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Padmavati Movie Released on Friday, November 17, 2017
Ratings : 4.2/5 from 295 Users
Reviews : 108 Users
Padmavati is an upcoming Indian period drama film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, jointly produced by Bhansali and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. The film features Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in leading roles. It is currently scheduled for release on 17 November 2017. Writer : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Aas Mohammad, Abbasi ,Prakash Kapadia Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali Stars : Shahid Kapoor ,Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh Duration : 2 Hrs 15 Min

Padmavati Movie Reviews

padmavati movie was one of the best periodic movie of decade. and deepika acting is really super and she acted like real. i like the way she doing that character. this should be give her national award. so i think that was suitable. she is really super . hands of deepika padukune.
Posted By : Shaik Tasleem On 18 Jul 2020
Super Hit Super Hit
the story of the movie is historical. the role playing by ranveer singh and deepika padukone is truly amazing. i liked the movie very much. outstanding cinematography. very good screenplay and very good music direction. the movie really hits the perfect balance of cinema. it is one of the most recommended movie in bollywood history.
Posted By : Subhrajyoti Sarkar On 1 Feb 2020
Not Rated Not Rated
this movie is great movie about rani padmavati of rajasthan. this movie shows history of rani padmavati deepika padukone acted as padmavati and role of ranveer singh is good as khilji.. war scene and burning of rani create a great devotion towards our religion in our mind. thanks to mr sanjay lila bhansali ji for giving best movie
Posted By : Mohit Deswal On 22 Jun 2019
Super Hit Super Hit
બહુ સરસ ફિલ્મ બનાવી છે, રણ બીર સિંહ, દિપીકા એ ની એક્િંગ સારી કરી છે , શાહીદ કપુર ની એક્િંગ બહુ સારી છે , ફિલ્મ વિશે વિવાદ સર્જાયો હતો પણ અક દરે ફિલ્મ અ એક વાર જોઈ લે ના જેવી છે ઋઍઑ ઋઍ ઔઐ ઑ સ્ત અઃ સ્ત્ર ષ્ક્ત ....!!!!
Posted By : Sahid Makrani On 13 May 2019
Very Good Very Good
the story of this movie is a historical. the role play by ranveer singh as villain is very good. dipika padukone is playing the role of heroine very good in this movie. i like this movie very much because i like this type of movie as historical story and historical empires.
Posted By : Mohammad Shahnawaz On 11 Dec 2018
Very Good Very Good
the movie is good but had all of controversies in the beginning of release. but still nice to watch. deepika padukone is gorgeous and awesome and has a very good performance. songs are very beautiful. mainly ghoomer song has turned out success to catch the attention of audience. shahid kapoor is very good and ranvir singh too.
Posted By : Pradnya Joge On 11 Nov 2018
Very Good Very Good
good story but acting is not good i not interested to see that,, padmavati title superb,,, dipika is looking like real queen of rajasthan and all actors dressing sense are superb. i think if this film based of king ashok story then may be good response of public. ranbir like to king samrat ashok
Posted By : Karan Kumar On 1 Nov 2018
Very Good Very Good
this views are my personal , subjective impression and response to the film .you many ar many not have to agree with them. fast things fiast ,let me clarify one thing:the film is purely a work of fiction and doesn't attempt to depict history or the historical characters in truthful light as in made amply clear by bhansali for disclaimer.so hold your house before you jump to gun on bhansali for distortion of history.
Posted By : Atish Payra On 23 Aug 2018
Time Pass Time Pass
i think this is a time pass movie and majorty of the persons are love this movie and many persons say that..... i think the director should made a mistake while choosing the dress of heroine because the dress wear in this film are not too much like the rajasthani dress.
Posted By : Satpal Singh On 18 Aug 2018
Average Average
this is a good movie.dipeeka padukone is a very good actor. and dipeeka is my fevourt actor i like padmavati movie. sahid kapoor and dipeeka padukone good acting in padmavati movie. padmavti is a successful and good movie i hope all people like and watch padmavati movie but i like this movie.....
