथ जोड़ कर ही घर से निकला था

Views : 290    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 11 Oct 2015
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bhai baahan

लड़का लड़की देखने गया:

उनको बात करने के लिए अकेले बैठा दिया गया।

लड़की डरते डरते:भैया आप कितने भाई बहिन हो?

लड़का:अभी तक तीन थे अब चार हो गए

Views : 256    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 10 Oct 2015
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pati patni

आप बहुत भोले हैं..
आपको कोई भी बेवकूफ
बना देता है
पति …
शुरुआत तो तेरे बाप ने की है…

Views : 226    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 10 Oct 2015
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दादा कोंडके शायरी

मांगता हूँ तो देती नहीं हो,
जवाब मेरी बात का..!!
और देती हो तो खड़ा हो जाता है,
रोम-रोम जज्बात का..
मूह में लेना तुम्हे पसंद नहीं,
एक भी कतरा शराब का..
फिर क्यूँ बोलती हो के धीरे से डालो,

बालों में फूल गुलाब का…..
वोह सोती रही में करता रहा,

इंतज़ार उसके जवाब का..
अभी उसके हाथ में रखा ही था

के उसने पकड़ लिया,

गुलदस्ता गुलाब का..
उसने कहा पीछे से नहीं आगे से करो,

दीदार मेरे हुस्न-ओ-शब्बाब का..
उसने कहा बड़ा मज़ा आता है जब अन्दर जाता है..

कानो में एक एक लफ्ज़ तेरे प्यार का..!!

Views : 254    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
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3 khatarnak double meaning hindi shayari

कमजोर दिल वाले ईसे ना पढें
खतरनाक शायरी
खिडकी से देखा तो रस्ते पे कोई नही था
खिडकी से देखा तो रस्ते पे कोई नही था
वाह वाह
फिर रस्ते पे जाके देखा तो खिडकी मे कोई
नही था

Views : 861    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
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Hindi Jokes – Baap Baap Hota Hai Baap Bete Ka

पिता- Beta तुम पास हो या ना हो मैँ तुम्हे बाइक जरूर दिला दूँगा…..
पप्पू- thank you पापा जी
पापा- अगर पास हुये तो ” हीरो होँन्डा ” college
जाने के लिये
अगर फेल हुये तो ” राजदूत ” दूध बेचने के लिये.

Views : 873    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
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पति पत्नी हिन्दी जोक्स

अचानक रात को 2 बजे पत्नी ने पति को नींद से जगाया
पत्नी : ☺ ” फिल्म त्रिदेव में कड़न-कड़न सी हीरोइन थी ” ??
पति : ” माधुरी दीक्षित , संगीता बिजलानी और सोनम ” !!
पत्नी : ” फिल्म दिल वाले दुल्हनिया ले जायेंगे में काजोल का क्या नाम था ” ??
पति : ” सिमरन ” !!
पत्नी : ” सामने वाले Flat में आई कविता को आए कितना time हुआ है ” ??
पति : ” दो महीने ”
” लेकिन तुम ये सब क्यूँ पूछ रही हो ” ??
पत्नी : ” आज मेरा बर्थडे था ”
” sannata” !!!!!!!!!

Views : 366    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 9 Oct 2015
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भाभी के हिन्दी जोक्स चुटकुले

अंगूरी भाभी- मेरे पति ने मेरा नया बैंक खाता खुलवाया
विभूति – अरे वाह …
kon से बैंक में ??
अंगूरी – ए चड्डी ए फसी !!!
विभूति बेहोश होते होते बचा …
और बोले……..

Views : 339    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 8 Oct 2015

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