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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Sudeep Thakur From Sehore, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in My area of Specialization is Other. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on
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Begum Jaan
(According to Sudeep Thakur Begum Jaan is a 4 star movie)
sir cyril radcliffe probably didn’t think about the misery the line, which was named after him that divided indian and pakistan after partition, would bring upon the people living closer to it. or, maybe the unethical british empire saved its most potent weapon for the last. the radcliffe line divided one nation into three parts: east pakistan, west pakistan and india. director srijit mukherji’s bengali film rajkahini featured a group of men and women living in a house situated right in the middle of east pakistan and west bengal. now, mukherji shifts this house to the punjab-pakistan border in his debut hindi film begum jaan. vidya balan plays the owner of a brothel in begum jaan. here lives a brothel owner begum jaan (vidya balan) and her girls. the local king has taken them under his wings and that’s a relationship begum loves to flaunt. the locals are scared of her, so is the administration. her crumbling mansion is her kingdom. nobody dares talk to her in a mocking tone. however, her inner self is much mellowed and benevolent than what she cares to show and she knows what it means to be a sex worker. law enforcing agencies find it difficult to dislodge begum from the line and that leads to a war which is layered, unequal and self-explanatory. at different stages, it showcases various shapes and forms of patriarchy. if it suggests male domination as the root cause of the problem, it also seeks a solution through the same process. but all this will come later. we first need to understand begum jaan. a hookah-snorting, razor-tongued woman with authoritarian air, she is the master of her fate. from gujarati to bengali to awadhi, her brothel has women of every caste, language and religion. some are riot victims, some are simply thrown out of their houses and some have failed in love. begum knows all their secrets and saves them from being homeless. new and younger girls are anyway sought in her business. she keeps reminding them of how she saved them in a bid to win them over, but she could well have avoided it as genuine loyalty for begum jaan is not difficult to trace among the girls. it’s a typical good woman-bad business kind of character. she will offer explanations for morally ambiguous decisions and will take credit for all the right moves. vidya balan adds her persona and charm to begum jaan and dominates the screen from the word go. a still from begum jaan. the moment we meet begum and watch her ruthlessly slapping a new girl, we understand that mukherji is preparing her for a volcanic eruption. she says, “aazaadi keval mardon ke liye hoti hai,” (freedom is only for men) and sets the ball rolling. it’s going to be a fight between two genders with traitors from both sides crossing the fences. from an ageing king to meek farmers, men treat women as a mere commodity. begum is not willing to take things lying down and thus she fights each of these men. the side stories of gauahar khan-pitobash and pallavi sharda-vivek mushran reinforce the same idea. the men in begum jaan do everything in their might to harass women and keep them under check. in fact, the film begins with an elderly woman offering her body to a group of potential rapists in order to protect a younger woman in 2016’s delhi suggesting the power dynamics haven’t changed much since independence
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Review Posted on : 21 Apr 2017
Smurfs: The Lost Village
(According to Sudeep Thakur Smurfs: The Lost Village is a 4 star movie)
while this isn't the sort of animated film that teens and child-free adults will want to see, it's got just enough heart to hook younger audiences and remind them to embrace their uniqueness. a pure digital fantasy, with elegant and tactile animation, so it's more true to the smurf spirit.
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Review Posted on : 21 Apr 2017
(According to Sudeep Thakur Phillauri is a 5 star movie)
nothing is scarier than falling in love and having the ghosts of your memories together haunt you. but kanan (suraj sharma) is experiencing a haunting of a more specific kind. he isn’t bothered by memories of a former lover, but by an actual ghost-in-love from another era. kanan marries a tree to ward off back luck before his wedding, and the tree turns out to be the resting place of shashi (anushka sharma), who lived and loved there almost a hundred years ago. as a result of this marriage, shashi is bound to kanan, who must figure out a way to take care of the unfinished business that’s causing her to linger around.
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Review Posted on : 26 Mar 2017
Power Rangers
(According to Sudeep Thakur Power Rangers is a 4 star movie)
while it may not truly be for the casual moviegoer, saban's power rangers offers more than enough action and fun to compensate for its semi-cheesy concept. with a surprisingly good amount of invested characters and solid sequences involving its titular ensemble, the film is sure to appease and maybe even surpass expectations for those who are faithful to the angsty-teenage-superhero-group.