Posted By : Bibhas Sarkar On 6 Aug 2018
Super Hit Super Hit
trailer is amazing deepika will get a super hit in her movies i love this trailer padmavati is an upcoming indian period drama film directed by sanjay leela bhansali, jointly produced by bhansali and viacom 18 motion pictures. the film features deepika padukone, shahid kapoor and ranveer singh in leading roles. so it amazing time
Posted By : Omkar Omkar On 25 Nov 2017
this film is amazing.. there are so many love actions thriller suspens are in this film.. i like this film and 100\% guaranty that this film will be super hit and one of the best film among the i watch.. people should to love this film and make sure that this film make so much money in this gg en
Posted By : Manab Jyoti Chutia On 27 Nov 2017
deepika was very nice actor, padmavati was very amazing story and i am waiting for movie release. ranbir singh was very good actor. the movie of deepika and ranbir bajirao mqstani was very nice. and i hope this movie was crack the records of box office. i am waiting for 17 november
Posted By : Ssssss Dddddd On 4 Dec 2017
it is a very nice movie i like it from the inner core of my heart depeeka plays a very fantastic role in this movie. shahid kapoor plays a very important role in this movie and also ranveer singh plays a very awsome role in this movie. it is a very nyc movie
Posted By : Anzar Farooq On 5 Dec 2017
this is a very good movie. actors played very good role in this movie. actress played very good role in this movie. this is a very nice movie. we will feel to watch this movie once again if we watch this movie. this is a very nice movie. i liked it.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 8 Dec 2017
it is a fantastic movie in hindi cineme . i think it is the best movie of sanjay leela bhansaali. his all movie is very good so noe this movie also fabolous movie in history . the star cast of this movie is very fantastic. every people should see this movie.
Posted By : Anurag Singh On 10 Dec 2017
super movie watchable the acting of all d actor s. is awesome no words to describe about the movie the movie is all accordance to the expectation so highly satisfied the heroin us really acted well in all d scene without any hesitation henceforth the movie is watchable more than the times as expected
Posted By : Vishnu Basskar On 20 Dec 2017
very nice movie this is a indian culture movie this was the greatest ever movie in india padmavati i thing this movie is the bestrat movie sir bhansali nd the movie song is ghoomer is the best song ever i have seen to done now i really satisfide this movie bole to paisa wasul
Posted By : Chotan Prasad On 27 Dec 2017
i think all would get a good historical knowledge and nice opinion.deepika padukone impressed by first look itself,but unfortunately,some issues raised.when watched trailer akshay acting and character was good.the horses ,forts etc. was nice.the costumes of padmavati character and also others was superb.not only one character all are cute,really a good movie.
Posted By : Shiva Reddy On 2 Jan 2018
very nice film,jab trailor aisa hai to film to lajawab hi hoga ,padmawati is the best film of the year.is film main character bhi buhat ache hai ,film dekhne se paisa wasul ho jayega,is main shahid kapoor ka character buhat umda hai,aur ranvir singh ka to baat hi nirala woh jo bhi kirdar ada krte hai usmain jaan phunk dete hai,aur padmawat deepika ka to kya khana
Posted By : Saheb Alam On 4 Jan 2018
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Posted By : Aa Aa On 9 Jan 2018
this film strugle many time but finnaly realse . i think this film graphics are strong and fine i appresiate this film beacuse this film became a big issue of role of padmavati i interested to watch this film in first show i thouught this film become a great film in this world and india s history
Posted By : Bajrang Kumar On 11 Jan 2018
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Posted By : Ram Kumar On 13 Jan 2018
this movie should be release without any cuts, and it's trailer is awesome. i'm waiting for the movie. this movie has aal the things, specially the acting by ranvir and deepika. it's something different in bollywood. i don't know why people are wasting their time to stop the movie. they are insane and want to make their own rule in this country.
Posted By : Amit Tiwari On 19 Jan 2018
this movie is very good. all are in this move they work very well. i impress with dipika pdukon 's work . director of this movie is look like a hero. camera men also give there best work in this move. we all enjoy this move too much. and we suggest to all of you go in your nearest cenema hall and enjoy this movie. thanks
Posted By : Akshay Kumar On 21 Jan 2018
this movie is awesome because deepika, ranveer and slb come back again in trio. i love their work they do together. also this movei is about our indian history so everybody must watch it to know the history of india. people loves this movie very much first due to deepika seond due to ranveer and third due to sanjay leela bhansali. i must go to watch this.
Posted By : Kaushal Kumar On 22 Jan 2018
the movie is surrounded by so many controversies bt finally releasing so eager to watch it may be this is the greatest hit ever.. love to watch ranbeer, shahid, and deepika in the lead roles. and its really intresting how movies is able to survive against restriction by some communities. hh
Posted By : Kush Sharma On 23 Jan 2018
it is a good movie for all of you.i like it very much.i like it so much.i not know how to say about the movie.i will sure it is good movie for all of you.so all of you watch the movie.i did not get words to express my happiness.i like it.
