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Welcome to my profile page. I'm mangal mahamuni From Satara, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Accounting/Finance. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Movie Reviews Posted By Mangal Mahamuni

(According to Mangal Mahamuni Te3N is a 3 star movie)
te3n movie cast the greate actor amitabh bachchan, vidyabalan actually both actors are good a grieving grandfather, a crumbling city and a sarcastic cop-turned priest director ribhu dasgupats movie every one can watch with family made more powerful by one of the greate actor amitabh bachchans sahab its again grate performanance after picku
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Review Posted on : 6 Jul 2016
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Hero is a 5 star movie)
hero movie is the indian romantic action film directed by nikil advani and co-writer with umesh bist in this movie aadhitya panchaoli son suraj pancholi and sunil shettey aditya shety doughter playing role boths first movie salman khan sing song for this movie song is nice and very popular actions are nice songs are popular everyone watch movie with family good paisa vasul movie
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Review Posted on : 12 Sep 2015
Manjhi - The Mountain Man
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Manjhi - The Mountain Man is a 5 star movie)
this movie is based on true story manjhi mountan man movie directed by keten mehta cast - nawazuddin siddiqui act very nice before also he act very well in movie bajarangee bayejan this movie giving message nothing is imposible inthis work if u work hard every think is possible a single man making way its effort in whole life devotion is very hurt touching everyone must watch this movie this movie giving motivation to all. everyone can watch this movie with family radhika apte is good in this movie love sense ok i love this movie for social devotion showing in this movie in our life problem are also mountain but we work hard face them then every one get positive way its big message i think soo every one please watch this movie with family
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Review Posted on : 24 Aug 2015
All Is Well
(According to Mangal Mahamuni All Is Well is a 2 star movie)
all is well is family drama movie directed by umesh sukla and produced by bhushan kumar comedy is good in this movie rishi kapur acting supriya pathhak acting is nice in this movie abhishek is ok in this movie songs are good for one time listen in this movie showing reationship father and son . songs are not good not bad all can watch as a timepass movie with family
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Review Posted on : 24 Aug 2015
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Brothers is a 5 star movie)
this is the akshay kumar and siddarth malotra brother action drama movie film which is directed by karan malhotra and produced by dharma productions. boxings seen are very good in this movie kareen kapur khan is the item dancer in this movie very hot and nice looking in the song mera naam marry this is awsome and very popular item song nice picturized family drama movie movie tralier also good all can watch this movie with family fitis seen shoot is very well i like this movie and item song this is the best item song kareena kapur
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Review Posted on : 14 Aug 2015
Mission: Impossible € Rogue Nation
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Mission: Impossible € Rogue Nation is a 5 star movie)
mission impossible movie is the year 2015 movie american action spy film written and directed by christopher mcquarrie . this movie is a action film in this movie villan acting is very well perform unexpected twist music is not good not bad but background music is very nice every one can enjoy movie with family its time pass movie action movie lovers watch again and again movie
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Bangistan is a 4 star movie)
bangistan is the year 2015 movie directed by karan anshuman produced by faraha akhatar. in this movie showing tereriazam and ritesh deshmukh acting is very well in this movie this movie is ok to watch first time time pass movie pulkit samrat and chandan roy snyal is the lead role in this movie comeydy in this movie is not good not bad ok to first time watch
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015
I Love New Year
(According to Mangal Mahamuni I Love New Year is a 2 star movie)
soo long time sunny deol film come its believable love story its ok to first time watch time pass movie kangana playing reporter role very well a dialog ye ladka to herra hai herra present very well shoot in usa mostely nicely radhika and vinay characters good first time watch entertain movie
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Baahubali is a 5 star movie)
baahubali a big movie big sets pictuarisation story very nice the kattapa role and bahubali role is impresive excellent the best cinematography soo many hindu symbols shown in this movie,saffron flag,sacrifice of animal,the war stratergy, trishul v yuh, chakravuyuhs, war cry in sanskrit, dressing sets very rich grand interer kids enjoying this movie a lot u can watch many may times computer graphics very high and rich good story good technically present
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Drishyam is a 5 star movie)
drishyam in this movie ajay degan is playing a middle class family head role vijay salgoankar he loves his family lot care a lot in his family his wife and his 2 daughter is the his big asset he is not well educated only 4th standered pass but he knows many languages he is doing his work with honest. in this movie vijay hobby is watch movie but he is using this knowledge getting from movie for help others he help old couple which was suffer from gaitonde. in this movie vijay daughter was going for intter school nature camp their merra ig (tabbu son risab chadda making brat shoot video and doing sexual harassment vijay daughter and becase of this ajay kill him and after all this ajay and his family stand help each other trust each other care a lot each other suffering harresement but later also they stand actually every family need the person like vijay as a father as a uncle as brother as friend because in practical life womans dauthter not safe in office in train in journey in home in farm every where a lot of person like sam but very less person like vijay and every family need the person like vijay if every family the person like vijay then woman child daughter will safe actually ever man and woman boys much watch this movie salute to vijay knowledge which he was use to fight he not breakup not going depression he stand and safe his family.
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
(According to Mangal Mahamuni Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a 5 star movie)
harshali malhotra playing a role a little girl she miss her mom but she cant explain her pain its display her eyes . salman khan play a role bajarani bhaijaan salute the person his dare, his honesty, his faith in god his devotion. the reporter in this movie is really work honestly which is not seen actually in current news media all is current commercial work but in this movies reporter work giving message media dont commercial do your actual duty. this movie is the heart touching movie its provide message all dont look relations india and pakistan respect every one. help the needy always dont look money, cast, whatever in your hand try to help its big message actually in our side soo many girls like harshali if all gets bajarangi bhaijaan in every human then really girls woman safe in any country any place peace need every country and in this movie showing possitive attitude many times watch again and again this movie to become self bajarangi bhaijaan
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Review Posted on : 11 Aug 2015

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