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Welcome to my profile page. I'm Ravi Makwana From Bhavnagar, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of Uminto.com in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in Uminto.com. My area of Specialization is Construction/Engineering/Cement/Metals. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on Uminto.com.
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Date of Birth : Thursday, August 27, 1998 (18 Years)
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Mobile Number : 76######28
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Movie Reviews Posted By Ravi Makwana

The Mummy
(According to Ravi Makwana The Mummy is a 5 star movie)
i like this movie.it is a very beautiful movie in the all around world . i am so very very happy for that movie seen. i am impressed that movie seen after movie.in , starting this movie i am not like this movie but the end of movie i am very very like this movie.
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Review Posted on : 28 Jun 2017
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
(According to Ravi Makwana 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi is a 5 star movie)
paramount and director michael bay have maintained that the movie is apolitical, but a campaign aimed largely at the right-leaning audience indicates they know the film will appeal to the red states. “the following post is sponsored by our partner, paramount pictures,” reads the message atop a blog item at national review online that introduces a trailer for 13 hours: secret soldiers of benghazi. the post, from publisher jack fowler, reveals that he attended a screening of the paramount pictures movie shortly after christmas and, he tells his conservative audience, it’s “awesome.” “i’ve seen it, and can’t wait to see it again, with my friends, and my sons,” he writes. fowler declined to discuss the publication’s arrangement with paramount, though it is just one of many initiatives pursued by the studio to reach right-leaning moviegoers, including those who blame then-secretary of state hillary clinton and even president barack obama for the death of four americans in benghazi, libya, on sep. 11, 2012. paramount, along with director michael bay and the other filmmakers, have maintained that 13 hours is apolitical, but a marketing campaign aimed largely at conservatives indicates they know what they have: a movie that will appeal to red states far more than blue ones. tracking, in fact, bears this out: prerelease surveys show the film has the least traction in liberal areas of the northeast and northwest. read more '13 hours: the secret soldiers of benghazi': film review even the film’s tuesday night premiere, held at at&t stadium (home of the dallas cowboys), seemed to be aimed at the right. beyond bay, star john krasinski and other castmembers, there were performances by the band perry, a country act, and madison rising, a patriotic group whose rendition of "the star-spangled banner" closes dinesh d’souza’s film america (which clearly targeted conservatives). about 32,000 people attended the premiere, and each was asked to donate $1 to a veteran’s charity with paramount promising to match the total collected. “movies that honor the military, like lone survivor, definitely do better in texas, arizona and nevada than in san francisco and new york,” paramount vice chairman rob moore tells the hollywood reporter. “this film has those same elements of military heroism — elements that appeal to a conservative audience.” the same day as the premiere, townhall.com — owned by conservative talk-radio leader salem media — published an exclusive interview with krasinski that appeared alongside articles by such right-leaning pundits as ann coulter, michelle malkin and john stossel. “the political nature of what’s happened has really overshadowed the human story of these six guys,” krasinski told townhall’s cortney o’brien in the three-minute video. read more box-office preview: michael bay's benghazi movie '13 hours' could be politically divisive salem radio personality (and gop debate moderator) hugh hewitt not only wrote about the film (he called it “simply and completely an indictment” of the incompetency of the obama administration) but will also have 13 hours producer erwin stoff on his show thursday. earlier, salem host dennis prager had on his show kris "tanto" paronto, one of the former cia contractors who fought in benghazi that night, and he called the film "very accurate." paramount’s outreach includes buying time at fox news, where an ad for 13 hours appeared after the network’s coverage of obama’s state of the \union address on tuesday. another commercial will run on fox business network after the republican primary debate thursday night. the studio also supplied fox news behind-the-scenes footage that host megyn kelly will use for a kelly file special set to air monday night on her top-rated show. prior to that, paramount arranged for kelly to interview three of the real-life heroes portrayed in the film: john “tig” tiegen, mark “oz” geist and paronto. “breaking tonight: a kelly file exclusive,” says the host, “on
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Review Posted on : 29 Jan 2016
(According to Ravi Makwana Mastizaade is a 4 star movie)
t was an unusually hot day. the sun was beating hard and the sea of sweat was profuse. but that was just nature's way to build up for the things to come. i was witness to sunny leone at her sexiest best and more importantly she successfully merged oomph with an inimitable class. director milap zaveri describes mastizaade as a volcano of sex and comedy. leone adds to it by saying that the audience will break into laughter every 30-40 seconds during the course of the movie. zaveri also said, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, "film bikni hai, tabhi to bikini hai." i didn't realize the gravity of his statement till i actually saw sunny slip into one blockbuster bikini after another raising the temperature in pattaya by a few degrees than usual. as sunny emerged from water, draped in droplets of passion, the camera went crazy capturing the alluring body language and angelic expressions. the lilting-laila-moves shall drive india crazy. there's absolutely no debate on that. noted photographer subi samuel captured sunny in laila's avatar for posters of the film. "i've hit the gym really hard. i wanna look the best that i can in a bikini or a bathing suit. i've been eating really good," sunny told me. she looks younger, prettier and in an excellent shape. the peppy romantic song played again as sunny sneaked into another bright bikini and had fun with tushar kapoor reacting to a few quirky dance moves of mudassar khan enacted by his enterprising assistants aman and abhishri. milap shouted out to tushar to bring in more lust to the table. kapoor didn't disappoint. i asked milap if the audience will get to see sunny kissing her two heroes tushar kapoor and vir das. "kissing is missing in mastizaade. but you won't be missing the kissing as there's a lot happening in the film," zaveri replied with a glint in his eyes. tushar reminisced how he coaxed his sister ekta kapoor to include an item song by sunny leone in shootout at wadala. 'laila' became the flagship marketing tool of the film. now tushar is romancing sunny in mastizaade and her character is called laila. "sunny is a gift to the industry. she's gorgeous, hot and doesn't look down upon any genre of movies. she's positive and broad minded towards her work," tushar gushed. the evening was humid, ice cubes were heavily in demand and tiredness was written on faces around. sunny had other plans. she lit up the fading evening with bikini moves that will be spoken about for a long time to come. the carefree sensuous moves, the jeweled bikini top shimmering with ecstasy, the long legs (worth-being-ogled-at) in abundance and then the signature dance move of the cool romantic dance track. the awestruck crowd had to be literally forced to disperse once it was announced "pack up" for the day. the hotel swimming pool was a big help in cooling down after a memorably hot day. it goes without saying; the heat generated by sunny leone has been imprinted in the corridors of mind for life. sleep may be difficult to come.