Posted By : Abdulla Rashad On 24 Jan 2018
a very good movie. i am very happy after know that when i know this movie is pass out of sencer bord i think this is an best movie. please go to nearly cinema and seen the best movie. padmavati is a good movie of bollywood all the bess for him
Posted By : Ashish Yadav On 24 Jan 2018
padmavathi is finally released with lot of restrictions and supreme court allowed to release this movie today is the release date and its name also changed to padmavat deepika padukone's prestigious films her acting is superb it's a wonderful film its most awaiting film the bollywood all the best to padmavati team
Posted By : Satish Babu On 25 Jan 2018
best movie of this year padmawati is a royal movie of bollywood sanjay leela bhansaali is the best director in this movie three of character are very good i love this movie why people going against this movie they need to see this movie and enjoy this fantastic part of bollywood best movie ever i seen
Posted By : Nandkishor Sharma On 27 Jan 2018
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Posted By : Rajiv Yadav On 28 Jan 2018
it's a movie based on raja maha raja story i love that type of movies. it was awesome ranveer and shahid acting is awesome . and deepika s glamour was out of the world he is best actress in the world i remind you to watch the movie.i ts fantastic
Posted By : Hiten Chauhan On 4 Feb 2018
best movie of 2018 . please go and see the movie. i bet that y ou will be love this movie after watching at cenema hall.hard work from ranveer singh and deepika padukone plz go & see the epic movie i like this movie. very very thanks to all my frnds.what a movie
Posted By : Sayak Dutta On 9 Feb 2018
this is a nice movie i like this movie the story of this movie is nice and the location of movie was nice.the cast in this movie are good the acting of ranveer singh i was good acting of deepika was good and the direction of movie is nice it is awesome movie
Posted By : Tushar Deshmukh On 12 Feb 2018
in movie padmavat i like the role of ranveer singh agreat actor he nicely play the role of alaudin khilji the role of padmavati is played by depika padukone it is which is based on history that indians woman are brave they dont fear from death in this movie song is given by arijit singh who is a nice singer and it is directed by sanjay leela bansali who earler directed bajirao mastani and ram leela
Posted By : Aman Kumar On 8 Mar 2018
the best movie of bollywood. congratulation mr. ranbir singh & miss deepika padukone.padmavat is a very good film.don't know why people say bad things about this movie.i have not yet watch this movie a reward site say me to review this movie and get 200 points.everyone don't watch this movie.full boring.
Posted By : Snehasis Bir Barma On 18 Mar 2018
this movie is the best movie in india. i saw this movie. deepika padukone is my favourite actress in the world. and ranveer is so good. sahid kapoor is my favourite actor. this is a blockbuster movie in india. i like this movie. both actors and actress are great. and the khali bali song is very good song.
Posted By : Gosto Sarkar On 31 Mar 2018
good movie. deepika padukon's roll such a awasome. and ranbir sinh's roll is too awasome, i dont watch this movie althoug i like this movie s songs and sahid kapoor's roll is too amazing. all heros and heroin good worked in movie. such a grat movie, i like this movie.
Posted By : Gautam Kumar On 16 Apr 2018
padmavat is a very nice movie i ever seen before. the acting of the actors are mind blowing. diraction of the movie is remarkable.sanjay leela bansali did a wonder ful job with the movie, i realy enjoyed the movie. the grphics are not like bahubali but looking nice. for me the movie is greau
Posted By : Chetan Chopra On 24 Apr 2018
very good movie to watch. it tells about the original padmavati devi which are the lord devi of rajput caste. the location and casting was awesome. i watching this movie in the theater anf enjoyed a lot. great music as well. sanjay leela bhansali you rock once again. i think this movie may break all previous records at box office.
Posted By : Abhishek Jain On 28 Apr 2018
the movie padmavati is very good film for me.here the acter and the actereses are both are my favorite. her the acter is ranvir singh.and the actereses is deepika. so in this film ranvir sing acts well and most of the acter act like it is truly hapend and here the heroine looks very beautiful.