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Review Posted on : 26 Mar 2017
(According to Sudeep Thakur Rangoon is a 3 star movie)
it may be one of the most awaited films in recent times but rangoon is a royal misfire. within minutes of the movie’s beginning, you realise the promise of a heart-wrenching period drama was a farce -- a set-up to promote a self-indulgent film that doesn’t know what it wants to be. the director vishal bhardwaj has desperately tried to play to the gallery, and has miserably failed. the film’s plot, set in the 1930s, is thin. producer and former action star rusi billimoria (saif ali khan) is the friend, patron and lover of miss julia (kangana ranaut) -- an orphan he bought for rs 1000. julia, inspired from the iconic fearless nadia, is a top action star when the second world war begins. she is exuberant, slightly cynical and keeps repeating, ‘bloody hell’ – only that her character is grating enough for the audience to say it back to her. julia seems to be taking a cue from the top western heroines of the 1940s, but her feminism isn’t liberating and appears to be solely driven to prove the adage that beautiful women are dumb. she accidentally gets trapped in the beautiful jungles of arunachal pradesh with cocky jamadar nawab malik (shahid kapoor), the third vertex of the love triangle. he has been a war prisoner and serves in the queen’s army. there’s little more to malik than his deliberately hardened expressions and rippling muscles. until this point, rangoon appears to be reaching a point where it could be called a ‘love story in the backdrop of war.’ but it turns out to be a tug-of-war, between the bhardwaj who made maqbool and omkara and the bhardwaj who made matru ki bijli ka mandola and haider. shahid always gets good roles in vishal bhardwaj’s films. two stage coordinators comment on everyone from hitler to churchill like om puri and naseeruddin shah did in maqbool. in another instance, the sound of a train engine transforms into a song like ‘aao na’ from haider. but it also wants to play with symbols like the ‘pink buffalo’ in matru ki bijli ka mandola. some scenes ever appear to take a leaf out of mad max: fury road. this confusion crawls on to the actors’ faces, especially saif ali khan, whose seriousness is only pierced by stunts that belong to sajid khan films. probably he was hoping for another omkara, but all he has got is more intense rustom. saif eturns as a rich film producer in rangoon. everything boils down to kangana ranaut’s julia and her antics. she is undoubtedly a rock solid performer, because if there is one actor who shines despite odd writing, it’s her. she is terrific as a theatrics-loving stuntwoman. the poor script never lets julia reach her pinnacle but she steals the show even with small scenes – her sitting on saif’s thigh on a slight signal and then defying him seconds later, her monologue on being a kept – but the meandering story loses too much steam too quickly.
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Review Posted on : 22 Mar 2017
(According to Sudeep Thakur Logan is a 4 star movie)
logan, the x-men's famed wolverine, bested the world's worst hombres in his day. he tangled with magneto and his brotherhood of mutants, fought the silver samurai and battled his very own brother. but not even wolverine can win the war against time. it's 2029, and the world has changed. mutantkind has all but disappeared. the few who remain aren't all that interested in donning tights and saving the world.
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Review Posted on : 22 Mar 2017
Commando 2
(According to Sudeep Thakur Commando 2 is a 5 star movie)
the sequel of commando, called commando 2: the black money trail, gives vidyut jammwal large tracts of the film to flex his awe-inspiring biceps, and other equally spectacular muscles, in the service of his ‘desh’. he’s also given a bunch of unlikely companions, in the shape of the most shapely esha gupta, the played-for-laughs adah sharma, the mandatory computer geek, and the lean mean cop with dubious loyalty
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Review Posted on : 22 Mar 2017
Kong: Skull Island
(According to Sudeep Thakur Kong: Skull Island is a 4 star movie)
technically, the film is brilliant. it is stylistically and magnificently mounted with fine production values, brilliant sound track and vivid cinematography. the dazzling computer generated images seamlessly mesh with the live action visuals. visually, the film universe with colours, fog and other environmental details is elaborate, well-designed and realistic. the creatures -- bamboo spiders, octopus, bison, bees, birds, lizards and kong -- are nothing new, but the visual effects, created by the team led by visual effects supervisors stephen rosenbaum and jeff white, are marvellous.
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Review Posted on : 22 Mar 2017
Badrinath Ki Dulhania
(According to Sudeep Thakur Badrinath Ki Dulhania is a 4 star movie)
alia bhatt and varun dhawan's film is a pulpy, uneven romantic caper that strives to pass itself off as a mellow tale of patriarchy, love, honour and ambitiona pyramid, a taj mahal, a leaning tower... a conveniently miniaturised collection of the seven wonders are arranged next to the kishore sagar lake, a world of selfie-friendly replicas for newlywed couples to exploit.
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Review Posted on : 22 Mar 2017
Beauty And The Beast
(According to Sudeep Thakur Beauty And The Beast is a 3 star movie)
the movie is average. 1 time watch movie. word of mouth is good. it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t a fan of disney princesses or the classic fairy-tales. book your tickets for this musical in imax 3d now, as bill condon’s recreation is delectably mesmerising and magical. the special effects, sound, costumes, voice-overs, songs - overall production values are first-rate.
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Review Posted on : 21 Mar 2017

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