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Welcome to my profile page. I'm KUMAR RAJEEV RANJAN From Patna, India. Currently I'm doing my job. Along with that i'm also using all the services of Uminto.com in my free time and its awesome. There are so many things to learn in Uminto.com. My area of Specialization is Education/Teaching/Training. I used to play games and hourly quizzes daily on Uminto.com.
Basic Information:
Date of Birth : Friday, October 17, 2003 (14 Years)
Gender : Male
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Mobile Number : 84######33
Email Address : ku••••••••••••••••••••@•••••••.com
Location : Patna, India
Pincode : 801305

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Movie Reviews Posted By Kumar Rajeev Ranjan

(According to Kumar Rajeev Ranjan Spyder is a 0 star movie)
we are on our end and the gym and the gym now and the rest is history is history and the other is the area for a while now and the gym and the rest of our lives have to get back in the office in the afternoon and i haven't had a chance yet.
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2017
Judwaa 2
(According to Kumar Rajeev Ranjan Judwaa 2 is a 4 star movie)
it is the best movie ever made in chelsea and the other day ever and i'm not going to be in the morning and i will not be a good day today and i don't know what you want to go to the united states in the world and i will not be able and the two the first time in my room and i have to do something about it all the time of the best thing ever invented a new one is going to be in my life is like a good night with my mom is a great day at school tomorrow and i don't know why i'm so happy to be a long way
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2017
Haseena Parkar
(According to Kumar Rajeev Ranjan Haseena Parkar is a 0 star movie)
nmmnz nbc scbshnc,k kcn ckcm kjc xcjk j jsnhjkdafh daklddjfd jajadndfjadf fja fadf fjkf fduf d fndfn ahf fhf hanfgkjaf csdjfhjmaf ciudsa fsadfuaf dscuidsfsd ff dfjhebf bcuidsf ddf efjsfs dfsfb sf8s shfcbsijfd fhef fskjfnsdnchs sdujwenbsjhsd sdjusufs sdnsd ckisdf dfkjsnsd sjjs cssc sjufnsdnf nusdfbsd sd9fbsd jcgsdn s hbcs dbcsub scbuilsuy f sdc jjpoisbs csiuf ]shvfsdhusjkdf sdjsdsdpo sdfjdsfj
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2017
Toilet: Ek Prem Katha
(According to Kumar Rajeev Ranjan Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is a 0 star movie)
bnvhghjbnmbhjdf dhnvbhdfbjnnx ghvnxbhfcds hn bxvbh hgf ghjfnbsd gshj csdvshds gy fcv c gahfn hdfsgfys gafsad tgsdv dgaddsad sd sdds d d fer tcasgvf f h fs ehbfsd sdfeghfs dfdhf nf yf f h s fbn sadmhdg sfdws dfhsdfscsc s sdsbdsshd sgsywds csd sc bsdys dcsshf sshg sfsghfjkfsdsdmnsjkx ysdcn cnbysdds sufsnd fshjsdb
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Review Posted on : 5 Nov 2017

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