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Welcome to my profile page. I'm pankaj tiwari From Damoh, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Defence/Government. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Date of Birth : Monday, August 26, 1991 (25 Years)
Gender : Male
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Mobile Number : 99######41
Email Address : pa••••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Damoh, India
Pincode : 470673

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1920 London
(According to Pankaj Tiwari 1920 London is a 2 star movie)
1920 is a thriller film but i don't like it. first 1920 is better than this movie. i don't like the story and sharman joshi is not suitable for the role like this. heroine is also expression less. overall movie is average you can not watch it more than one time. i don't think it is horror because i don't feel anything when i watch it
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
(According to Pankaj Tiwari Azhar is a 3 star movie)
film azhar is based on the life of a cricketer mohammed azharuddin. story was good but i don't like emran hashmi in the role of azharuddin. prachi desai was good. over all movies is average neither good nor bad . you can watch it with your family only once. you will get bored after interval
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
(According to Pankaj Tiwari Sarbjit is a 2 star movie)
aishwarya was good in the movie story was also good. but it is a story b as sed on reality of some ones life so film maker should do research on this topic because i hear some controversy about sarabjeet sing. i don't think fact show in the movie are purely true
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Review Posted on : 24 May 2016
Nil Battey Sannata
(According to Pankaj Tiwari Nil Battey Sannata is a 3 star movie)
nil batey sannata is hindi film based on kam wali bai ki life who want her daughter to study vey well and become an indipendant women. after some she realised that if she want her child to do smoe thing good in study she would be become her rol modle and she start her study after that
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Review Posted on : 25 Apr 2016
Ki & Ka
(According to Pankaj Tiwari Ki & Ka is a 3 star movie)
story was very different but not so intresting. any one can see the movie only one time not again. i dont think any body in india can imagine a man like arjun kapoor act in the movie. no man can become like arjun kapoor a house husband. but kareena lookes very great and act like a confidant and indipendant women. any girl feels so lucky if she get a husband like kabir (arjun kapoor).
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Review Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
Love Games
(According to Pankaj Tiwari Love Games is a 3 star movie)
this movie is a urban thrilar film. vary good star cast and actor and actress act very good in this film love game. the scene in the film was very hot and sensational. average movie and time pass acting of the actors and actresses. in short film is average and done good not very good but it is good
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016
The Jungle Book
(According to Pankaj Tiwari The Jungle Book is a 4 star movie)
movie is good for children instresting.jungle jungle bat chali hai pata chala hai are chaddi pahan k phool khila phool khila hai. must song i love mogli. scene in the picture is very beautifull. and movie is very intresting thats why i like this movie very much. i love jungle book movie.
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Review Posted on : 11 Apr 2016

Joke Posted By Pankaj Tiwari

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औरतें जितना प्यार से कामवाली से बोलती है।

अगर उतने प्यार से जेठानी, देवरानी, पति और सास से बोलें
तो ये संसार स्वर्ग बन जाये।

Views : 580    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 13 Apr 2016
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शादी से पहले हर शख्स अपनी होने वाली बीवी को बेपनाह चाहता है।
और शादी के बाद...
सिर्फ पनाह चाहता है।

Views : 499    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 13 Apr 2016
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12 saal k ladke ne 20 saal ki ladki ko phool dia

ladki ne kiss dia
wo ghabra k bhaga.

ladki ne pucha:
kya hua??????

guldasta le k aa raha hu.

Views : 452    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
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i love you

gf- i love you.
boy- tell me any diffrant style.
gf- tere lash ko aag lagane kamoka mere bete ko dega kya.

Views : 462    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
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munna bhai ke ghar ladki hue.
circuit- bhai ab to muhale ke, sare ladke isko line marenge.
munna- tu fikar mat kar re, apun iska naam didi rakhenge.

Views : 387    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
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संता और बंता आठवीं में आठवीं बार फ़ैल हो गए.
संता: चल खुदखुशी कर लेते हैं.
बंता: साले, पागल हो गया है??
अगले जनम में फिर नर्सरी से शुरू करना पड़ेगा!!!

Views : 376    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
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बाबू- साहब, आप ऑफिस में शादीशुदा आदमियों को ही क्यों रखते हो?.........

साहब- क्योंकि उहे बेइज़्ज़ती सहने की आदत होती है और घर जाने की जल्दी भी नहीं होती।

Views : 427    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 12 Apr 2016
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world record

panjab ke pappu sing ne 12 hours pani me bina sans liye world record banaya hai.................
kal dhoomdham se unka antim sanskar kiya jayega............

Views : 405    |    Comments : 0    |    Post Comment Joke Posted on : 11 Apr 2016

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