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Review Posted on : 29 Jan 2016
The Revenant
(According to Ravi Makwana The Revenant is a 5 star movie)
leonardo dicaprio has described the revenant as “the most difficult film” he has ever done, as the first critics begin hinting that this could be the year he finally wins an oscar. the upcoming movie from birdman’s alejandro gonzalez inarritu had its first press screenings in hollywood last weekend and, while reviews are embargoed until 1 december, it wasn’t long before the lucky audiences were sharing their generally glowing reactions on social media.the revenant follows the real life story of 19th century fur trapper hugh glass (dicaprio) as he battles for survival in the wilderness after being left for dead by his comrades following a horrific bear attack. dicaprio took part in a q&a after the showing and confirmed that although conditions on set really were as hardcore as reported, he enjoyed the experience. “it was all a big beautiful blur to me,” the 41-year-old said. “this was such a unique process for all of us actors. “we had to rehearse meticulously and it was this mad, intense scramble to capture this magic light, this previous hour and a half of beautiful illustrious ‘chivo’ (cinematographer emmanuel lubezki's nickname) light. it became very much like a humorous saturday night live situation.” notably, dicaprio does not have a lot of dialogue. “it was almost like a silent movie performance,” he said.
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Review Posted on : 29 Jan 2016
Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3
(According to Ravi Makwana Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 is a 4 star movie)
‘kyaa kool hain hum 3′ can’t be called vulgar: tusshar kapoor by ani @ | december 19, 2015 5:12 pm | comment tags: gizele thakral, krishna abhishek, kyaa kool hain hum 3, mandana karimi, tusshar kapoor new delhi, dec. 19 : bollywood actor tusshar kapoor, who will be soon seen in upcoming porn -com flick ‘ kyaa kool hain hum 3′, said that vulgar would be a wrong word to describe this film and can rather be termed as an adult flick. addressing the media at the song launch of his film, the 39-year-old actor said that if this is the fine vulgar movie, then there have been two fine vulgar movies earlier also and both have done very well, adding it is a definitely an adult movie and will surely entertain the people. (also read: mandana karimi in kyaa kool hain hum 3 vs sunny leone in mastizaade: who’s sexier in pink bikini?) adding to this, tusshar’s co-star, aftab shivdasaniquipped, “i don’t know there was a category for finest vulgar movie.” ’the ‘golmaal: fun unlimited’ actor seems to be really confident about his film as he opined that he is sure that fans will shower their love the way they have for other two parts. directed by umesh ghadge, the forthcoming flick will also star bigg boss 9 contestants mandana karimi, gizele thakral and comedian krishna abhishek among others and will hit the theaters on january 22, 2016.
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Review Posted on : 28 Jan 2016
(According to Ravi Makwana Airlift is a 4 star movie)
this movie has truly succeeded in creating a conflict in my mind. on one hand, i am proud of being an indian. because we indians executed the world’s largest evacuation. because we saved 1,70,000 people of our country. because we cared so much for our people. and mostly, because we indians stood by each other when we really, desperately needed that moral support and help. on the other hand, i am appalled by the moral slackness showed by people, where one human doesn’t stand for a fellow human, where one human will readily shoot another with a gun, rape another with their hands and bodies, run over the other with tanks, steal another’s food, where one human will forget their humanity and only see the futile aspects of life which, sadly, do include even nationality. a common government ‘babu’, sanjeev kohli without having known any of those people, fought with the indian government, persuaded pilots, woke up in the middle of the night, and worked relentlessly, just to save those people, even when all the credit would be taken by a useless, good-for-nothing politician. in this movie, a businessman, a man who could have escaped from the terrors of that war, the iraqi soldiers and the cheap, contemptible, immoral politics, and the entire conflict itself, stayed behind and stood alongside humanity. and i am not saying he took the side of indians. no, i am saying humanity. not just because he helped save a kuwaiti, but because he didn’t see her as kuwaiti even when the people around him did. he saw or rather perceived her to be, more than that, to be a mother, a woman, a person who was suffering just like he was, and most importantly, a human. he saw beyond the confines of seeing people by their nationality. he saw beyond and above futile labels and names given to people on the basis of their place of birth, skin colour or mother tongue. and he could have sent her away, he could have easily given her into the hands of the iraqi soldiers at the checkpoint when her identity was revealed, where she would have been raped and stripped off her dignity, her pride, and her humanity. but he did not; he courageously fought for her life, indirectly fighting for humanity.
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Review Posted on : 28 Jan 2016

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