Posted By : Chiranjib Das On 2 May 2018
this mov 00ie is a w e s o m e , f an t a s t ic , m i n d b o l w i n g , i w a n t t o s u g g e s t t h a t you also watched this movie padamavt
Posted By : Abhi Kumar On 12 May 2018
bhatmavat movie is very superhit movie in all over india. this movie can get 300 crores collecting in india. this also get against this movie before releasing. the rajastan people are heavily againsts this movie was banned in india. but the movie releases all over the world it got victory
Posted By : Sakthi Vel On 16 May 2018
this movie was awesome since this was based on historical activities which was about 1800 years ago. i give this movie 5 star for it's wonderful graphics and back-ground images. the acting plays a very important role in this movie depika, ranveer and sahid gave their best and bring this movie in the top.!!!.
Posted By : Aitf Aslam On 16 May 2018
this is one of the best movie so must i thankfull to all the worker of this film so all public give love or support to make such type of movie so i reqiest you all please go there and must watch movie thats of all thankyou good movie for me
Posted By : Deepak Yadav On 17 May 2018
i like this film very much i want to see the film.....this is a very good film...in this film hero is like a prince and heroine is like a princes.shahid kapoor he is act like a king and depika acts very beautiful in that film ..i like that film very much....
Posted By : Moyya Dinesh On 23 May 2018
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Posted By : V Shanti On 23 May 2018
yes its really a great movie. i learned something from this movie. people feel proud to be an indian and indian movies. here i can see most gentle discipile. deepika medam really a great actress and her acting is really good, i really like her speech, acting, and also respect .
Posted By : Nekib Bhuyan On 28 May 2018
this is best movie euer .movie script is very good .movie direction is excillent . i like the main character of the movie . rani padmini is the best character of the movie. her acting lead to get a great sucess to tge movie. the movie is is block baster and super hit.
Posted By : Rishi Rathore On 31 May 2018
this movie is very nice and every one knows padmabat life story and evry one knows padmabat sacrifice in country. padmabat movie c arter acting in mindblowing. my best movie in padmabat movie song is great . movie diglog nice and ranber kapor acting aswom.other actor acting is very nice
Posted By : Bankim Mondal On 5 Jun 2018
the story is very nice.acting quality of all the actors were just awesome.director sanjay leela bhansali decorated the sets well mannered as usual.deepika padukone ne phaad diya. ranveer brings the craziness and madness. khalibali khalibali. friends appreciated the movie and it got famous everywhere despite of troubles.just mindblowing and fantastic drama of the era
Posted By : Rahul Sarkar On 5 Jun 2018
thats movie is fantastic i have seen this movie.thats is one of best best movies. i like it. deepika plays a super role in this movie and ranveer kapoors acting was amazing i like this movie veri much shahid plays an important role in this movie i reacted him. best of luck
Posted By : Chetan Tiwari On 8 Jun 2018
my favorite actress deepika padukone, so i realy like that deepika as padmavati. also it have great acter like ranveer singh who played the roll of khilji and shahid kapoor as raja ratan singh. i realy enjoyed his trailer, teaser, promos, posters and all songs. so please guys watch this movie.
Posted By : Abhishek Vishwakarma On 10 Jun 2018
this movie is historical movie this film director is very good so this movie is so good for people and i blive in god and historical kahani .this movie is only ancinet movie .but sangay lila vansari is good director. so i am abslaut his .this filam actor is dipika padukon
Posted By : Deepak Kumar On 29 Jun 2018
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Posted By : Jaswanth Jandhyam On 10 Jul 2018
this is a good movie.dipeeka padukone is a very good actor. and dipeeka is my fevourt actor i like padmavati movie. sahid kapoor and dipeeka padukone good acting in padmavati movie. padmavti is a successful and good movie i hope all people like and watch padmavati movie but i like this movie.....
Posted By : Bibhas Sarkar On 6 Aug 2018
this movie is great movie about rani padmavati of rajasthan. this movie shows history of rani padmavati deepika padukone acted as padmavati and role of ranveer singh is good as khilji.. war scene and burning of rani create a great devotion towards our religion in our mind. thanks to mr sanjay lila bhansali ji for giving best movie
Posted By : Mohit Deswal On 22 Jun 2019
padmavati movie was one of the best periodic movie of decade. and deepika acting is really super and she acted like real. i like the way she doing that character. this should be give her national award. so i think that was suitable. she is really super . hands of deepika padukune.
Posted By : Shaik Tasleem On 18 Jul 2020

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